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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Bouncing Baby Bo!!!

Bo Bice and Caroline had a baby boy on Saturday. Details obtained from the Birmingham News and released an hour ago:

"Helena's Bo Bice became a father this weekend. The singer's publicist, Roger Widynowski, has been confirming reports that the child, a boy named Aiden, was born Saturday to Bice and his wife, Caroline. Fans on the Internet, posting on bulletin boards at the "American Idol" and Bice Squad Web sites, have said the baby's full name is Aiden Michael and he weighed 8 pounds, 10 ounces. Other details were unavailable. The Bices have moved from their home in Alabama and are living in Nashville. Mary Colurso -- "

Caroline Fisher met Bo Bice before the singer stole the spotlight on FOX's talent hunt, he worked as a guitar store clerk and frequented the Ragtime Cafe in Hoover, Ala., where she waited tables. Apparently he frequented the cafe not just for the meals...they were married June 15. Rumors had been forthcoming that Caroline was pregnant right after it was confirmed Bice had a girlfriend. In the American Idol competition, Bice was slow to release personal information. News leaked confirming his relationship and eventual marriage to Caroline in June. Rumors of the pregnancy were deflected until a few months back. Of course, in the media crazed entertainment world, you can understand why he'd want to keep some news private.
Congratulations Caroline and Bo! Looking forward to the baby pics!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

He "Relly" is a Winner!

"...Bo Bice came to News 2 to tape a segment for Friday's "Regis & Kelly Show" as the winner of a Relly Award..."

He was chosen the viewers' favorite reality contestant, no big surprise here! During his appearance on the Regis and Kelly show he goofed around with Regis and performed. He showed his humor and talent. The Bicesquad sites have made it a mission to have him win this and they succeeded!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Bo Bice, Farm Aid, Bay Fest and other Comments

Image hosted by

Bo Bice is really blessed to have the type of fans, that seem overwhelmingly so devoted and positive about him and his music. As I am wont to do, I cruise the sites to check in and get a barometric feel of what's going on out there in the Bo-Shere.
Here is a little something posted that says a lot about this fan's concern for Bo. She feels it sums up Bo and is concerned for him.

"Edna St. Vincent Millay:
My candle burns at both ends;
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends--
It gives a lovely light!"

Another frequent poster to various sites, agrees to comments made that eventhough it was a good move on Dusty's part on Biceline to aquire the domains for Bo, it does indicate that just because he is a gifted musician doesn't mean he is above making errors in judgement and speech, like any of us could...she says,

"...I kind of agree with that. I think Bo is genuine in that he never acted as if he were anything more than a slightly brain-fried, ex-druggie singer in an old-fashioned Southern rock band. I think the air of “something’s not right” comes more from the characteristics his fans attribute to him. The fact that he’s very gifted musically can cause the illusion of intelligence.
I’m sure he has a good heart and truly wants to help the needy. But I liken it more to a stoned hippie lying on the grass and being overcome by an earth shattering revelation.
“Yeah, man, I think I’ll head on down to Mississippi and help some people. An’ I’ll start one a’ those web sites and help some people. Yeah, a good thing to spend my money on. Ah, hell, I’ll just play in my band.”THAT seems like the real Bo to me."
Now she may have said it in a way that might make some folks angry (the brain-fried part) but the meaning is clear. No offense intended.

Farm Aid is another opportunity for the Biceman to make a difference and I think above all, he wants to make a difference in this world through his music. I remember when Bo and Carrie were asked who they'd most like to work with and Bo said Willie Nelson. Now he has a personal invite to Farm Aid from the man himself! Good times.

Bice has already shown immense gifts in being able to communicate and reach through to people; in a way that has not been evidenced in a long while. He is capable of truly becoming one of the great music legends. "Changing for the Better" put me in mind of Bob Dylan, the great lyrics. "Papion", another well crafted song that sets tone and imagery working in your mind.

Some readers of some of my last article did not like my choice of subject matter, feeling I was not flattering enough to Bo Bice. I love the guy, I want him to know and be aware of what's out there. I would be the last person in his "fan-club" to play "The Emperer's New Clothes".

It is interesting to me to see such a disparagy of response seen in the Bicesquad sites, the 'blue' site for the most part seemed eager to be angry about my article, the 'green' site 'got it' about what I was saying; realizing I was merely reporting the conflict and bringing out information. Curious what this says about the moderators of these sites.

I am excited for Bo and so look forward to the Farm Aid concert! I look with anticipation for BayFest, which seems to be still in the works even after Katrina. Information on Bo's performance has been provided as Saturday, October 08, 10:45 PM.

I have read on some on sites that Sugar Money would be with him, but all that is said on their site is;
"Bo is so committed to his craft that even while recovering in his bed only a few days after surgery he was writing even more new music to share with his fans. Bo is still writing music and working with the boys of SugarMoney every spare second that he is able. He may not be 100% healed yet but you just cant keep his spirit in a sick bed for long. Bo Bice will perform at Bayfest on the Pepsi/WABB/Gulf Coast WB/Comcast Stage at 10:45 pm, Saturday, October 8, 2005. This event is a must see for SugarMoney fans everywhere."

You just can't keep a good (Bice)man down!
Much Love.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Bo Bice & the Topic of Art and Politics

Bo Bice Image hosted by has had his first introduction to the impact his actions and words may have on fans. He recently donated his home to a family displaced from the destruction of hurricane Katrina. He started a charity to benefit the Gulf coast disaster victims. He purchased 100 tickets from his own pocket to give to folks waiting to attend the benefit concert that American Idol held in Syracuse, NY. But, in the midst of all the good he has done and all his good intentions, the fact that there was a chance that he may have written a song with politically controversial lyrics, created some of the biggest buzz. Bo Bice is now finding himself among artists in a position to influence the public.

Musicians have been shown to impact how their fans dress, act and think. Art and politics have proven to be steady bedfellows. The '60's and '70's protest movements identified with the Vietnam War, spawned music aimed at awakening public awareness of the social issues. The creation of the "hippie" generation; folks grew their hair, wore bohemian dress (or ran naked in the fields, ala Woodstock). Bob Dylan's song,
"Times They are a Changin'", included these lyrics...

"Come writers and critics who prophesize with your pens
And keep your eyes open, the chance won't come again
And don't speak too soon, the wheel's still in spin
And there's no telling who that it's naming
Oh the loser will be later to win
For the times, they are a changing"...

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's Ohio and War by Edwin Starr, War and Peace (1970). More examples of lyrical contributions to the turbulent times.

Visual Arts, communicate commonly held political issue as well, the giant work The Freedom Megaphone

Makes an enormous point of free speech. It's like; "Stand up and make your own voice really heard!"

Adrian Randolph of Dartmouth College, contends that the Italian Renaissance, his major area of interest, ushered in a new era of art created for very specific political purposes.
"I'm especially interested in the role of art in public life and politics, not just as an illustration, but as a place where symbolic meaning is actively communicated," he says. Dartmouth News.

Guernica by Picaso. Pablo Picasso was not a fan of political art. He created this work following the horrific massacre at Guernica. It is considered Modern Art's most powerful anti-war statement. At the time Picasso created it, the painting was not received well; many considered it the creation of a crazy man.

Through visual, written and audio formats we receive, relate, and communicate. We express ourselves in chosen formats to communicate thoughts, opinions. We are also influenced and impacted by performers and artists whose creative gifts provide windows for our eyes to look through. Current events, politics and disasters open everyone to interpretations.

Let me relay a line from one of my favorite movies, it goes something like this... "with great power comes tremendous responsibility." Bo Bice, welcome to the public arena of arts and politics.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Bo Bice Omits New Song from Benefit Concert

Bo Bice had been saying on reports from MTV and VH-1 that he had written a song about the situation in New Orleans and planned to perform that song during the concert. He did not; one reason could be attributed to the possibility that execs with A.I. had a set timed agenda and schedule. It is possible they flat out said NO.

It also could have been Bo Bice's call; in the wake of the press coverage of Kanye West, and his bone-headed proclaimations made during a fund-raiser, (that wound up with pledgers calling back to retract their donations) he may have decided that the venue was not the time or place.

Concert attendance was down for the benefit. Only about half of the venue was filled although it had been billed as a sold-out show. Of course, the previous evening, the A.I. 4 group had given their last performance, tickets to the A.I. events are pricey...My concern is possibly the press coverage provided Bice may have had some effect...

Following the reports of the new Bo Bice song, fan-sites were blazing with threads concerned about the content of the song and the views Bo Bice might have towards President Bush following the disaster in New Orleans. Many fans, influenced by the slant of the interviews with Bice, were concerned Bice might pull a 'Kanye West'. On an over-whelming scale, many seemed poised to toss their dirty socks at him. Not good.

Bice's professional career has been just picking up steam and momentum. He has a huge dedicated fan base, but many expressed concern that he not air political views this early on. As one fan put it, "Bo Bice has not even cut and released his first CD yet; now is not the time for him to be making negative comments against Bush or the current rescue & clean-up efforts being made in the wake of Katrina.".

The lyrics of the song have not been made public, so determination can't be made on why he did not perform it, but the reporter from MTV had made it sound as if it was about the handling of the New Orleans disaster, with potentially racial undertones. We won't know for sure about it until Bice cuts the CD, and even then, modifications may be made to tone the message, if indeed controversial.

Saturday night, the last A.I. 4 performance was enthusiastically received, especially when Bo Bice made his "surprise" appearance.

As quoted in 'The Post-Standard', newspaper for the Syracuse area, "But in the worst-kept secret of the night - Savol and Turner both told the crowd that their missing friend was in the house - Bice walked slowly from the wings with the help of a cane. He quickly tossed the cane, kicked off his flip-flops and delivered a dynamic performance of the rock song "Vehicle," the 1970 hit by the Ides of March.
Bice oozed every bit of the rock star charisma that made loads of folks scream he was robbed when Underwood beat him to earn the Idol title." (Check out the link for the rest of this article:
The Post-Standard

'The Post Standard' continues in today's column"

"Sunday, Bice stunned the crowd outside the Onondaga County War Memorial where fans had lined up to purchase tickets to the benefit concert being put on by the American Idols 4 group. He had purchsed about tickets out of his own pocket, to hand out. He limped up to the gates and proceeded to hand them out telling the amazed crowd,
"Let's all just band together," he told those looking stunned at Bice's unscheduled public appearance. "Y'all please, please, please put the word out."
...And with every penny from Sunday's ticket sales going to the American Red Cross to help with the Gulf Coast relief effort, organizers said they raised about $280,000 from the three-hour concert."

Good call Biceman in not performing your song; what you say is true, we need to band together. The Kanye Wests are about division and conflict, you are not perceived in that way by your fans. We love the generousity, the kindness, the spirit you exude on and off-stage. Your spirit has been one of giving all you've got to the people, don't let the Kanyes and the emotions of the day influence you in a negative way. You're our 'Superman'. Fly high and free.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Bo Bice; Tread Carefully Biceman; Rock on!

BO BICE will rejoin the American Idols Live! tour when it plays its Hurricane Katrina benefit show on Sunday in Syracuse, New York. The rocker will perform the song he was inspired to write after hurricane Katrina hit called "We Can't Change This World." The song is being recorded to a single, word has it, with his song "Changing for the Better" on the flip. Bice is recording these tunes with his excellent band, Sugar Money with proceeds to benefit Katrina victims.
Bice was asked by A.O.L. Celebrity about his writing the song inspired by the hurricane:
"I'm a CNN junkie. I wrote a song about it and I'm going to sing it Sunday. It's called "We Can't Change This World." I'm talking about we can't change this world if we can't change our minds. The first step is realizing there is a problem. The problem doesn't have to be something that we're going to solve (right away), but to sit around and say it's never going to be solved – man, if we quit trying, we'd be worthless."

The concert on Sunday will benefit the American Red Cross. Bice stated:

"I told my fans the best thing they can do is help the Red Cross. I moved from Birmingham to Nashville, and living in my house in Helena (Alabama) right now is a family from Grand Isles (on the coast of Louisiana). These people had to uproot their lives because of the hurricane. My wife's dad is doing the same thing with helping people out and bringing them into their home. It's not about money, it's about what you can do." He is also working on getting the family situated, get the kids in school and do what he can to help the parents get needed jobs.

He adds, "I'm not a rich man, but I'm rich with what God has given me – great family and great friends. If I can be a mouthpiece to motivate people, that's the smallest thing I can do. But I was put on this earth to do more than sing songs. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty. The first chance I get I'm going down there."

I am concerned that Bo Bice not do a Kanye West, that Bo Bice not put himself in an uncomfortable situation that could be misinterpreted ala Sean Penn.

Tread carefully Biceman; rock on.

Dusty at Bonafide Bice saves Domain!

Just in case there was any confusion regarding the MTV article, and you tried to look it up and got Bonafide Bice, it was not an attempt to take Bo Bice's proposed charitable relief fund and steal it; the moderator, Dusty reserved, with her own funds the domain names to protect Bo and make certain he got the names he wanted. Incredibly sweet and quick thinking Dusty!!! Go You!!!
And now:

"Thanks to our intrepid Mod Dusty, Bo’s desired domain name is now in the right hands. Coop from Sugarmoney spoke to Dusty today and she is redirecting all BoBiceRelief traffic to the Sugarmoney site until the domain name can be transferred over to Bo.

All of us who work at BFB want to congratulate Dusty and thank her for her quick thinking in preventing someone from snapping up the domain names before he had a chance to secure them. Anyone who has experienced Internet fraud knows how damaging it can be.

Good job Dusty!" posted by lulu

A real fan of the Biceman, sweet job Bonafide Bice!

click on the link to visit their site and say "hi to Dusty!"

Friday, September 09, 2005

MTV Interview, September 8th with Bo Bice

In an article, sent out last night, in an MTV interview, Bo Bice discusses joining the American Idol tour for the last concert on 9/11, proceeds to go to benefit Hurrican Katrina victims.

Bo Bice has written a song titled, "We Can't Change This World", which he has recorded with his band, Sugar Money on a single, flip side will have "Changing for the Better", which he performed during his appearance on The Today Show concert series performance.

Bo's home in Helena, Alabama, which he and his family have vacated, now houses a family from New Orleans. That's putting your heart in the right place. Bo Bice is not spewing words of uninformed hate as we witnesses by Kanye West during the fund-raiser for Katrina releif. (In my ever not-humble opinion, Kanye was in the wrong place and time for such remarks, plus his throwing race into the mix; disgusting. We are looking at an act of Nature, and a situation that everyone involved with had not experienced before.)

Bo Bice is putting his time and efforts into making a real difference for those whom he can personnally touch.

MTV says"

Bo Bice, who has been absent from the American Idols Live Tour since having emergency intestinal surgery on August 18, will return for the final night, a just-added benefit show for victims of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.
At the show Sunday at the Oncenter in Syracuse, New York, Bo will debut a song he wrote after the hurricane struck called "We Can't Change This World."

"The biggest thing we can do is go down there and help out," he said. "This is our chance to shine, to do something with life."

Read the article in its' entirety by clicking on the link.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

When You Tell Me That You Love Me (American Red Cross Disaster Relief single) [CD-SINGLE]

Click on this link to order the single from the American Idol 4 group to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina!

(this site receives no income from this promotion)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

lyrics to Changing for the Better

Changing For the Better-Bo Bice
Feel the wind out on the street, it blows my hair and moves my feet Takes me to a different place in time People laughing everywhere Wandering round without a care Happiness it makes the heart go blind Well I see saints I see sinners There’s losers and there’s winners I ain’t no beginner to the pain Cause I’ve done right and I’ve done wrong But it’s hard to carry on But it’s easier just knowing who’s to blame So I’m changing for the better this time I guess I’m gonna need to cross the line Things I had to leave, I left behind Cause I’ve been changing for the better, changing for the better Changing for the better this time Start to see the second sight Move from darkness into light Just forget these things I thought I’d known So many things I can’t believe Second chances, third degrees Tried my best to find my own way home Well I’ve had good times and bad times Ate my words, drank my wine Many friends I’ve had to leave behind Well it gets worse, it gets better Yea, I read it in that letter She’d sit beside to see that things were fine So I’m changing for the better this time, I guess I’m gonna need to cross the line Things I had to leave, I left behind Cause I’ve been changing for the better, changing for the better Changing for the better this time

Friday, September 02, 2005

Relly Award You Need to BOte!!!

Thank you Susan for this link and the information aBOut Bo and the Relly Awards! We need to once again unite and BOte!
"Please get the word out!

Bo was nominated for a Relly Award for Best Reality Guest on Live with Regis & Kelly on TV this morning. Below is the website for folks to vote. Bo is sure to win and hope he will be well enough to receive the award in person on Sept 23."

Thanks! Susan
A HUGE Bo Bice Fan!

Get the BOte out!!!

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