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In Touch: Bo's Beginnings Article

This site is created to promote Bo Bice and his dedicated fans. Many of the photos, banners, gifs and videos have been created by adoring fans. I have chosen my favorites to feature and share. Creators of any gifs or banners on this site are being honored for their artistic abilities and devotion to Bo Bice. Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy your time here.

Click here to listen to "Inside Your Heaven" and an interview with Bo

Bo Bice "See The Light"


Saturday, July 30, 2005

S$ CD & Merchandise

I am the very happy recipient of my very own S$ CD, shirt, and sticker as of today. Played the CD twice already - if you haven't ordered one, go out now and order - click on my link! It may take several weeks as the Sugar Money family is VERY busy, but it is worth the wait! What a great 'find' these guys and their music have been! Best thing to come of the American Idol experience, in my oh so humble opinion!

Friday, July 29, 2005

Bo Bice & the A.I. "Family"

TAMPA, Florida — Bo Bice puckers his lips, cocks his head to the right and crosses his arms at his waist.
"Who am I?" he quizzes Carrie Underwood.
"Constantine," she says, disguising her answer in a cough.
Later, while capturing backstage footage with her own camera, Jessica Sierra turns the lens on Constantine and asks, "Show me your kick, but don't fall this time." It's a reference to a widely circulated interview from the night of the "American Idol" finale in which the 29-year-old New Yorker slips while showing a reporter one of his signature moves. "Family" is the term the Idols most often use when describing their unique relationships, which they formed while competing on America's top-rated show this spring. And like any family, each of the 10 singers on the tour has their own role.
Read the article in it's entirety, follow my Link.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

We covered Italian cuisine, now on to BBQ...

NEW YORK — If only Bo Bice had cut down on the ribs. Carrie Underwood, who beat out Bice to win the "American Idol" crown in May, was voted the "World's Sexiest Vegetarian" in PETA's annual online poll. She shares the honor with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.
WooHoo what an Honor. Beef; it's for dinner at my house! PETA "SMeta" I love animals, but please... God gave us what he gave us...and chicken, like that too.
I think I might be heading for a recipe theme now in this site. Anyone want to contribute their favs? Enter them in the guestbook or in comments. Be happy when I get Blog Talk in operation. Can we say slooow news...hang in there...
Much Love (& pork chops)
Go Bo!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Ides of March on BO

Jim Peternik , of The Ides of March, comments on his website, (see link) about how he absolutely loves Bo's delivery of his song "Vehicle" and has submitted other songs for possible inclusion in the upcoming CD. "I love this kid's voice, look and spirit." YES!


'Brown Skinned Girl', tune collaborated with Bo and Carlos Santana, click on the 'link' (or title of this article) and listen. WooHoo! This coming to my site care of The Bicesquad; we know who they are! Visit The Bicesquad site by clicking on them in my links section.
Enjoy the tune!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Now tell Me - BO & spagetti??

Discover a great spagetti recipe' and some great facts too!!! Mama Mia!

Carrie, Desmond Child and BO!

In the event you have not seen a pic of the producer of their singles, here he is in the middle. Look closely at Bo's that one of the new 'Much Love' tees?

BO BICE : New album will be out in the Fall

Obviously Bo has no intention of leaving his band, Sugar Money ,behind;
American Idol runner-up Bo Bice says he's already begun work on his debut album and hopes to include members of his band from back home in Alabama for a tour. Bo tells, "We're still in the beginning stages. I've been doing some studio work and practicing with my band, Sugar Money, when I have a chance to go back home. We did a little bit of recording while I was there. Obviously I'm still plugging my cats there, and trying to get the band on the road with me."
Read the article in its entirety by clicking on the title. If you haven't purchased a S$ CD yet, visit their site listed in my links section. 'Papion', playing on this site is one example of their sound.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

S$ Announcement to the Bice Squad!

Greetings from SugarLand! We wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for your patience while we upgrade our forum. We have been completely reorganizing the forum so that we will be able to better handle the growing traffic. The “SugarMoney Show” will continue after everything is fixed and our goal is to have the forum back up next week. We miss it as bad as you do and want to talk to all of you again as soon as we can set a couple of things straight. When we first started this Forum, we thought that we’d be able to come here and talk to people about our music and let all of our new fans get to know us a little better. But as you are aware, the forum took on a life of its own. We cannot even begin to tell you how grateful we are that you guys take the time to show your support for our music right here in our own forum. Also, we are narrowing down our options of the “Much Love” designs and we hope to have the shirts available very soon. We are in the final stages of making more new items available for purchase. We are also in the process of setting up the Bo Bice & SugarMoney Fan Club and news letter. Once again, thank you to everyone for your continued support. Much Love, The SugarMoney Family

Birmingham News- Don't Ya'll be Doubtin' our Bo!

Can Bice survive the 'Idol' baggage?
Fans may have stopped biting their nails over the fate of Helena's Bo Bice now that "American Idol" is over for the season, but it's actually time to start in earnest.
A duet with Carlos Santana - one of the many offers he has been fielding - would help Bice to re-establish his chops, yet the boos he received during cameos at Bonnaroo must have hurt his ego. (how wrong he will prove them!)
Further into this article, as you may read...
Creative control certainly won't be handed over to Bice, but you can bet he'll be advocating for some of his original material on the CD, as well as the participation of SugarMoney bassist John Cooper and drummer Shane Sexton. (Listen to the 'Papion' song of theirs from the CD playing on this site to hear the seriously awesome instrumentals these guys can churn out - WOW!

Bo Bice photo page!

I have something new (to me) to share!
Visit this little photo site featuring no other than Bo Bice! Nice photos, some I haven't seen before!
Enjoy the View!

Friday, July 22, 2005

American Idols Live!!

Carrie Underwood, Bo Bice, Constantine Maroulis, Vonzell Solomon, Nikko Smith, Anthony Fedorov, Nadia Turner, Jessica Sierra, Anwar Robinson and Scott Savol will take the stage for an evening of music as they continue to bask in the starlight of the popular show.The fourth season has been one of dreams fulfilled as an Oklahoma farm girl possessing an amazing voice knocked the socks off judges, viewers and the audience to win the biggest talent competition in television history. Bo Bice, the runner-up rocker with an equally talented voice, also discovered the benefits of being an AI contestant. Since the show has ended, life also has been good for him.
And good for all of us who are fans! Click on the title link to read the whole article!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Lack of Radio Airtime for Bo Bice

Exerpts from title article:
"Each one of the winner songs have been pretty much the same theme, the same production, the same sound," says Radio Monitor top 40 managing editor Chuck Taylor. " They were all overblown, and top 40 radio views itself as cooler than any of those songs.""Bo is a great guy, in terms of star presence," Taylor says. "But I cannot imagine where he goes from here in terms of radio."
Rock radio, so far, has turned a deaf ear to Bice.

Top 40 station WQEN-FM in Birmingham, Ala., near Bice's hometown of Helena, has played Underwood's Heaven and Bice's cover of Ides of March's Vehicle, the B-side of his Heaven single.
"I don't feel the big push on these at this point," says program director Thomas Ray. "I think the label is concentrating on getting them into the studio and cutting their own stuff, something that says, 'We're more than contestants on a TV show. We are true superstars.' "

Monday, July 18, 2005

Bo Bice Rocks the Strip!

"We're gonna give him a chance to prove himself, heavy metal-style," guitarist Satchel tells the capacity crowd as he tears into the opening riff of RGuns N' Roses' "Sweet Child O' Mine." It's 1 a.m. at the Roxy, and Bice has just been invited onstage by Metal Skool, the hair-metal tribute band that's been rocking Hollywood's Sunset Strip like a hurricane for the past few years.
Click on the title to link to entire article and pics! It's a great article on BO!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Bo glows but show cruel to other `Idols'

Concert reviewer for wasn't 'Idolly' thrilled with the concert! Read 'em and Weep; EXCEPT for Bo, of course! Go Bo! Not gonna stop me from checking the show out myself. If enough of what is said is true, then American Idol should catch enough heat to straighten up their act (and 19 Entertainment, shame on you if true!)

American Idols on Tour

Carrie Underwood, Bo Bice, Anthony Federov, are we having fun yet or what??? Idols on down-time in Sunrise Florida.

Sugar Money Website Forum

The boys' forum site was back. The forum resurrected, but was "locked", then on re-checking; it was closed again! When will they return? All we can do is check back periodically... Go visit the boys.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Bo Bice in Birmingham News

Hometown hero, Bo Bice can't get away from the local papers, especially not on the week the A.I. tour rolls into town!


Kelly Clarkson Performs AOL(R) Music LIVE! Concert: Sunday, July 17 at UCF Arena in Orlando, FL

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 15, 2005--Hot on the heels of their successful streaming of the Live 8 concerts, AOL(R) Music will broadcast chart-topper Kelly Clarkson's July 17 performance at UCF Arena in Orlando, FL. The performance will be broadcast live online at at 8:30 PM ET. In addition to watching the live broadcast, fans can tune in to hear a simultaneous audio broadcast on the AOL(R) Radio Network or watch the performance on demand following the live event.

Birmingham Magazine coverage

"His consistent self-assurance and flawless performances on AI rocked America from the beginning of the competition and won him something that few celebrities ever achieve: recognition by a single name, like Cher, Madonn, Elvis and now - Bo."
This is a quote from the article in this magazine issue. Bo Bice. Why only in Alabama is he getting such great coverage?!? It's a matter of time before he is covered more extensively! Bo fans are checking to see if this issue can be purchased separately without takingout a subscription. Will keep you 'posted'!

Alabama Alive and BO BICE!

Bo Bice to be on the cover plus a healthy article with info on our BO, rumor has it there will be a poster inside for anyone into those! Pre-order it while you can.
THEY ARE GOING TO MAKE THIS SPECIAL ISSUE AVAILABLE TO ANYONE, ANYWHERE. You will be able to order from their website: it should be available to order now! You can purchase just this one issue (special event status)if you do not want to subscribe annually. The cost will be $3.50 + $.50 shipping. Order online and pay by American Express, VISA or Mastercard.

Bo Bice on the go!

Bo Bice to be included on the new Santana CD confirmed!
"It's been amazing," said his mother, Nancy Downes of Atlanta. "Santana has him doing a song on his new CD, and it's an awesome song.
She also can't wait for Lynyrd Skynyrd to perform July 30 in Rome, Ga. There has been talk that if Johnny Van Zant ever left to start another band with his younger brother, Donnie, Bice might be the perfect replacement. Downes has heard those same rumors, but that's all they are at this point. Follow the link provided to read the entire article in the
Huntsville Times.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A.I. Tour Kick Off!!!

Bo's set was perhaps the most unique of them all, as it truly felt like a headlining rock performance as he segued from one classic tune to another. After "Vehicle," he picked up an electric guitar and soloed his way through Hendrix's "Voodoo Child," showing for the first time that he can play like he can sing. And the dude was so comfortable onstage, you would've thought it was just another Sugar Money club gig.

"I'm sending this one out from my cats to all of you," Bo, dressed in leather pants and cowboy boots, said as he played the familiar opening lick of "Sweet Home Alabama."

Sugar$ Bandmates & BO

Check out this article sent to me by an excellent source! Sugar$ and Bo Bice: what could be better???

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bo Bice RCA website

Found this Bo Bice website thru a VH-1 contact, just thought I'd pass it on! Listen to "Inside Your Heaven" on it! Sign up to be on the Bo Bice mailing list.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Reality TV Magazine

Check out this article from one of my favorite sites "Reality TV" excellent reading!!! Pics too. Constantine Maroulis another 'featured' subject. Check out his "Pray for Betty" sites on the web, I plan to post some of them for you all soon. He's a cool talent. Click on title...

Thursday, July 07, 2005

A.O.L. Top 11

Bo Bice's single, side b, "Vehicle" is rated #3 on the A.O.L. Top 11 hit list as of this evening! Great news that this great cover with Richie Sambora getting some of the appreciation it deserves.

BO knows singing!

Tuesday, July 5, 2005
Bo Knows Singing
American Idol Bo Bice takes over champ Carrie Underwood with his rendition of "Inside Your Heaven."
By Lisa Johnson
Steve Granitz/
Idol-er Bice jumps to No. 1
As an amazing testimony to the power of America's most popular television show, Bo Bice, the runner-up of the fourth season of American Idol, made chart history this week as his first single, the double-A sided "Inside Your Heaven"/"Vehicle" debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Hot Singles Sales chart.Bice's triumph comes 50 years to the day after the very first rock and roll single went to No. 1 in Billboard. "(We're Gonna) Rock Around the Clock" by Bill Haley and His Comets went to No. 1 the first week of July, 1955, on the Best Sellers in Stores chart, kicking off what music historians have called "the rock era."

19 Recording/RCA Records recording artist Bice rewrites the chart history books as his "Inside Your Heaven" replaces Carrie Underwood's "Inside Your Heaven" at No. 1. It's the first time in the history of the sales chart that the same song, recorded by a different artist, succeeds itself at the top of the chart. Bice is the sixth American Idol contestant to top the sales chart, following Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Fantasia, Diana DeGarmo and Underwood.
In addition to topping Hot Singles Sales, Bice's "Inside Your Heaven" is also No. 1. Bice's debut at No. 1 was fueled by incredibly strong sales, including a No. 1 ranking at the Amazon website. With 106,000 copies sold, Bice's debut instantly becomes the second best-selling retail single of 2005. on Billboard's Pop 100.

BO BICE on Jay Leno

Watched JAY LENO last night and recorded the show. Best part of course, BO BICE and RICHIE SAMBORA! Roseanne Barr was on the program too, and she expressed how much she loved Bo on AMERICAN IDOL and had voted for him many times. Richie Sambora and Bo Bice make a great duo, great choice on the part of Desmond Child to put them together.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Santana's album scheduled for June 21 delayed...

As many of us who have been life-long fans of Santana already are aware, the anticipated album, currently to be titled, "All That I Am", previously scheduled for release on June 21st is now expected out September 6th. Rumors are being generated of a 'potential' Bo Bice and Carlos Santana duet... Well according to Billboard's article dated July 1st, reasons for the delay are not being divulged... Bo Bice is also being evasive on queries regarding his rumored recording with the legendary rocker. Could this delay and the pushing of the release date be coincidental with the rumors of the duet, or will Bo Bice be included on this new release?! Time will tell because Santana and Bo Bice are not telling...yet.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Bo's Single release 2nd biggest seller of the Year!

With Bo Bice's single only being available for purchase for a relatively short period of time he is making history in the sales' charts!
Desmond Child Scores No 1-No 2 Punch!

HOLLYWOOD, CA. (Desmond Child PR Team) - Producer Desmond Child joined an elite group of artists in music history today with the debut of Bo Bice's "Vehicle" (featuring Richie Sambora on guitar) at No 1 on Billboard's Top 100 Singles Sales Chart, No 1 at Soundscan, and Carrie Underwood's "Inside Your Heaven," also produced by Desmond Child, moves to No 2 from No 1.
Carrie debuted with the biggest song of 2005 at No 1 last week on Billboard's Top 100 (combined sales and downloads of 170,000), No 1 Billboard Hot 100, No 1 Pop 100, No 1 Country singles sales, and was the first No 1 single for Arista Records in over six years. Bo's release this week is the second biggest seller of the year, coming in at No 1 in every geographic region. Mr. Child just recorded Bice for a soon-to-be-released Santana CD.
Mr. Child produced this season's "American Idol 4: The Showstoppers," which debuted on Billboard's 200 chart in the top 10 after its May 17th release, and "When You Tell Me That You Love Me" (produced by Child and performed by the "AI 4" cast) is still in the Top 5 on Billboard's Singles Sales Chart. Mr. Child has also written and produced the chart-topping hits for "Idol" finalists Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, and Diana DeGarmo. Mr. Child with over sixty Top 40 hits to his credit for Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, and Ricky Martin, among many others, most recently wrote Joss Stone's latest single "Right To Be Wrong."

Friday, July 01, 2005

Bo & Caroline & Richie Sambora!!!

Bo Bice has made an honest woman out of his girlfriend of two years.The 29-year-old "American Idol" runner-up married 24-year-old Caroline Merrin Fisher in an intimate ceremony on June 15 in the couple's hometown of Helena, Alabama, according to Bo's spokesperson.Bice had been keeping the nuptials a secret but slipped in an interview with MTV News on Monday while joking about the difficulty of achieving longevity in music."I'm ready to be the five-minute warrior just like I am in the bedroom," Bice joked. "I gave my wife the best three seconds of her life." Earlier in the interview, the humble Bice acknowledged his relationship with Fisher. "I'm grateful to have my beautiful woman as my woman back home, and I just wanna say, 'I love you baby, I love you Caroline,' " he said.During the taping of "American Idol," rumors surfaced of a relationship between Bo and eventual winner Carrie Underwood, although Bice said the two were more like siblings."She's a beautiful girl," Bice said. "I love her so much, she's like a sister to me. I know that sounds cliché. But if I didn't have a beautiful, wonderful woman at home that I love with every [ounce] of my existence, man, I would not dare wander far from the aspect that Carrie would be someone that I would find appealing and beautiful, because I really do think she's lovely and wonderful. But I'm also just truly grateful to have her as a friend."Confirmation of Bo's wedding comes on a day when the rocker has another reason to celebrate. His first single, "Inside Your Heaven"/ "Vehicle," debuted at #1 on Billboard's Hot Singles Sales chart on Thursday (June 30).Bice will perform "Vehicle" with Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" Wednesday.Get "Idol"-ized on MTV News' "American Idol" page, where you'll find all the latest news, interviews and opinions. — Corey Moss

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