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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Bo Bice Beats Grey's Anatomy, McDreamy

Skateboarder Lasek Wins LB Pro/Celebrity Race
Written by: Cassio Cortes
Long Beach, Calif. – 4/8/2006
Pro skateboarder and occasional shifter karter Bucky Lasek backed up his dominant pole position conquered on Friday to comfortably win the 2006 edition of the Toyota Pro/Celebrity race at Long Beach.
The 10-lap event ended under yellow after a heavy Turn 1 crash by Toyota dealer Tom Rudnai, who ran over the tire barriers after overshooting the corner and ended up being hit by actor Antonio Sabato Jr., then running second to Lasek.
Former NFL star John Elway and tennis legend Martina Navratilova completed the podium.
"I always like to drive fast on the street and always thought I could drive, and today sort of proved it," said the 18-time Grand Slam winner, who has attended two racing schools as a hobby - "but that was 20 years ago," she outlined.
"It's really exciting to have girls like Katherine Legge here," she added. "Today I held my own - definitely there's space for women in this sport."
NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series regular Todd Bodine finished fourth overall, winning the battle among the Pro driver, which are pegged with a 30-second deficit at the start. Actor and Grand-Am Cup racer Patrick Dempsey, who competed as a pro, was second among the professional drivers and sixth overall, behind singer Bo Bice.

Serious Go! Bo! What is going on in this race? Dempsy/McDreamy has been racing in the pro division loses out to Bo Bice, a never before racing car contestant? Well, my 'brother' we have discovered yet another talent that you possess!

(I know the Biceman was on top of the world getting to play Race car driver, he is an avid fan of Nascar. Fantastic fun for him, and well, he only wrecked maybe 2 cars in the process!

There is no end to this man's abilities...
Much Love.


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