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Saturday, June 17, 2006

West Coast Reviews; Bice Draws 1,500 to 5,000?

Bo Bice's appearance in San Joaquin Valley Fair drew in crowds in the neighborhood of 5,000, according to the title link; but importantly he also made one little girl's 8th birthday one she won't forget. It' s good to have peeps in influential places (radio station). Click the link to read Ms.Winkelman's article.

Bo Bice winning fans one little gal at a time. ;)

In this piece by Michael Sudhalter, with, crowd was more like 1,500. Was it determinate on the angle one sat at to view the crowd? Beer? Both?

Anyway both reviewers give Bice kudos, with Mr. Sudhalter saying,
"While he's still developing as an artist with regards to new material, few performers in their 30s can deliver the essence of Southern rock as well as Bice.

That was especially evident when he tackled a pair of Lynyrd Skynyrd classics to close the show. Bice sang "Sweet Home Alabama" and offered an extended, guitar-solo version of "Free Bird" as the audience sang, clapped and danced along."

Mr. Sudhalter also mentioned the new single Bo (I picked this one out loooong ago) is releasing although he misspelled it. It's "U Make Me Better", although I too would have preferred "You Make Me Better". More real less kitshce. Wasn't Bo's choice though, no - Mr.Clive trying to hip jive. (U crazy ol' music promoting wundermeister.)

Bice gave a tip to his blushing bride Caroline when introducing this song. It was their first year anniversary recently. Bo, ever the romantic.

Much Love.


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