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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bo's Peeps. I joined.

It's true, I did it. Curiousity was killing this cat.Image hosting by Photobucket

I've never been much of a joiner, especially since experiencing past joining endeavors; book clubs, you know, you read books, then get together over bottle(s) of wine or margaritas and review what you may or maynot have gotten out of that week's novel of choice. Writer's groups, (let's rip each other's work apart over tenses and adjective useage, story lines)...Art clubs discussing art history, painting groups, where we all would sit together and paint. In these groups at least I'd walk away with new perspectives, knowledge, good and bad information, more of a personal growth situation.

I've just never been one to join the type of clubs or groups where you just sit around with a group of "wimmen" (Texas-speak) talking about problems, issues, whatever, just, well, No. Our neighborhood country club has extended numerous invitations to "Come, visit, see what fun you can have with us!" As they list all the 'ladies who lunch, ladies who tennis, and ladies who golf' opportunites. No.

It was inevitable that I become a 'Bo's Peeps'. (Besides I found that killer outfit...) Ah, the things one can do in the name of True Love. (big sigh here)

Sunny Skies and Much Love.


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