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Monday, September 03, 2007

Bo Bice on the Grateful Web

I love this interview with Bo Bice. He simply knows how to relate to folks, it comes easy to this man, but it's a skill he's learned and honed over time. In the interview on the Grateful Web, written by Elizabeth Bissette, Bo Bice talks about his path; past, present and future. I enjoyed this article not just because it incorporated Bo and all his Bice Philosophy, but too for her writing. Ms. Bissette has a smooth style, a lovely way of drawing the reader into the article.

When she introduces Bo Bice, she says, "While Mr. Bice is a brightly burning star right now, charismatic, witty, talented, he'll be the first to tell you stars fall and wit does not wisdom prove. But there's more to him than that. He does not take himself too seriously, but he takes music seriously. More than just a good singer and performer, he has been a songwriter for years and plays not only guitar but also a bevy of other instruments including saxophone, piano and harmonica. Additionally, when he talks about himself and the world, he is insightful, at times profound." (I love the way she wraps the words, such a good flow.)

One of my favorite Bo Bice moments in this piece:
"I'm not a reluctant celebrity, I'm not reluctant to live in this lifestyle, but I'm reluctant to use the word to define myself. I'm a musician. I've always loved music & everything about it. I've played for a long time and it's never seemed like work. It never does today.
"It can get hectic; sometimes I do three interviews a day, for example. I try to fit in a lot. I get tired but I never get tired of it because I love what I do so much. It's fun getting the chance to do this without feeling I've sold my proverbial Rock & Roll soul.
"Music, what I love, why I play it, is that it's about what life's about, being helpful to your surroundings, to your fellow man. That's what I want to bring everywhere. I'm not trying to change the world, but if you don't try to make a difference you're doing nothing and if you're doing nothing you're so far behind you don't even see yourself how miserable you are. So try to do something.
"Here's what I think is the worst thing, the one line you hear from every person that doesn't try, "no one else is doing it". Like the guy who didn't even register to vote then tells you his political stand on everything, how he'd clean up the world if he were only president but he doesn't even mow the lawn."

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