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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Fox 6 Interview Audio 4 days after surgery

This a post recovered from BBR posted on Bicesquad by Gypsee. This is the interview made while Bo Bice in the hospital after his surgery to Fox 6 News, Birmingham. Listen and love this man!

It takes a few minutes to download, worth the wait.

Bo Bice you don't need to ask for anymore 'chances' you are THE MAN!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Katrina Relief Effort

I usually dedicate this site to relaying Bo Bice News and information.
I feel compelled to ask anyone reading who might care, since this situation along our coastline is hitting horribly catastrophic proportions,... WHERE are all the entertainers that helped out for relief after the tsunami? We need help here at home! I hope that the same celebrities that put their best image forward during times of international disaster will step forward to help out their own country as willingly as they step out to help other countries. I tell you, I will look at some of them VERY differently if they do not put their efforts out to help their "own". Check your politics at the door! How asinine is it to hear that somehow George W. Bush had anything to do with this!!! (Read that crap, heard that via radio today!) Get behind your local Red Cross if nothing else!

I know my personal SuperHero, Bo Bice, would be out there providing a concert to benefit (with Sugarmoney!!!) to raise funding for these victims if he were not laid up with all that has befallen him. (and it would be quite successful)

Godspeed people of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama! (I have a daughter in Alabama: "Roll Tide!")

Monday, August 29, 2005

Foxes on Idol comes through again, new Bo News!

Donna Reynolds comes through for us again! Excerpts from her article of today, click on the link for the whole read.

Bo Bice may be considering making an appearance at the last A.I. 4 Concert (Syracuse). Knowing how Bo is, it would not be a surprise to this "rabid" fan in the least!

"Should he do it? Probably not. Is it totally out of the question? Who knows? His doctors should have the last word on this, and I hope he will heed their advice. However, one never knows, does one! One thing is for certain: If he does show up, I am going to be there to see it!

There is some good Bo news to report, too. Fans are abuzz about a news broadcast in Mobile, Alabama, that Bo has been added to the lineup of the annual BayFest. The festival, which will be held October 7, 8, and 9 in Mobile, will also include Widespread Panic, Dwight Yoakum, B.B. King, and others. Tickets are $35.00 for the weekend."

Such a deal! Will I be going to Mobile??? it is a thought...

Bo Bice, spiritual, funny, hey we knew that...!

(He's my Superman!)
Exerpts from 'the' article of the moment! (Includes that Hot new pic!)

"Not to mention that Bice seems to be on a mission that runs deeper than mere pop stardom or "Idol"-atry. He aims to, in his own words:

"Be that flower in the middle of Central Park. Be that gift to people that is a gift that you don't realize how much of a gift it is until you're surrounded by the concrete jungle. That's my main goal in life: Show people there is a way to preach without being a preacher."

"I've got the best wife in the world," Bice gushed like a newlywed. "She's the best thing that ever happened to me."
But can she sing, Bo? Could she make the cut on "American Idol"?
"Brother, you do not want to hear her sing," he laughed. "I had to install a radio in the shower."
The man has a sense of humor. And laughter, they say, is the best medicine.

Get well soon, Bo Bice, wherever you are."

A spiritual, funny man: the incredible Bice-man.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Bo Bice Story

This is a story you may or may not have read posted on the by Dianelev. She is absolutely incredible how she comes up with the best pics, best stories. I really enjoyed it, if you haven't already read it, hope you do too.

The Bo Bice Story
In the beginning, he was the dark horse simply known as "the other 29 year-old rocker." American Idol producers ignored him in favor of the more charismatic Constantine Maroulis. If it was up to Simon Cowell, he wouldn't even still be in the competition. It was only by a split decision of the judges that he made it through to the semi-finals.

Then something happened. He opened his mouth, and what came out were some of the greatest vocals to ever hit the stages of American Idol. Suddenly, his anticipated early exit from the competition was put on hold. Internet search engines lit up, chat rooms were all aflutter, all the message boards were asking the question: Who is Bo Bice?

Bo Bice was suddenly a contender in the most popular show on television. Born in Huntsville, Alabama on November 1, 1975, Harold "Bo" Bice was bitten by the music bug at an early age. Bo's mom, Nancy Giddens-Downes, and her three cousins Evie, Linda, and Rhea were in a Southern gospel quartet called "The Singing Jays" that traveled, sang, and recorded together in the late 60's and early 70's. Nancy also sang some with another trio and even appeared on the Grand Ole Opry. With his mother's musical background, it was only natural that Bo was exposed to a variety of gospel and country songs at a very early age.

Evie Hawkins, who is Bo Bice's cousin and was a member of "The Singing Jays", relays a story to us about baby Bo, "When he was about a year old, Nancy had a daily ritual with Bo's bath-time. She would methodically lay down large towels on the living room floor, put Bo's baby bathtub on the towels and fill it with his bath water. She would say, "Evie, watch this." She would then put him in the water and we would watch him laugh and play. He was always smiling and laughing. But the cutest thing was within about 3 minutes he had beat his hands so hard on the water that there would not be a drop of water left in the tub. Rhythm, I thought. This kid will be a drummer."

As Bo grew older, his love of music only grew stronger. Bo learned to talk and sing simultaneously. Relatives would bribe him with a quarter to sing "Long-haired Country Boy." And Bo and his mom loved to sing "How Great Thou Art" and "Life's Railway to Heaven." When Bo was two years old, he got his first guitar, and even though to most kids it would have probably only been a plastic toy, it was obvious that to Bo it was much more. Evie tells us of an adventure young Bo had with his guitar and a plastic riding horse with wheels. It seems Bo decided to take his riding horse flying down a hill. Bo had one hand on the reins and the other hand wrapped around his beloved plastic guitar. Suddenly, one of the wheels hit a rock and threw Bo headlong down the hill. During his free-fall Bo was careful to hold his little guitar up over his head. When Bo finally stood up, he was covered in scratches from head to toe. But Bo didn't shed a single tear, he just smiled and said, "Look, Mommie, my horsey is broke, but my guitar is okay."

How cute is this!?!
Much Love.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Seattle A.I. Tour Salutes Bo Bice

Bo Bice may be 'missing in action' but he is not forgotten! The remaining Idols on tour have seemingly changed around the format of the concert to pay tribute to the Alabama rocker. Many have said Bo Bice was really the main draw to the shows. Kudos to the remaining performers for being such excellent sports and caring friends and demonstrating their support for Bice.

By Diane Brooks
"All night, the "American Idol" singers had exhorted the crowd to come to its feet — with varying degrees of success...
And when Constantine Maroulis, the show's other long-haired rocker, urged everyone to cheer their support for Bice — who underwent emergency surgery in Las Vegas late last week — the crowd of grandparents, kids, teens and middle-age couples enthusiastically complied...
Ten-year-old Chandler Wegner, of Lake Stevens, got the bad news from his mom before he arrived. But he colored a large "Bo Rocks!" poster anyway, and waved it exuberantly during the Bice tribute, which included a video performance of "Vehicle.""

Chandler Wegner got it right: Bo Rocks!
This is an exerpt to the link, click to get the whole article:

Pastor Donny Acton's influence on Bo Bice

This is a moving, well-written article about how Bo Bice came to attending The New Hope Church which ultimately led to American Idol. Penned by Mindy Acton, I discovered this piece through It is a Must-Read!

Foxes on Idol Aug. 22 article

(He's my Superman!)
Excerpt from article on Bo Bice by Donna Reynolds, writer on the 'Foxes on Idol' site. Great piece, couldn't have been better written. Thanks, Donna!

"In the end, though, it’s not about the concert or Idol or the fans. It’s about a guy who genuinely loves what he does and has so much appreciation for his fans that he would finish not just his set, but the entire show after having broken a bone onstage. It’s about bringing it night after night, despite being in constant pain and undoubtedly some degree of worry. It’s about not giving up and delivering as promised. And now, it’s about taking the time to recover and heal.

Certainly, this experience will mature Bo both as an artist and a human being. There’ll be time enough for the music. It’s important now that he finds comfort with his family and friends, and regains his strength. No, he won’t be coming to a city near you, at least not this summer. For now, let’s be grateful that the problem was discovered and corrected successfully. From all the reports that I have read, this condition can be fatal if it is not caught in time. Bo was very, very lucky.

I know I speak for all of us at Foxes on Idol in wishing Bo a speedy recovery."

Much Love BiceMan!

Fox 6 News Interview

The BiceMan Posted by Picasa
Re: Bo on Fox 6 News B'ham
Bo Bice is on bed rest, his condition had been life-threatening. He was glad, however, to be able to be with his family and "to get to see my son's birth." He also stated that for his son's sake, he would have to sell his home in Helena because the "papparazzis" were stalking him, but he was not turning his back on Birmingham ("I don't want anybody thinking that I'm just up and leaving Birmingham for any reason") and would look into buying a home in Birmingham later on.

He broke down when he said that he was sorry to disappoint anyone by having his CD put on hold and not being able to perform:

"I just want everybody out there to know, that I thank them for their support. I'm sorry if I let them down, but if they would give me one more chance, I'll make it up to them." He was sobbing as he said that.

This will not impeed the BiceMan's Star from Rising. Rest and get strong. Enjoy the time of your son's birth for this is what life is about. Fans will be standing behind, beside and waiting.
Much Love

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bo Bice goes home to Alabama

Bo Bice gets to return home to recuperate from the internal surgery he underwent in Las Vegas!
I am sure you are glad to be home Biceman!
My thoughts go out to his wife and family members. They have been through a stressful experience.
He may have an extensive recovery period. No word about any effect on his CD release. I know this is frustrating the Biceman, but I am also certain he is just glad to have survived this ordeal.
He will be back.
Much Love Biceman and family!

Click on the link to read the article by "live daily".

MTV coverage BO BICE surgery A.I. Tour

During the article posted by MTV regarding Bo Bice's surgery in Sin City, the remaining performers request that prayers be sent to Bo in his recovery.
here is an excerpt, click on the link for rest of the piece:

"The American Idols Live Tour has proven a difficult outing for Bo. Last month he broke his foot onstage and had been performing in a cast (see "Bo Bice Breaks Foot Onstage, Finishes Concert"). And last week in Los Angeles, his brother, John Cohran, and his pregnant wife were hospitalized after their vehicle slid underneath an 18-wheeler on the drive home from an Idols Live show. They have since been released, according to The Decatur Daily."

Thankfully, his brother and sister-in-law are fine after their harrowing ordeal.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Bo Bice: On the Recovery Path

Bo Bice is in the Decatur Daily News again, but his time it is positive. Click on the link to read the story. Super Bice will be back!
Brother John and his wife, after being drug by a semi-tractor-trailer are also in good condition!
Much Love

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Bo Bice Serious Condition

I have put the latest link to The Decatur Daily News regarding Bo Bice and his brother John's conditions.

The description of Bice's problems sound very severe.

Click the link for the entire story.

Sugar Money word on Bo Bice

S$ has posted in their 'News' section a link to get updates on Bo Bice. In the event you haven't see their post of August 20th; here it is, click on the link.

There is also some good news on the S$ front, their Forum and Site with new merchandise will be up this Fall. Stay tuned.

Serious Illness Sidelines our "Vehicle"

Bo Bice is very ill right now. A broken foot couldn't sideline him, what has finally stopped the Biceman is a life-threatening intestinal condition. Bo Bice has been performing under the kind of conditions I cannot imagine. Broken foot, torn ligaments, muscle pain, AND doctors estimate that he has suffered with this intestinal blockage that created a kink in his intestinal tract since Idol. It is thought that the suspected food poisoning was not that at all, but a symptom of the condition he has been diagnosed having. This type of condition causes sufferers to not absorb nutrients, to have fatigue, and intestinal pain. Looking back on the Detroit concert footage provided by one of his biggest fans, Gypsee, he throws himself almost, the length of the stage dragging his aircast. Meanwhile internally, in ways not visible to audience or critics, he also was experiencing the level of discomfort and physical duress that accompanies this condition. Incredible.

The link takes you to my article written a few weeks ago. My esteem for the Biceman grows and grows. Rock on, Godspeed, Much Love, will be waiting for the Bice-machine to roar again.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Bo Bice: address to send GetWell Wishes

Bo will be moved back home as soon as he is able to travel, but until then if you'd like to send a GetWell wish, I'm passing on an address provided by the Bicesquad in the event you haven't been to their site.

It is not a location I'd recommend for flowers or anything as he is not in this area. This is for his Pastor and friend who will see that he gets them.

Bo Bice
c/o Donny Acton
New Hope Church
5100 Cahaba Valley Road
Birmingham, AL 35242

I have posted a link to Safehouse, one of Bo Bice's favorite charities, a donation made in his name would also be a worthwhile effort to show your love and concern!
Much Love

Bo Bice: Intestinal surgery

Information across the boards:
Bo Bice's family has released information to his concerned fans; no information came across sooner as the family has been intensely involved, as can be expected.

Bo did have surgery last night. Bo had a kink in his intestines and had to have emergency surgery last night. A specialist had to be brought in to perform the surgery. Due to the fact they have not known how long the kink has been there Bo has just got sicker and sicker. Week after week. What was thought to be blood poisoning was really poisoning brought on by the kink in the intestinal tract.
Word is, the surgery went well and Bo is recovering. The outcome is expected to be positive, if everything goes as expected.

This condition would explain his weight loss in recent weeks and his not feeling well! Recovery time can be lengthy. Plans are to move him to a hospital closer to home as soon as he is in condition to be moved.

Will post any further news.

Bo Bice: the day the Music...Revived

from "Orriel", Posted by Picasa
Thank you.

Bo Bice food poisoning...

Bo gets food poisoning, half-brother has wreck
By Ronnie Thomas
DAILY Staff Writer Decatur Daily News · 340-2438

"Food poisoning briefly sidelined (Bo Bice) during the American Idols Live! concert tour, and a traffic accident seriously injured his half-brother while driving home from a concert, according to family members.
"Granny Madge" Schofield of Somerville, Bice's grandmother, said the rock star became ill on stage during a show at Grand Prairie, Texas, on Aug. 13...
Schofield said Bice's half brother, John Cohran, and his wife, Colette, who is pregnant with their second child, attended the next show Wednesday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.
Cohran is a Marine stationed in California.
"On their return to the base, an animal ran in front of John's car," Schofield said. "He slammed on the brakes, the brakes locked and spun the car underneath a tractor-trailer."
Schofield said the hospital treated and released Cohran's wife but that he is hospitalized with serious head injuries."

The family requests prayers go out for John, Bo's brother; he had been celebrating his 21st birthday by attending the concert to cheer on his brother. thought and prayers go out to John, what a horrible tragedy. So glad to hear his with and unborn child are OK.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Shine the light for Bo Bice

Bo Bice fans have been lighting the candles for Bo Bice since he became ill. He has been released from the hospital and is feeling better, but you can still shine the light for Bo by clicking on the link. Virtually light your candle. It's cool.

Ben Wener, what a Weiner...Whiner...

A little taste of the "Whining Weiner Man" and his assessment of the A.I. Live! tour at Staples Center in sunny California. This article sounds like the poor "Weiner", no wait, I mean "Whiner" is such the 'jaded' journalist; I mean he apparently just knows his talents are being completely wasted having to write about American Idol and the tour.

"'Live,' it's no 'American Idol' (Isn't he the clever little wordsmith)
Review: Nadia and Vonzell outshine Carrie and Bo at Staples Center, but frankly, the event just wasn't worth reviewing."

The Orange County Register

"Sitting through yet another "American Idols Live" presentation, like the one that brought winner Carrie Underwood and nine other finalists from the fourth season of the mega-popular game show to Staples Center on Wednesday night, is a lot like suffering through a three-hour series finale without any payoff." (Maybe they HATE you at your publication and this is the torture inflicted upon you knowing how very much above it all you think you are...indeed!)

Click on the link to the article: BONUS! at the bottom is a PHONE number and e.mail address for everyone and anyone to voice their opinion. You can bet I'll voice mine. Read and weep, then give ol' Wener the heads-up.(Weiner, sound it out! ha! ha! - yes I know that is very grade school, couldn't help it!).

Much Love.

While I'm on topic of Constantine Maroulis today...

Here is a RapidShare link of Bohemian Rhapsody - enjoy!
Again, enter link, then scroll to 'free', then wait a few secs. then click on the link (about 25 secs.)that will appear on the bottom of the page; wait time is only about 1 minute!

Blogging Baby blogsite, great BO BICE story and links...

While cruising the www.highway today I came across a site new to me; another fellow blogger that apparently is a fan of Bo Bice as is his wife who has her own blog about 'guess who'too! Good links, nice writing, another little treat I try to "www.-out" for your reading enjoyment! Not only is Bo Bice discussed but also 'family' type incidentals, etc...

"Bo Bice, one of the final four remaining American Idol Season 4 contestants, is going to be a dad, according to Star Magazine. (And hey, Star’s never led us wrong before, right?) Bice’s grandmother has apparently told the magazine that his girlfriend, Caroline Fisher, is expecting..." (Of course, now she is his wife!)

Take the link to the site and hope you like it!
Much Love!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Constantine Maroulis Blog; writer now a "BimBo"

Bo Bice has made a new friend:
This is from a 'fellow blogger' who keeps a decent Constantine Maroulis blog. You can even download a zip CD of your very own, made to promote the Conn-Man.
Quoting a paragraph from this blog:

"Bo – oh man, I could never have imagined I’d hop on the Bo wagon, but I fell in love with him. Totally. Call me a BimBo, at least for a few days. He started out with Desperado, which probably helped seal the deal for me. He sounded great! Bo Bice does not work the camera. Period. He works the crowd. And they called Constantine the poseur. Bo knows exactly how to milk the love. Obviously, the crowd noise was off the hook for him, more than for the Queen of the Prom. Hell, I was off the hook for him. Since he was basically immobile (and I could tell it really bothered him that he couldn’t get jiggy), I was able to get some outstanding photos of him, which I will post in his thread. Like I said, until the Bojo wears off in a couple of days, I’m down with this dude. I loved his Voodoo Chile. SHA is SHA, but the crowd adored it."

I love hearing the Bo Bice praise from other fan-blogs! Click on the link for the blogsite, although it should be rated 'R' in a few spots! (Just a word of warning to anyone sensitive to blunt language.)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Live Review: American Idols Live in Glendale, AZ

Scanning the Bo Bice news sources, here is an article just posted today about the American Idols Live! tour that hit Glendale, AZ. Oh how the journalists love to sound so jaded and intellectual as they pontificate about the Idols 4. Regardless, Bo Bice performed once again like the professional he is...even the jaded journalists can't put a good Bo down! Much love to the other contestants on the tour, Constantine ended up ripping his jeans and bleeding from the knee! You got to hand it to these Idols, they believe in giving their all!...Bo Bice, broken foot, Connie maybe in stitches, what other on-the-job accident will befall them? (workman's comp!) You guys take care; they sound like my hubby, he can't do anything without bleeding!

Bo Bice Hideaway: more Bo Bice coverage!

Pure gorgeous sexiness! Grrrrrr!
Credit goes to idOLiZe at IF's who scanned these c/o "MistyBo" at This is another good site for Bo Bice coverage, complete with forums, pics, (more like these to view) and Bo-news...we always need more Bo Bice news! Check them out in my links if you haven't been there already.

bo Posted by Picasa

Bo Bice: Package from Heaven (my corner anyway...)

MUSIC: Package from heaven
Yushaimi Yahaya

"THIS must be a prelude of things to come.
Why else would they come up with these two-track albums featuring the two finalists of American Idol 4?
If you want attitude, the dude’s got it in the truckloads. Bo makes me wish I was a lot younger, can keep my hair long and wear cheap sunnies and still look good.
Of course, on top of the wishful thinking list is for God to have given me his voice so I could rock the world. There’s no doubting it. Bo is pure magic, and he doesn’t even have to try..."
(Photo courtesy of the Fox network.)

Click the link to get the rest.

The Bo Board

Rocker Posted by Picasa
The Bo Board, a fun fan-site that almost everyone who loves Bo Bice knows about, but just in case you haven't been there ever, or in a while, here is their link. Nice photo they have featured too!
Go Bo!

Whipping Post: another BO BICE site!

Bo Bice talk, open and refreshing! Eventhough the posters seem to have the ability to tell 'it' as they see 'it' on any topic, Bo Bice consistantly comes on top with the positive praise. Comments are often stated in an intelligent concise way; it's not just a "Bo Bice is so HAWT!" group of fluffers. Check out my link, pay them a visit in the event you haven't had the good fortune to come across this site previously.

Another positive, not only do they discuss in forum, Bo Bice, but also cover other shows such as 'Amazing Race', 24 (!!!), the O.C., 'Six Feet Under', and 'Battlestar Gallactica' to name only a few.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Bo Bice audio c/o Bicesquad, Dianelev

This Bo Bice-savvy and beautiful lady, responsible for a great deal of the information and downloads on has taken the time to create this for all the Bo Bice fans! I read her posts on a regular basis. She is a whiz at putting Bo Bice goodies together. I just wanted to say THANK YOU 'DIANELEV'! She is a "Bo-Goddess"!
This link plays for over 30 minutes, a compilation she mixed. Bo talks, he sings, the crowd goes wild! What an incredible gift to the Bicesquad and Bo-fans. It takes a little while to download the first time, I have it playing while I am at my computer working or blogging!
So Cool. You can visit 'Dianelev' at; see my link in the link section of this blog. Join their site if you haven't already!

Donate Bo Bice

Another great thing we can do to support our troops...apparently one dedicated Bo Bice fan has discovered a way to provide our guys on the war-front another way to SUPPORT OUR TROOPS !

CLick on her link to get information on sending a little Bo-Love! This is FaBOlous!

Monday, August 15, 2005

BOna Fide BICE!

We have a new member of the Bo Bice fan family! I was contacted today by the creators of this site and want to pass on the Bo-word! It's all Good when you can add more Bo-members to your world!

They have been working very hard to create a site complete with Forum for chat, getting works together for photos, videos, music! It's gonna be a cool ride! You can find really fun reviews on the concert in my corner of the world; this very past weekend the American Idols Live! tour crashed through Grand Prairie! Reviews are all aBOut how Bo-tastic it was!!! Read on, Rock on!

Check them out. They are doing their part to keep the Bo Bice love alive!
Much Love...I Bo-lieve!

Rising Star! Posted by Picasa

BO BICE Beware!

Kelly Clarkson finds rock isn't a hard place
By Andy Downing
Special to the Tribune
Published August 15, 2005
"American Idol's" massive public relations machine has gone out of its way to proclaim this year's runner-up, Bo Bice, as the series' first authentic "rocker."
Kelly Clarkson, decked out in black pants, a studded belt and a vintage Doors T-shirt (modified into a form-fitting halter top) for her Saturday performance at Northerly Island, might disagree.
Singing with a serpentine swagger as the band pounded out two-ton riffs, Clarkson looked and sounded refreshingly less like an "American Idol" than ever before -- Bo Bice be warned.

While I am very proud and happy for our 'local girl done good', Kelly Clarkson , is succeeding in creating an identity and voice of her own, away from the Idol fray, But I really don't think Bo Bice needs to be concerned, nor do I think it is his character to be envious of Ms. Clarkson's success! (as Mr. Downing might have us bo-lieve)
Rock on Kelly and Rock on Bo!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

BO BICE & A.I. Tour Rock Dallas!

"Bo Bice and the American Idol Live tour hit Dallas last night at the Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie. Waiting until after intermission to watch Bo perform seemed an eternity, but he is worth the wait.
When Bo took the stage the noise becomes deafening! The fans stood and SCREAM along with him. You don't see this with the Con-man or during some of the others' performances.
All 'idols' are gracious and thank the audience, but with Bo you get the impression he REALLY means it! Carrie Underwood and Constantine do fabulous jobs too."

I'm not a country music fan but that little gal from across the (North) border can really belt the songs out. She seems to be getting over that 'shyness' exhibited in the contest, and coming into her own. I guess night after night of performing will "season" you!

(Images are care of

Saturday, August 13, 2005

BO BICE Desperado

We can thank Gypsee for this great video recorded at the Detroit show Bo Bice , performing 'Desperado'. Click on the link, scroll down to bottomof the page, click on 'Free', wait a few seconds, and the title of the video will appear, click it and let it load. Fabulous and thanks for sharing!!!
Much Love!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Bo Bice performs Voodoo Child!

Bo Bice rocking on "Voodoo Child"! Channelling Jimi Hendrix for sure! It comes courtesy of The great fan-site for news and fan info! (I have them featured in my links) This video clip is several minutes long and eventhough taken by someone in the audience, not bad quality! Would love to have their seats! Once you click on the link, be patient, your first download will take a little over 2 minutes, but after that, it will load quickly for you every time (30 secs)! Enjoy! I know I did! Rock on Bo Bice!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Wanna Ride with Bo?

Well, actually, yes Bo, I would like to take a spin...Red is one of my favorite colors! Click on the link to hear Bo in an ad about where he got his lil'red car!

Let's go back to our Childhood...paperdoll BO

This is a fun site I discovered while patrolling through fan-sites. Remember when you liked to play paperdolls? No? Well then how about just playing dress Bo Bice! Justa little bit-o-fun!

Detroit: Bo Bice 'Vehicle' performance

(picture courtesy of a live shot taken by 'newmom2gee' on the site)

Viewing this video taken by one of our dedicated Bo-Fans attending the Detroit American Idol Live concert is at some points difficult to watch. (I will warn you.) I cannot imagine the challenge (and potential discomfort!) of navigating that stage with his cast and his injuries sustained. Hurts me to look. I'm saying to myself, "Bo, baby, sit down; where is his bar stool!; where is his manager! What are 'they' thinking letting him run around like that!?!" His strongest point in the performance is when he stops trying to navigate that stage and stands (to my relief) and belts out the rest of the tune; injured or not, you feel his power. As you watch this video, (non-pro as it is) his dedication and drive to deliver a heart-felt fan-pleasing performance are tangible, touching and oh so very much why we adore Bo. This man is a powerful force. Much Love.

Bo Bice's CD due out before Christmas

'The-Powers-That-Be' are predicting November 29th as release date for Bo Bices' upcoming CD. He was hoping that he could have it out by his birthday which is November 1st.
Well, I know what Santa needs to be bringing me for my stocking!...

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Alabama Interview: Welcome Home BO!

This link takes you to the pictures taken when Bo Bice and his family & members of SugarMoney were interviewed at his 'Welcome Home' "party". Good pics!

Is there a BO Bun in the Oven?

Bo - Daddy? Well first off, I will say a picture is worth 1,000 words... Caroline looks adorable.
Next topic if you click on the link ya get some really nice pics. Have fun.

Lyrics to 'Inside Your Heaven'

Inside Your Heaven
I've been down
Now I'm blessed
I felt a revelation coming around
I guess its right, it's so amazing
Everytime I see you I'm alive
You're all I've got
You lift me up
The sun and the moonlight
All my dreams are in your eyes
(click on the link for the rest...)

Friday, August 05, 2005

If ya wanta hear some really bad versions of Bo renditions...

You know I so love to try to keep the BO-LOVE together; but really, check this out. at least we get minute glimpses of our guy! Let me know if you find this site just a little creepy...

Multi phones required!

Ya know when you make it BIG...gotta have multi-phone capabilities!

New Site for Bo Bice Info

Just thought I'd pass on a new site I located on the www. world to let you all find new pics and info...let me know whaaaat you on the link and gooooooo...
Bo Bice, one of the first rockers to go through to the top of the American Idol contest, is a brilliant performer and a singer to match. A lot of fans were disappointed when Bo came in second during the finale of American Idol 4, but his talent assures endless record sales. Check out Bo's pictures, biography and wallpapers.

Coop Talks About Bo in A.I. Concert

Greetings from NashVegas!!
FINALLY............A chance to sit down a drop a few lines to all of you guys. The past month has been a complete whirlwind.
We had a chance to go and hang out with Bo in Birmingham before the AI show. He had a huge barbecue at this house and all of the contestants, production crew and band were there. We had an absolute blast. The morning of the show, we all went to eat and had a chance to sit down and just chill. You guys have no idea how important that little time spent meant to all of us. That afternoon, me and Kris got the opportunity to go back stage and see how everything is set up. The craziest thing was walking out on to that stage with Bo and looking at 18,000 empty seats, knowing that
they would all be filled within 2 hours.
While we were at the show, I was overwhelmed at the number of Bo Bice & SugarMoney shirts I saw. We had a chance to meet a bunch of you guys. We took pictures and signed some autographs;
it was really cool to meet everyone in person.
As I'm sure you've heard, the AI concert is the "Bo Show". Of course you'll say I have a biased opinion, and I do, but he blew the roof off of that place.
Nobody can hold a candle to that dude.
The day after the show, me, Shane and Kris went and did a photo shoot for the upcoming issue of the magazine Alabama Alive. We shot the pictures at Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham and they really turned out good.
Make sure to go and get your copy when it comes out.
I still talk with Bo almost daily. He is having a blast on tour but of course he's exhausted. He has been going nonstop since January, but he'll get some time to rest when the tour is over in early September. He is really looking forward to getting home and jammin' with his brothers.
And I'll tell ya what, I can't wait either.
Bo is in a lot of pain right now from his broken foot. But he still laughs it off like its no big deal and refuses to allow it to keep him from performing. It shouldn't effect his singing at all, but the wah pedal may be a little tricky :).
He appreciates your concern but says not to worry.
Bo will be jumping and spinning around the stage again before you know it.
As far as the band is concerned, we are still plugging along. We practice every day, working on some new songs that were written and recorded when Bo was in town recently. When and if we get the chance to audition to be Bo's band, we'll be ready. The most important thing right now is making sure Bo's album does well, regardless of who his touring band is. However, if the audition day comes, rest assured that we will bust in there guns a blazin'.
We have really tightened it up.
I have received countless emails concerning the web site and the forum. As it stands right now, the forum will be down until Bo comes off of the AI tour. I know it sucks and I apologize, but there are many decision makers in that process. After Bo gets off tour, the web site will be completely rebuilt. The new site will feature the official Bo Bice Fan Club, a new message board / forum, updated pictures, etc. Please be patient as we move along through this transition. When you see the new site, I'm confident you will be blown away.
We are still working with the new merchandise. On the new web site, Bo will have his own store. If you can put a logo on it, we will. Beanies anyone? However, that does not mean that the new shirts won't be out soon.
We hope to have those on sale before he gets off tour.
That's about it for now. I will be posting messages
every few weeks to keep everyone updated.
Much Love,

Bo Bice's mother comments on Ovation after injury

Nancy Downes watched in Cleveland on Wednesday night as her son, singer Bo Bice, received the ovation of his life.
"The audience went kind of wild when Bo came out on crutches, with an air cast up to his knee," Downes said Thursday. "I know Bo appreciated that because he had endured more pain that day than any day since he broke his foot. They say the third or fourth day is always the worst."

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Hello Cleveland!

This is an except from an article from the concert in Cleveland, the day after Bo Bice broke his foot! Click on the link to read the article, features comments on all the American Idols.
Bo then hobbled on out on his crutches, and it was hard not to feel sorry for the guy. He dropped "I don't wanna be", and added Desperado as his first song, while playing piano. He was really disarming, explaining they realized last night they'd have to adjust his song set because of his injury. He also mentioned he hadn't played the piano for awhile and it, uh showed a little bit. But that's nitpicking. His vocals were really impressive. Liking the rock stuff myself, he's been the guy I liked all along, but still, I was really impressed with his vocals on Desperado. Really good stuff.My favorite song of the night was when Bo lit into Hendrix' Voodoo Child (slight return). His guitar playing was adequate (I mean, it is Hendrix), but the vocals on that song were just fantastic. I think the force of that song kind of overwhelmed a good part of the relatively young crowd, but I was loving it. That's not really a song for the faint of heart, and definitely not pop. But wow, Bo really showed something there. No question I'm getting tickets for his solo tour, because he has serious rock chops. It's one of those performances that will stay with me for awhile

Bo Bice and Carrie Underwood Interview!

Click on the link to hear Bo Bice and Carrie Underwood talk about life in the Idol-Zone!

Bo Bice Interview

Bo Bice interview: St Paul Pioneer.
Q: You just got married and then left on the "AL" tour. Does that bum your wife out?
A: I'm sure she's happy to get away from me. (laughs) No,I know she misses me and I miss her, but we talk about a dozen times a day.
Q: As a longtime musician were you worried about losing your artistic integrity by going on "American Idol" where things are very controlled?
A: I'm not really worried about that. I quit worring when it came down to the top 12 contestants. When I hit the top six,I thought, "this is cool." And when I had to sing "Corner of the sky" (from the musical "Pippin"),I realized it couldn't get any worse than that.
Q: With all that has been going on this year how do you keep focused on the music?
A: I stay true to me and stay true to my heart. When I stop loving music, I'll just quit. I'm not here to change the world; I'm just here to play music.
Q: Who among your "Al" mates have you learn the most from?
A: I learned something from everyone. I believe if you ever stop learning from people, that's when you are lost.
Q: Do you have a ipod?
A : I am going to go ahead and buy an ipod. I'm not a technology-driven person;I leave that to my wife. (laughs) Just give me a guitar.
(This little piece care of a Bobice Hideaway posting, 8/2/05.)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Broken Bo !?!

Bo Bice, who recently switched to performing in sneakers, broke his foot Sunday night during the first song of his set in the American Idols Live tour stop in Manchester, New Hampshire. Still, Bo finished "I Don't Want to Be" and the other four songs in his solo set. When he left the stage and removed his shoe, the show's producers wanted to rush him to the hospital immediately, but he insisted on finishing his parts in the show, which included a duet with Carrie Underwood and two group numbers. He managed to keep his sense of humor though, read more on the link!

Monday, August 01, 2005

A Bo Bice HIS-tory

While most kids dream about a career on the stage, former London Central student Bo Bice lived this dream, becoming the runner-up on the fourth season of American Idol. Bice attended the Department of Defense school from 1990-1993 during his eighth, ninth and 10th grade years. The singer, according to his father Earle Downes, “was a teenager like anyone else. He played football, had a girlfriend, went to dances, and worried about his appearance just like everyone else.”
Follow the link for the whole article...

Credible Rock or just a KROQ (sound it out)?

No, what I think really needs to be said in relation to American Idol at this moment in time concerns Bo Bice and "Credible Rock Radio."
Credible rock radio won't go near it" (by which I assume Stryker means American Idol and, therefore, Bo Bice's music, since Bo Bice came up through American Idol).
(KROQ, Los Angeles, is the Credible Rock Radio station at the feet of which all other rock radio stations bow.)
First, let's consider who has been knocking down Bo Bice's dressing room door lately: Lynard Skynard, with whom Bo performed before a rollicking crowd in Helena, Alabama. And Badlands, who---even before Bo blew up the AI house with his a cappella version of "In A Dream"---was pegging him as a rock frontman on their website.
Then there's that little matter of Richie Sambora, one of the great rock guitarists of all time, who not only performed---and I do mean performed---on Bo's studio take of "Vehicle," but Richie also has been swinging his axe live behind Bo on several performances...
Follow the link to read the article and comments in their entirety.

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