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Friday, September 09, 2005

MTV Interview, September 8th with Bo Bice

In an article, sent out last night, in an MTV interview, Bo Bice discusses joining the American Idol tour for the last concert on 9/11, proceeds to go to benefit Hurrican Katrina victims.

Bo Bice has written a song titled, "We Can't Change This World", which he has recorded with his band, Sugar Money on a single, flip side will have "Changing for the Better", which he performed during his appearance on The Today Show concert series performance.

Bo's home in Helena, Alabama, which he and his family have vacated, now houses a family from New Orleans. That's putting your heart in the right place. Bo Bice is not spewing words of uninformed hate as we witnesses by Kanye West during the fund-raiser for Katrina releif. (In my ever not-humble opinion, Kanye was in the wrong place and time for such remarks, plus his throwing race into the mix; disgusting. We are looking at an act of Nature, and a situation that everyone involved with had not experienced before.)

Bo Bice is putting his time and efforts into making a real difference for those whom he can personnally touch.

MTV says"

Bo Bice, who has been absent from the American Idols Live Tour since having emergency intestinal surgery on August 18, will return for the final night, a just-added benefit show for victims of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.
At the show Sunday at the Oncenter in Syracuse, New York, Bo will debut a song he wrote after the hurricane struck called "We Can't Change This World."

"The biggest thing we can do is go down there and help out," he said. "This is our chance to shine, to do something with life."

Read the article in its' entirety by clicking on the link.


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