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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Idolling at the Crossroads

Bo Bice didn't recieve any real favors from Rick Massimo, billed as the Jouranl Pop Music writer with the on-line publication, Rhode Island News. Every sentence of praise was met with one of derision, as his article see-saws regarding Bice's appearance July 3rd at the Snapple Sunset Music Festival . (I've never cared for Snapple myself...)

Mr. Massimo apparently really hates Bice's American Idol CD, and every song it in save "Valley of Angels". He does have the ability to appreciate Bo and band's positive attributes, and enjoys Bice's songs like, "Cinnamon and Novocaine". Describing "The Real Thing" as a "yarling power ballad, with a heart of marshmallow Fluff" did make me smile as it is really a great piece of snark. I think probably what Bo and band - which by the way whatever happened to them being referred to as SugarMoney - should rearrange their sets. Putting a great rocker song followed by pop balled, then rocker song really makes for a bumpy set, eliminating a smooth groove. Maybe what the band should work, is start with the required pop, then carry into the real rock sound they so love, that way by the end of the show, all the pop 'yarl' is forgotten. I did take umbrage with the phraseology utilized to describe UMMB, as "fist-held-aloft knucklehead ballad". I happen to like this poppy-rock cut from the CD. (Of course I did not see how it was performed, nor how they sound in concert.) I also liked, for a short while, "You're Everything", but I got over that one. It started to leave a bad taste in my mouth like when you drink tea that's saccharine sweetened.

Mr. Massimo had a good point, in that while "Vehicle" was such a strong number during Idol 4 , and was released as side "B" on his single released after the contest was completed, why doesn't Bo and the band include it in their sets?

The world may never know the underpinnings associated with the real world of The Biceman. Carry on Bo and the band.

Much Love.


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