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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

U Make Me Better

The onslaught of germ warfare battling it out with my immune system provided me an excuse to spend time reviewing my Bo Bice files. IT built to a thundering crescendo to throw its worse at me yesterday. The Ugly-Bugly's LAST hurrah. I camped out, tissue box at my side, blanket around my knees, and settled at my computer.

I spent some time visiting his numerous fan-sites and forums, finding the Main Topic is typically how HAWT he is, how awesome his hair looks while he's swinging it, his beautiful blue eyes, (that are not only blue, but have gorgeous, long, two-toned eyelashes). The and Bicesquad, the Sugarmoney Fansites, Bo Bice Addicts, BonaFide Bice (although not so much; the folks running this site gravitate toward facts, sort of like the Bo Bice News Channel). I have to say again, I am pleased to see Bo's official site, stepping up to update the site and make changes.

Apparently I am experiencing a hat fixation, especially berets; adorable, fun, a favorite of mine. I once had an extensive collection of them...including one exactly like this one in the pic. Natasha Bedingfield looks good in them too.
While, of course The Biceman is a sexy man, his most attractive trait that increases His Sexiness is his sense of humor. He has a goofy side and loves a good joke, and he plays pranks on his friends. A goodlooking man without a sense of humor is a complete BORE in my opinion. Humor can make a plain man sexy, and a gorgeous man outrageously sexy.

A few of my funny and sexy favorite comedians, Steve Carroll, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert. Talented, funny, sexy.

Bo rolls it all up into a beautiful package.

Nice way to spend a 'sick day'. Biceman, "U (do) Make Me Better", **see sparkling glittery wellness-dust sprinkling my home office**)

I am Better.

Much Love.


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