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Monday, March 13, 2006

Bo Bice Now, and the AI5 Appearance

Bo Bice recently performed the first single off of his CD, "The Real Thing", song of the same title. Bice was performing with a touch of a cold, which showed in the lowering of parts of the song a few octaves and a slight hoarseness. He was, though, great fun to watch as always. He looks good, regaining some of the weight he lost during his life-threatening illness and surgery experienced last year.

Some fans and critics of Bice have accused him of not staying with his brand of music; a true talent like Bo doesn't need to stay within one genre, he should be able to perform the type of songs of his choice. Now, granted the recent CD is a pop-rock CD, not Bo's normal Southern rock sound; it still is a nice CD, one that can be listened to over and over. His vocals are the best part, and Bo Bice has one of The Best Male singing voices to come out in such a long while. To the critics, fans and non-fans a like bemoaning that 19E ruined him, that the AI show has taken away his originality, I say what a bunch of crap. Prior to AI he struggled in small venues, no one had heard his music outside of Alabama and the SE. His fan base was realtively small (but they are fiercely loyal) and he was not getting the exposure he needed to break out. AI and his CD, "The Real Thing", is providing Bice the break out opportunity he needed. Forums in Bo Bice Underground, The Bicesquad, SugarMoney, "Let's Talk some Sugar", BonaFide Bice repeatedly have debates pop up with this issue.

One poster from '', said quite eloquently that he'd give up 'parts of his genatalia' (let's not talk further about which parts) to get a record deal with 19E and have Bo Bice's opportunities in the music world. He had added to his post, that Bice has done the right thing with his CD. He also added, "What good is it to be out there sweating in bars, performing your music, writing your own music, if no one else is going to hear it?"

Good point.

Bo Bice is making the most of what has been given him through American Idol. He has greatly expanded his fan base, and increased his personal fortune allowing him to give his loved ones a better life. So to those who think that he has sold-out, who criticize him for trying something different musically on his CD, I'll say sticking to rigid principals in life will give you rigid results. True success lies in being able to adapt, change and intelligently compromise.

I am proud of the strength and courage he continues to demonstrate in overcoming great obstacles. Personal issues such as breaking his foot on-stage suring an AI4 concert, and the illness that could have killed him and put him in the hospital twice. Putting that aside, he is learning to navigate the brutal music and entertainment industry. It's not just the making of the music, it's also in realizing how everything you say becomes Important, every song you sing becomes Important, everything you wear becomes Important. The very length of your hair becomes Important.

It is in those facets of his life that you see the true picture of who Bo Bice is; it's not whether he sings songs by Lynyrd Skynyrd or songs like "U Make Me Better" from his current CD. It's his perserverance and ability to do a great job and give his "all" to whatever type of music he performs. It's the ability he is demonstrating to adapt, change and intelligently compromise. In working to do the Right Thing he is becoming The Real Thing.

Much Love.>


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