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Monday, April 17, 2006

MAD about MAD TV

My daughter, Daphne, my 7 year old was mighty upset this past Saturday night. She had seen advertised that Bo Bice was going to be on Mad TV. I tried to tell her that he wasn't but - well what do I know? Normally I don't let her watch this show, too much of the content too risque' for her age group, but to prove a point, she got to see at least parts of this show.

In the opening segment viewers immediately were entertained by being brought into the parody/spoof on Bo Bice. Of course, Daphne had to exclaim, "Momma, that guy so wants to be Bo Bice and he just can't sing!" She added, "Bo will pop out in just a minute and be all laughing about this other guy trying to be like him. Bo Is so funny, he is probably in the back laughing too hard to come out!" I sat quietly working on an article. The skit was over and no real Bo appeared.

She struggled so hard to stay awake it was cute yet sad; her head would do that sort of jerk you do when you're falling a sleep sitting up. Finally I got her lay down on the sofa, and predictably she went out like a light. Taking her to bed later, she sleepily asked me, "What happened to Bo and why wouldn't those people on the show let him come out?" You see, I still know nothing about anything.

Waiting to see the video of the skit. It was very funny and man, Bice, what a great compliment, bubba!

It was a busy night, though, as the next American Idol, Taylor Hicks was being spoofed on Saturday Night Live. I do have the video of that on my Hicks site, but hey, it's all over the net now any- Wooo.

Much Love.


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