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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Katrina Relief Effort

I usually dedicate this site to relaying Bo Bice News and information.
I feel compelled to ask anyone reading who might care, since this situation along our coastline is hitting horribly catastrophic proportions,... WHERE are all the entertainers that helped out for relief after the tsunami? We need help here at home! I hope that the same celebrities that put their best image forward during times of international disaster will step forward to help out their own country as willingly as they step out to help other countries. I tell you, I will look at some of them VERY differently if they do not put their efforts out to help their "own". Check your politics at the door! How asinine is it to hear that somehow George W. Bush had anything to do with this!!! (Read that crap, heard that via radio today!) Get behind your local Red Cross if nothing else!

I know my personal SuperHero, Bo Bice, would be out there providing a concert to benefit (with Sugarmoney!!!) to raise funding for these victims if he were not laid up with all that has befallen him. (and it would be quite successful)

Godspeed people of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama! (I have a daughter in Alabama: "Roll Tide!")


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