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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

American Idol Season 6: No Bo Bice in Sight...yet

I've been watching the auditions for AI 6 and I've been listening to these intial auditions, thinking as I review the guys I have seen so far - where is the new Bo Bice? Not that they can replace my "Bubba", I love this man, his heart, soul and brilliant voice. I loved last season's Taylor Hicks for his very 'ballsiness' (my word) but he can't hold a candle to this:

There is Sean Michel whom I like for his very difference. Bonus his "hippy" background resonates with me. Yeah, I admit to a squandered youth - art schools, writing classes, backpack trips through Europe, England, Mexico, Bahamas, Hawaii, where else have I been...??? oh yeah, Caymans, and most of America. (loads of Goodness I reaped from that education and those experiences *dripping sarcasm*) Like the guy named Sundance, but still I ask where is Teh Bo?

Last year American Idol hung their hat on Daughtry to bring TEH Bo Back - granted The Daughtry (no he doesn't get the 'TEH' misspelling, that is special...) was voted off a bit early, but he was no Bo Bice. Certainly obvious to me, he wasn't going to win Idol. Why you might ask? Let me inform with world weary Sunny snark insight - Daughtry had NO personality. ZIPppp ... NONE. The man had not one teeny tiny bit of funny bone in his entire body. Give me a man who is HAWT and Sassy with a decent pair of pipes and a sense of humor and I am IN LOVE. That is what drove fans to love Bo on AI-4; he was all that and the cliche' - bag o' chips.

I watch and I seek - and really what I hope is that my dear sweet "Bubba" will exemplify on his next CD what he is all is about, and be proud.

I have faith in you sweet man.

Much Love.>


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