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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bo Bice on the Road Again

Bo Bice is hitting the stage with country music performer Gary Nichols. Their acoustic sets feature some new music that Bice and Nichols and Chris Tompkins have written together. This footage was taken while Bo Bice and Gary Nichols performed in Nashville and credit for the recording attributed to dedicated Bo Bice fan, 'Flippin4Bice' (much love to you for these).

Lyrics to this song: (translation provided by the best Bo Bice blog, Bonafide Bice)
See it on the TV
Tears begin to flow
In the eyes of the innocent
The American Blood
It’s coming down the mountain
From somewhere up above
Filling in the oceans
With American Blood

Now the battle lines are broken
So many lines (Storylines?) have been crossed
And it’s hard to tell sometimes who’s guiding, who’s lost
Oh what’s the cost?
It’s American Blood

It’s coming across the airwaves
It’s kicking up the dust
In the heart of all our children
It’s American Blood.

Now the battle lines are melting
So many lines (Storylines?) have been crossed
And it’s hard to tell sometimes who’s guiding, who’s lost
Oh what’s the cost?
It’s American Blood

Driven by the dollar
Freedom, greed and love
All we have to offer
Is American Blood.

American Blood
Oh yeah American blood

"I'm Gone"

I'd like to think this a 'tribute' to Bice's new life, one without being held down by the constraints of the past relationships resulting from American Idol.

Nice writing, great singing, I'm liking these compilations Bo is working on with Gary Nichols and Chris Tompkins.

I have faith in you "Bubba".

Much Love.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Blue Bird of Happiness?... (Bo Bice soars undercover)

Bo Bice sang at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN on Friday night. He appeared as the mysterious 'special guest', listed on the calendar. Bo Bice appeared with pals, Chris Tompkins, Gary Nichols, Jason Isbell. Undercover Bo must have decided to slip out sans Bo Peeps herd and try something different. This poster on the Taperssection Forum divulged the dirt in this posting:

"You Nashville folk missed one HELLUVA showcase last night. It was out of this world good. Jason Isbell, Gary Nichols, Bo Bice, and Chris Tompkins at the Bluebird Cafe. Some of the best shit I have EVER seen in Nashville. Not to mention it was FREE! Singer/Songwriter Craig Wiseman even played a few. That guys apparently has written over 30 #1 hits. Incredible guy as well. Wilker, Tom, and I all represented. I ran from the board and captured one of the best boards for me to date. Good times for sure. Wish I could share it, but looks like it will have to collect some dust until Isbell releases his solo album this Spring. Undecided" posted by 'm.'

Chris Tompkins is the guy who penned Carrie Underwood's hit tune, "Before He Cheats". Seems like these musicians are working on a new album according to the forum discussion. Wonder if Bo is to be part of this or was he just hanging out with the boys? Gary Nichols is listed with Mercury Records, Chris Tompkins", listed as Indie, and Jason Isbell of the "Drive-By Truckers". Exciting match up and I imagine our man, Bo, sounded great with them.

Confirmation that Bo Bice's is returning to his roots? After all this Alabama boy has been obviously greatly influenced by country music. Southern Rock is just a half-step from today's country, and this influence is reflected in Bo Bice's song writing and his history. I'm excited to see and hear that Bo is out and about, albeit "undercover" playing with guys like Gary, Jason, Chris. Stepping away from that cumbersome American Idol mantle and walking and talking among a form of music real and true to his heart. We know "Bubba" can rock out, but country music is another love of his, and his sound works well within the format.

Let your dreams fly, good news Biceman.
Much Love.

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