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Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Bo Bice Story

This is a story you may or may not have read posted on the by Dianelev. She is absolutely incredible how she comes up with the best pics, best stories. I really enjoyed it, if you haven't already read it, hope you do too.

The Bo Bice Story
In the beginning, he was the dark horse simply known as "the other 29 year-old rocker." American Idol producers ignored him in favor of the more charismatic Constantine Maroulis. If it was up to Simon Cowell, he wouldn't even still be in the competition. It was only by a split decision of the judges that he made it through to the semi-finals.

Then something happened. He opened his mouth, and what came out were some of the greatest vocals to ever hit the stages of American Idol. Suddenly, his anticipated early exit from the competition was put on hold. Internet search engines lit up, chat rooms were all aflutter, all the message boards were asking the question: Who is Bo Bice?

Bo Bice was suddenly a contender in the most popular show on television. Born in Huntsville, Alabama on November 1, 1975, Harold "Bo" Bice was bitten by the music bug at an early age. Bo's mom, Nancy Giddens-Downes, and her three cousins Evie, Linda, and Rhea were in a Southern gospel quartet called "The Singing Jays" that traveled, sang, and recorded together in the late 60's and early 70's. Nancy also sang some with another trio and even appeared on the Grand Ole Opry. With his mother's musical background, it was only natural that Bo was exposed to a variety of gospel and country songs at a very early age.

Evie Hawkins, who is Bo Bice's cousin and was a member of "The Singing Jays", relays a story to us about baby Bo, "When he was about a year old, Nancy had a daily ritual with Bo's bath-time. She would methodically lay down large towels on the living room floor, put Bo's baby bathtub on the towels and fill it with his bath water. She would say, "Evie, watch this." She would then put him in the water and we would watch him laugh and play. He was always smiling and laughing. But the cutest thing was within about 3 minutes he had beat his hands so hard on the water that there would not be a drop of water left in the tub. Rhythm, I thought. This kid will be a drummer."

As Bo grew older, his love of music only grew stronger. Bo learned to talk and sing simultaneously. Relatives would bribe him with a quarter to sing "Long-haired Country Boy." And Bo and his mom loved to sing "How Great Thou Art" and "Life's Railway to Heaven." When Bo was two years old, he got his first guitar, and even though to most kids it would have probably only been a plastic toy, it was obvious that to Bo it was much more. Evie tells us of an adventure young Bo had with his guitar and a plastic riding horse with wheels. It seems Bo decided to take his riding horse flying down a hill. Bo had one hand on the reins and the other hand wrapped around his beloved plastic guitar. Suddenly, one of the wheels hit a rock and threw Bo headlong down the hill. During his free-fall Bo was careful to hold his little guitar up over his head. When Bo finally stood up, he was covered in scratches from head to toe. But Bo didn't shed a single tear, he just smiled and said, "Look, Mommie, my horsey is broke, but my guitar is okay."

How cute is this!?!
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