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Thursday, March 02, 2006

You're Everything; Bo Bice, yes you are...

I've read lots of opinions about the Regis/Kelly "Live" show today. Some folks think that Bice and S$ playing a pop tune like "You're Everything" is "sucking the life out of them". Hello... Clueless Ladies, (is that harsh?) if that were the case he wouldn't have played this tune. It's a catchy clever, fun, sexy tune, albeit pop. He could have performed "Valley of Angels" instead. No one made Bo play that song, he chose it for a reason (Thank you my Gorgeous "Bubba" *waving back*). ;)

I thought Bice sounded and looked amazing, the band was off. I did find it distracting that as a band they (again) weren't showing ANY emotion while playing. Some folks have opined that perhaps the guys were 'tired'...or stage/camera shy (remember on Jimmy Kimmel, same thing, the wooden band look)...some folks think they have been told to lay low, RCA wants them this way. BUNK! I say wake up Coop (by the way, darlin' you're looking GOOD these days!) and Shane, Chris, et al, Represent in the Way you know you should.

You get one go round, man take it while it's Hot and make it yours.

I love these guys, and want the best; especially for my Bice.

Much Love.>


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