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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Where in the World is (the) Bo Bice (coverage)?

Lately it appears that staff may be on 'vacation'... or something... Visiting the site reveals the same information that's been posted for over a month. Google and Bo Bice fan sites such as The Bicesquad and Bonafide Bice have more current information than the "official fan site" in which dues paying fans have joined with the anticipation of being provided all the breaking Bo Bice news, photos, activities. (Even Bice's promising changes to come, stays the same.)

This the only tour information posted on "the official" Bo Bice site,

6/9/06 Besemer, AL TBA
Stay tuned for more information!

6/17/06 Burlington, IA TBA
Stay tuned for more information!

6/23/06 New Jersey's Trump Taj Mahal VH1 Classic Decades Rock Live
The show, featuring American Idol Rocker, Bo Bice and other cool guests reworking Lynyrd Skynyrd’s most famous tunes, will take place at Atlantic City, New Jersey’s Trump Taj Mahal and will be aired on VH1

June dates. JUNE.

In reality, he is currently scheduled to perform at these venues on the dates listed. ( doesn't have these listed, a poster, a fan actually came up with these two dates in forum):

Bo Bice March 14, 2006
Tuesday, 07:30:PM Val Air Ballroom
West Des Moines,IA

Bo Bice March 15, 2006
Wednesday, 06:00:PM Meyer Theatre
Green Bay,WI

This information is from a Google alert: "Bo Bice will be the latest artist to get the WIXX (101.1 FM) Studio 101 treatment at the Meyer Theatre. He'll play a benefit concert for the Family Violence Center at 6 p.m. March 15. The full capacity of the theater will be made available. Tickets are on sale for $5 through Oneida Casino Ticket Star."

This appearance date also on a Google alert and posted on Bonafide Bice and the Bicesquad: "Nashville’s 107.5 The River, is now advertising “Spring Break and Shake” with Bo Bice and Saving Jane." No date is provided on the station's site, but was once listed as March 24th, but have been reading it to be March 25th now (forums)...who know for sure?

Granted these are small venues, but concerts upcoming, just the same.

I'm not complaining about the Fan Club fees, my concern is about a much bigger matter that is beginning to negatively impact Bo Bice... The glaring lack of consistency in promoting and keeping any and all Bo Bice news current.

Bo's recent concert in Washington DC with boy-band Click 5, benefiting Breast Cancer, was never mentioned. (Google alert) Discussion about this concert has been limited to forum members, no "official" photographs posted. The only photos have been by concert attendees and members of fan forums. DC Concert pics from fan. We thank "Salisbury Fan" for these.

Reading through the various site forums, BFB, Bicesquad and, there is an overriding concern for Bo Bice; where are Bice's publicity folks? shouldn't he have had a photographer on hand to take professional quality photos in D.C. to post on and elsewhere to show the man in concert, show the crowd reaction, generate excitement for future appearances? Instead, the only review widely distributed is by a reporter obviously 'macking' for The Click 5. This reporter, article already covered in my blog had nothing positive to pen regarding Bice. The Click 5 had their image covered and properly reported on; Bice, zippo.

To maintain interest and to feel "involved", fans who cannot tramp across country to see Bice in person would benefit greatly from adequate coverage of the shows. This is where fans thought becoming a "Bo's Peeps" would be an asset.

Relying on outside fan sites' forums, such as and the Bicesquad, Bonafide Bice, etc... is insufficient coverage for a Rising Star.

Bice needs a photographer in tow, a designated writer to provide regular reviews on all his appearances. These latest small venue appearances have had ties in with chartible organizations and issues. Fabulous opportunity to continue to foster how kind his heart is; to continue to promote that positive aura he exudes while performing and in just meeting folks.

I just have to inquire, adapting a thread topic on, "Where in the World is (the) Bo Bice (coverage)?"

Much Love.>


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