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Friday, February 03, 2006

What does it say about Bo Bice, writers of non-related articles use his name...

'Who'll wear boogie shoes in Super Bowl XL?' by Peter Schrager with' Posted: 12 hours ago.

I located this article as I was scanning to see what recent stories or information on Bice might be crawling along the web. Interestingly I get this article, by sports writer, and apparently budding music critic Peter Schrager.

Schrager proceeds to incorporate Bo Bice's name to generate an increase in attention for his sports article. He writes in the opening paragraph,

"To cite a "salute" as a "wild" touchdown dance is like calling Bo Bice's music rock n' roll. It's not absurd, it's just a stretch."

It seems unnecessary that Mr. Schrager stoop to such a low-level attention seeking ploy. You'd think the fact that he works for the Fox News Network and has a regular article under the Fox internet umbrella he wouldn't need to resort to I don't hear Bice commenting on any deficit in Schrager's writing ability to forward his music.

Call me silly but aren't we mixing apples and oranges?

This article discusses touchdown maneuvers and dances by regular season players who never got to do their 'rumba' in the SuperBowl end zone. Fascinating? Schrager excitedly points out, "Jose Cuervo. The company is offering $5 million to any Seahawks or Steelers player who does a dance so elaborate that the league deems it "fine worthy" on Sunday. The tequila makers took out a full page ad in Wednesday's USA Today, encouraging players to go for it, have a little fun and push the envelope after a TD." he closes with, "I'm hoping someone. If not, we may have to keep doing that Macarena dance on the cruise ship for a few more years."

In this case, whereas Bo Bice's name gets attention, too bad Schrager thought it 'cute' to utilize the Bo Bice name and attempt to play a Simon Cowell-type-music-critic.

Scanning the internet, it is interesting how often Bo's name is being used to draw attention to websites and products that have absolutely nothing to do with Bice or even have a mention of him once the page is opened. I'm not going to provide a list of these in my blog, but it is my opinion that he is being used because he's a pretty Image hosting by Photobucket topic.

My inner red-head feels the need to check in with Peter Schrager.

Much Love.>


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