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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Where in the World is (the) Bo Bice (coverage)?

Lately it appears that staff may be on 'vacation'... or something... Visiting the site reveals the same information that's been posted for over a month. Google and Bo Bice fan sites such as The Bicesquad and Bonafide Bice have more current information than the "official fan site" in which dues paying fans have joined with the anticipation of being provided all the breaking Bo Bice news, photos, activities. (Even Bice's promising changes to come, stays the same.)

This the only tour information posted on "the official" Bo Bice site,

6/9/06 Besemer, AL TBA
Stay tuned for more information!

6/17/06 Burlington, IA TBA
Stay tuned for more information!

6/23/06 New Jersey's Trump Taj Mahal VH1 Classic Decades Rock Live
The show, featuring American Idol Rocker, Bo Bice and other cool guests reworking Lynyrd Skynyrd’s most famous tunes, will take place at Atlantic City, New Jersey’s Trump Taj Mahal and will be aired on VH1

June dates. JUNE.

In reality, he is currently scheduled to perform at these venues on the dates listed. ( doesn't have these listed, a poster, a fan actually came up with these two dates in forum):

Bo Bice March 14, 2006
Tuesday, 07:30:PM Val Air Ballroom
West Des Moines,IA

Bo Bice March 15, 2006
Wednesday, 06:00:PM Meyer Theatre
Green Bay,WI

This information is from a Google alert: "Bo Bice will be the latest artist to get the WIXX (101.1 FM) Studio 101 treatment at the Meyer Theatre. He'll play a benefit concert for the Family Violence Center at 6 p.m. March 15. The full capacity of the theater will be made available. Tickets are on sale for $5 through Oneida Casino Ticket Star."

This appearance date also on a Google alert and posted on Bonafide Bice and the Bicesquad: "Nashville’s 107.5 The River, is now advertising “Spring Break and Shake” with Bo Bice and Saving Jane." No date is provided on the station's site, but was once listed as March 24th, but have been reading it to be March 25th now (forums)...who know for sure?

Granted these are small venues, but concerts upcoming, just the same.

I'm not complaining about the Fan Club fees, my concern is about a much bigger matter that is beginning to negatively impact Bo Bice... The glaring lack of consistency in promoting and keeping any and all Bo Bice news current.

Bo's recent concert in Washington DC with boy-band Click 5, benefiting Breast Cancer, was never mentioned. (Google alert) Discussion about this concert has been limited to forum members, no "official" photographs posted. The only photos have been by concert attendees and members of fan forums. DC Concert pics from fan. We thank "Salisbury Fan" for these.

Reading through the various site forums, BFB, Bicesquad and, there is an overriding concern for Bo Bice; where are Bice's publicity folks? shouldn't he have had a photographer on hand to take professional quality photos in D.C. to post on and elsewhere to show the man in concert, show the crowd reaction, generate excitement for future appearances? Instead, the only review widely distributed is by a reporter obviously 'macking' for The Click 5. This reporter, article already covered in my blog had nothing positive to pen regarding Bice. The Click 5 had their image covered and properly reported on; Bice, zippo.

To maintain interest and to feel "involved", fans who cannot tramp across country to see Bice in person would benefit greatly from adequate coverage of the shows. This is where fans thought becoming a "Bo's Peeps" would be an asset.

Relying on outside fan sites' forums, such as and the Bicesquad, Bonafide Bice, etc... is insufficient coverage for a Rising Star.

Bice needs a photographer in tow, a designated writer to provide regular reviews on all his appearances. These latest small venue appearances have had ties in with chartible organizations and issues. Fabulous opportunity to continue to foster how kind his heart is; to continue to promote that positive aura he exudes while performing and in just meeting folks.

I just have to inquire, adapting a thread topic on, "Where in the World is (the) Bo Bice (coverage)?"

Much Love.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mess Fest, How Appropriate

Mess Fest 2006
Get Stoked! Click to hear Hot99.5 Interview with Bo Bice

It is interesting to me reading these two very different takes on Bice in concert at the above mentioned concert.

This first take is from one of the performers at Mess Fest 2006, Gian Cruz

"I met Bo Bice in his dressing room after he finished his set, which was VERY cool. He's a very mellow guy, and very kind. I didn't want to disturb him so I just popped my head in to say a quick hello, but he welcomed me in and we chatted for a little bit. He even said that he liked my performance! He didn't get to see it but he heard it from backstage.
But the absolute HIGHLIGHT of the night was that Bo Bice gave me a congratulatory tequila shot! I told him he should take the shot with me, but he said he couldn't take hard liquor anymore. So he chugged on a beer while me and one of his friends took the tequila shot. I must say... that was a fricking awesome moment!
I didn't really get to meet The Click Five, but I don't really care much for that band anyways. My little sister did take a picture with them, though. I don't know if it was just bad timing when I met them for the little bit that I did, but they seemed like they only like to hang out with themselves. I'm sure they always like to meet their fans, but I guess backstage it's a different story."

Washington Post Click 5 reporter Anonymous reporter says:
"While Bice certainly belted out his songs, from "U Make Me Better" to an impassioned cover of the Allman Brothers' "Whipping Post," he seemed detached from his performance. He rarely spoke between songs, encouraging little audience enthusiasm other than a few predictable shouts of "I love you!"
The reporter adds, "By contrast, the Click Five engaged easily with the audience, whose members danced, clapped along and sang nearly every song of the 45-minute set. That spirited reaction wasn't too surprising, given how catchy the group's songs are: the bouncy "Just the Girl" sounded like a sequel to Fountains of Wayne's "Stacy's Mom," while the rocking "Pop Princess" was reminiscent of Cheap Trick."

This "Washington Post" reporter, an obvious Click 5 fan. I have to say I don't get it, Click 5 seems to me like another Boy-Band trying to be The Beatles.

Regardless Bicefans, I doubt that Bo Bice, his family, grandmother, wife or dogs could really give a care about what this "Post" reporter has to say. I can more appreciate what a fellow musician (Gian Cruz)has to say about Bice. The fact that Bo treats fellow musicians and the folks backstage with kindness and consideration speaks loudly about his True Nature. Entertainers are expected to "come alive" for the paying public.

Check out the links and decide for yourself.
Much Love.

Friday, February 17, 2006

ThreeDimen Calling out the Fashion Squad on Bice

Well, one of my favorite gals at BONAFIDE BICE has this to say to you dearest Biceman, take heed my brother, this lady knows of what she speaks:

"Bo, Bo, Bo. We have got to talk.

First the snood, now the fugliest dashiki known to hippiedom. Seriously, those sleeves are straight off the caftan Great-Aunt Rhea wears to the Muckleshoot Casino during August.

Geez Bo, even those drab brown band t-shirts are better concert attire than this. Pull yourself together man, before the Fugly Girls catch wind of this!"

She's right Baby, I'd snatch that snood off and let it fly. The tunic. Man I had one like it, circa 1975. Girl-shirt-tunic.... Don't make me rip it off you brother ;). PUH-LEEZE stop the fashion madness!!! (I'll call ol' Isaac Mizrahi on you...)

Much Love.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bo Bice Proving he is The Real Thing

This article posted by "The Morning Call online", By Jessica Berthold.

"About 300 people had lined up at least an hour in advance of the show, with a couple of dozen showing up at 5 p.m. for dinner at the club's restaurant so they could be sure to get a spot at the show.

Sharon Steele, 47 of Coplay made a beeline for the front row as soon as the club doors opened around 7:15 p.m., her husband Edward in tow. They arrived at 3 p.m., and were the first in line to get into the restaurant, she said.

''I'm a member of the 'Bice Squad,''' said Steele, referencing a common nickname for fans of the husky-voiced rocker."

"As soon as the concert was announced last week, phones at Montana West rang off the hook — mostly from women callers, said the club's office manager Dena George. The club isn't normally open on Tuesdays.

''Bice is popular because his music is excellent and he's gorgeous,'' George said. ''People would have come either way, but they were amazed that the show was free.''"

Click the link to read the article in its entirety.

Go Bo!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

AOL Bo Bice Video

Bo Bice's hair looks absolutely glorious in the video! (Don't hate him because he's beautiful!) He's also looking healthy and outfitted in cool ensembles. I think he comes across the camera amazingly well. The boy may have some acting chops going on. Fansites like the Bicesquadders have been expressing that they love what they saw; very complimentary of Bo and the video. of course only has the Most Positive of Praise to honor Bo. From reports I've seen, the shooting of the video was a lengthy process, but from the reviews of Bice's fans, well worth the time, trouble and wait. Overall, Bice fans adore the video.

When I initially viewed the video I thought something was wrong with my computer, the vocals and the lip movement were out of sync, like a foreign film but in this case no subtitles required. I watched it a few more times. (Of course, this was no hardship, Bice is fun to watch.) Nothing was wrong with my set. I went online and found several posters on the fansites commenting to the effect, 'who's going to notice anyway'. The "foreign film" effect may be intentional on the part of the producers. The video incorporates interesting lighting, with an almost surreal glow bouncing off some of the footage and light seemingly emanates from Bice while performing the chorus refrain of "The Real Thing". Nice job there.

I first thought the video might come out with a love-story leaning, with Bo singing to a lovely lady, intent on pursuing their romantic relationship. It's not; instead we have Bice asking fans and audience if they accept him, that their appreciation for the talents he possesses and what he has to offer is "The Real Thing".

Much Love.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Watch how this Rumor Unfurls

Gosh, I feel like some kind of gossip Mavin but here goes (and it is all in the name of Bice-dom)

From BonaFide Bice; (it's gotta have "legs")

The poster, "foundlingmw", has said before that she works with Bo’s relatives. She also has never posted breathless “OMG you won’t believe this Bo is my new BFF he’s going to tattoo my name on his bicep” craziness either. There have also been several mentions of him wanting to make guest appearances on television shows. So this doesn’t seem completely out of the realm of possibility.I only had time for a quick scan here and didn’t see any mention of this, so I will plant the seed. A little birdie just told me that Bo is going to be on “Scrubs” and “My Name is Earl.” No dates or other details, but it is exciting news. Btw, the little birdie is the third member of the Singing Jays, the cousin you guys haven’t met. If Bo is really going to be on these shows, I’m sure you guys will find all the details well in advance. If I hear anything more, I’ll post it."

Could be random craziness...could be wild story telling...could be anything...but since BFB thought it worthy of a post (especially since heralded by ThreeDimen) I had to put news of it here too...(she's my Bo-soul-mate).

Much love. and Soul.

click the title link; feel free to comment; vociferate...whatever. BFB

More Post-Grammy Party Talk!!!

"I'm real proud of Kelly," "Idol" runner-up Bo Bice said outside of EMI's lavish bash at Paramount Studios.
"I definitely support her. She's done a great job of showing the music community she's about a lot more substance than just a pretty face, and nice hindquarters..." Bo said with a grin.

(Well, I do love a man who can appreciate a nice "hindquarter".) Wow.

Anyway, click the link and read this article in its entirety.

Much Love, and go Kelly! (local gal does GOOD!!!)

Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party

As reported by Roger Friedman with FOX News:

"Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy extravaganza is the hottest ticket of the year in Hollywood, perhaps eclipsing Vanity Fair’s Oscar party.

Once inside the ballroom, it was clear that whatever dinner was being served was not being eaten too intently by anyone. The 900 or so guests were so busy socializing and taking pictures that there was no time to eat a morsel.

The cocktail hour was chaotic and packed, with folks like Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Joe Perry making slow progress through a sea of record execs and producers.
There was an area of hip-hop types in the front, including Jay Z and Beyonce, Chris Brown and Mary J. Blige.Next to that table: Carlos Santana, Sheryl Crow, Aerosmith’s Tyler and Perry and Rob Thomas with wife Marisol and manager Michael Lippman. Jamie Foxx’s group took up a table, and Randy Jackson was right next door with Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds and three lovelies: Gabrielle Union, Sanaa Lathan and Regina Hall.

There was a big "American Idol" presence with Fantasia, Kelly Clarkson, Bo Bice, Mario Vazquez and Carrie Underwood all in attendance. Diana Ross got the big center table, where she held court in a glittering jacket that could be seen for miles around (she had several of her children as guests).

Roger also mentions he talked to Natasha Bedingfield, and KISS stalwarts Gene Simmons (with the mother of his children Shannon Tweed) and Paul Stanley. There was also a group of talking heads: Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson, Pat O'Brien and Bill Maher were seated through the top tier at different tables.

"The show: Foxx and Fantasia made the night memorable for spontaneity, when following a steamy sing-to-each-other and duet, Foxx invites American Idol Fantasia back to his room from the stage. He refrained from providing his room number at the Hilton, in public; whether Fantasia decided to visit the Hilton is unknown...

Rod Stewart provided an amazing performance of his rock hits, not his recent ballads.

Kanye West and Ludacris made a surprise appearance with Snoop Dogg for some rappin’ and R&B with Jamie including the hit, “Gold Digger.”

Rob Thomas and Santana rocked the house with a seductive version of “Smooth.” Kelly Clarkson showed that her power singing is for real. Chris Brown is a cool dancer.

The night was unofficially dedicated to Barry Manilow, the first star of Arista Records in 1974 with “Mandy.” Thirty two years later, his new album on Arista debuts next week at No. 1 with 156,000 copies sold. That gives Clive four albums in next week’s top 10. Hello! And Clive announced signing Pearl Jam to J Records."

Mr. Davis may take hits and criticisms regarding his sometimes over-produced tracks, but the man obviously knows what he is doing.

I was picturing Bo at this event, how he must have felt in a room surrounded by the celebrities and music greats...Oh what a night.

Bo Bice met up with last season's mysterious Idol dropout contestant Mario Vansquez before heading over to talk to Dave Grohl of The Foo Fighters. Bice asked him if he could open up for the Foo Fighters on their up-coming acoustic tour. Grohl's response: "Of course!" Its reported, after Bice walked away, Grohl whispered that he doesn't really care who opens the shows. Is this Foo Fighter full of "foo" or what?
It would be unsettling to have your opening act upstage the Main Attraction.

Typical of the "I'm Such A Rock Star" Grohl types.

Of course, unaware of the Grohl whisper-moment, when Bo was asked his opinion of Grohl, he commented with, "He's the nicest guy".

Typical of Bo Bice.

Much Love.

Watch the GRAMMYS here!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

You've heard of Legos??? How 'bout LeBo's ??? check it out!!!

BEWARE: must have have a somewhat infantile sense of humor, ('cuz this isn't anything really intellectually Top Shelf).

WARNING: You might laugh, you might 'shriek'. Don't view this in a quiet public place...

This is a silly-jewel of a bit of insanity from my favorite blog-doll, ThreeDimen of

ThreeDimen proves once again to be SOOOO worthy of being my platonic BO-Soul-mate. (& sha; we gotta talk)

I love ya'll,
Much Love.

Bo Bice video due out soon...

Jennheifer at BonaFide Bice comes through with this pic. Bice's video is scheduled to be released in the near future...exact date not known by me yet... she reports he will be featured in "Life & Style" magazine, Feburary 13th.

Click on the title link and feel free to add your comments.
Thank you Jennheifer and BFB!

Bo Bice Free Concert at Montana West, February 14th

Montana West map anyone fortunate enough to live in the vicinity, or nearby stats for that matter, here is a map to guide you to the venue in Quakertown, PA.

Best thing about this is Bo Bice will be performing with his band, Sugar Money for free! This is the write up from "McCall'":

Bo Bice giving free Valentine's Day show at Montana West

"American Idol" rocker Bo Bice will perform a free Valentine's Day concert with his band SugarMoney Tuesday at Richland Township night club Montana West.

Bice, the long-haired heart-throb who was runner-up to Carrie Underwood on the fourth season of the hugely popular Fox reality show, will stop at the club which is opening just for the performance, as part of an East Coast tour. The show is being sponsored by Philadelphia radio station Q102.

Dena George, manager at Montana West, said Bice and his band will perform at 9 p.m. and doors will open at 7 p.m. She said there is no admission charge for the show, but all patrons must be 21 or older.

The 30-year-old Birmingham, Alabama, native garnered a huge fan following with his heart-felt brand of southern rock during the "American Idol" competition last year, and his debut CD "The Real Thing," released in December, has already been certified gold.

The well-reviewed pop-rock disc has been sitting on Billboard's Top 100 albums for seven weeks.

Valentine's Ball appearance, and HOT 99.5

Bo Bice will be rocking The House of Blues in Cleveland Sunday, February 12 for the Valentine's Day Ball at 8PM. Connor O'Brien will also be performing. Click here to play music
Tickets are $20-$25.

HOT 99.5:
You can also catch live Bice at D.C. radio station HOT 99.5's MessFest '06, along with pop/rock band The Click Five. they call themselves a "Pop / Powerpop / Rock band". The "Click Five" is a boy-band-in-suits. Their moptop haircuts and matching suits obviously meant to bring to mind The Beatles.
But that's as far as the comparison goes.

Concert is on Sunday, February 19. Tickets are just $15 and $1 of your admission cost goes to breast cancer research. (Which is for a defintely Great Cause.)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bo Bice Name, Again Target for Attention

And yet another Not Bo Bice Really Reference darkens my inbox. Like I said he's a Scorching Hot Topic.

Here's another Bice name dropping experience:

"Auction gives chance to sing with Skynyrd. Always wanted to sing “Sweet Home Alabama” with Lynyrd Skynyrd?
Well, thanks to the Grammy Foundation’s Online Charity Auction, now you can — even if you aren’t Bo Bice."

This is the lead in paragraph and no other mention made of The Biceman, but in this case at least it's not about football endzone manuevers.

Glen Gamboa gives Bice a mention in his article in "The Buzz",
" Always wanted to sing "Sweet Home Alabama" with Lynyrd Skynyrd?

Well, thanks to the Grammy Foundation's Grammy Charity Online Auction, now you can - even if you aren't Bo Bice."

Gamboa's article is about the Charity Online Auction and what celebrity items you can bid on to have for your very own. The foundation has pulled together one-of-a-kind items and celebrity experiences to raise money to support arts education and America's musical heritage. The lots are available for bid at
The auction also includes Burt Bacharach's piano, which he has autographed, a private tour of the set of the "X-Men 3" movie, a piano signed by Jamie Foxx, George Benson, Olivia Newton-John and Herbie Hancock, and a chance to meet Dr. Phil.

There's also autographed memorabilia from Paul McCartney, Sheryl Crow, Tom Petty and Dwight Yoakam. The auction runs through Feb. 16.

(Well, in Gamboa's case, it's for a good cause.)

Much Love,"Bubba", at least they keep on talking.

Friday, February 03, 2006

What does it say about Bo Bice, writers of non-related articles use his name...

'Who'll wear boogie shoes in Super Bowl XL?' by Peter Schrager with' Posted: 12 hours ago.

I located this article as I was scanning to see what recent stories or information on Bice might be crawling along the web. Interestingly I get this article, by sports writer, and apparently budding music critic Peter Schrager.

Schrager proceeds to incorporate Bo Bice's name to generate an increase in attention for his sports article. He writes in the opening paragraph,

"To cite a "salute" as a "wild" touchdown dance is like calling Bo Bice's music rock n' roll. It's not absurd, it's just a stretch."

It seems unnecessary that Mr. Schrager stoop to such a low-level attention seeking ploy. You'd think the fact that he works for the Fox News Network and has a regular article under the Fox internet umbrella he wouldn't need to resort to I don't hear Bice commenting on any deficit in Schrager's writing ability to forward his music.

Call me silly but aren't we mixing apples and oranges?

This article discusses touchdown maneuvers and dances by regular season players who never got to do their 'rumba' in the SuperBowl end zone. Fascinating? Schrager excitedly points out, "Jose Cuervo. The company is offering $5 million to any Seahawks or Steelers player who does a dance so elaborate that the league deems it "fine worthy" on Sunday. The tequila makers took out a full page ad in Wednesday's USA Today, encouraging players to go for it, have a little fun and push the envelope after a TD." he closes with, "I'm hoping someone. If not, we may have to keep doing that Macarena dance on the cruise ship for a few more years."

In this case, whereas Bo Bice's name gets attention, too bad Schrager thought it 'cute' to utilize the Bo Bice name and attempt to play a Simon Cowell-type-music-critic.

Scanning the internet, it is interesting how often Bo's name is being used to draw attention to websites and products that have absolutely nothing to do with Bice or even have a mention of him once the page is opened. I'm not going to provide a list of these in my blog, but it is my opinion that he is being used because he's a pretty Image hosting by Photobucket topic.

My inner red-head feels the need to check in with Peter Schrager.

Much Love.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bo Bice works his Natural Magic

W.A.P.E. Bo Bice Concert slides
This is a comment from one of the DJ's at W.A.P.E. after Bo's concert appearance at the "Twisted Martini", held by the station;

""J-Dub (female DJ): He was just so personable. He basically told his whole life story during the Q & A, there was no “Yes, no, 1, 2, 3,” he told the whole why, when, and where of it. It was really good. I never knew much about Bo before but I am now a Bo Bice Fan!"" read the rest at BFB.

"J-Dub"'s response to Bo Bice seems to reflect the impact of Bice's 'Natural Magic' he works on almost everyone he comes in contact with; fans and member of the music industry. It's all about treating others the way he wants to be treated. Bo walks the talk. True greatness requires more than just talent, it requires heart, good heart, and Bice has it in spades.
Bo Bice was interviewed this morning on 107.5. This station posts interviews after the fact, so if you miss it, check out the site for information,reviews and possibly pics. Looking over their site, it seems to take a day or two to get up the information, so may not be on there today.

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