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Friday, February 17, 2006

ThreeDimen Calling out the Fashion Squad on Bice

Well, one of my favorite gals at BONAFIDE BICE has this to say to you dearest Biceman, take heed my brother, this lady knows of what she speaks:

"Bo, Bo, Bo. We have got to talk.

First the snood, now the fugliest dashiki known to hippiedom. Seriously, those sleeves are straight off the caftan Great-Aunt Rhea wears to the Muckleshoot Casino during August.

Geez Bo, even those drab brown band t-shirts are better concert attire than this. Pull yourself together man, before the Fugly Girls catch wind of this!"

She's right Baby, I'd snatch that snood off and let it fly. The tunic. Man I had one like it, circa 1975. Girl-shirt-tunic.... Don't make me rip it off you brother ;). PUH-LEEZE stop the fashion madness!!! (I'll call ol' Isaac Mizrahi on you...)

Much Love.


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