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Monday, January 30, 2006

Sometimes I hate living in Texas. Only Sometimes.

About 150 women stood outside the Twisted Martini Friday afternoon, and no the bar was not giving away free drinks. They were waiting to see American Idol’s Bo Bice. Last year’s American Idol finalist performed for an hour and later signed autographs for his fans. Tickets to the concert could only be won by women through a contest sponsored by FM-95.1.

Well at least we have "sdstns" who may have been one of these beautiful ladies in the line-up.

Sunny Skies, Many Sighs.
Much Love.

Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bo Bice

Bo Bice will get to perform with one of his Dad's favorite bands of all time. Check out the link to keep up on the current details and events surrounding this gig. Bo's Pop sure looked ready to when Bo performed with them during the American Idol competition. Really sweet.

"Shinedown"...ever heard of them???

Shinedown music and video.

This is Brent Smith, lead singer of "Shinedown". Discovered him recently; his band performed at the Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie, Texas (little suburb of Dallas; American Idol 4 played here.) Man this guy can rock! He is ENERGY, PASSION, and the band is tight! Write up in The Dallas Morning News excitedly proclaimed him to be equal parts Ronnie Van Zandt, David Coverdale and Chris Cornell, and one of the best rock singers to come out of the South since Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes. I have to completely agree! This guy is great to watch!
Shinedown Fan Site

Don't get me wrong, I'm not switching ponies here, I still LOVE my Bo Bice, but hey, a little variety is good for a gal!

Much Love.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bo's Peeps. I joined.

It's true, I did it. Curiousity was killing this cat.Image hosting by Photobucket

I've never been much of a joiner, especially since experiencing past joining endeavors; book clubs, you know, you read books, then get together over bottle(s) of wine or margaritas and review what you may or maynot have gotten out of that week's novel of choice. Writer's groups, (let's rip each other's work apart over tenses and adjective useage, story lines)...Art clubs discussing art history, painting groups, where we all would sit together and paint. In these groups at least I'd walk away with new perspectives, knowledge, good and bad information, more of a personal growth situation.

I've just never been one to join the type of clubs or groups where you just sit around with a group of "wimmen" (Texas-speak) talking about problems, issues, whatever, just, well, No. Our neighborhood country club has extended numerous invitations to "Come, visit, see what fun you can have with us!" As they list all the 'ladies who lunch, ladies who tennis, and ladies who golf' opportunites. No.

It was inevitable that I become a 'Bo's Peeps'. (Besides I found that killer outfit...) Ah, the things one can do in the name of True Love. (big sigh here)

Sunny Skies and Much Love.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

sdstns, Bona Fide Bice contributor gives us all this...

sdstns, the new Official Heroine of Bona Fide Bice, attended Bo’s appearance in Jacksonville. In addition to the cellcert she coordinated, she recapped the concert and the Q & A session Bo held afterwards in lieu of an autograph session. (from ThreeDimen, Bona Fide Bice)

>>Will SugarMoney be able to keep playing with you?

Yeah, I mean these guys, we’re family. We’ve been playing and doing tour stuff together forever and I don’t see any reason for that to stop. I’ve always said my brothers and I will be playing whether in places like here or in arenas. It’s really up to you guys. If you cats come out to see us then we’ll be here.

How is Aidan doing?

He’s doing magnificent. He just rolled over which is a big step in the Aidan world. Yeah, I mean he’s great, he’s doing great. It’s cool having this little spirit, just this little spirit to look at and to hold (?). Y’all are gonna make me cry. I got on the bus last night and it was so cool ’cause he had this little cold when I got home this week and you know how they do their nose (He kind of demonstrated, it was cute) and I used to be this big germ freak and he gets all this stuff on my shirt and I’m like “Eh, so what?” My wife’s like “Oh wow, you’ve really changed.”

First we as a group here in Jacksonville want to say we are very proud of you and all you’ve accomplished. Second, what was Simon Cowell really like?

Oh well we used to sit around and eat cheese dip and drink martinis together. No, not really. He was really cool. He’s got one of the best points of view on the show. They’re all great. I think everyone’s figured out the formula. I’m not really letting the cat out of the bag. You’ve got the cat that’s groovy, then sweet and beautiful Paula and then you’ve got Simon (said dramatically). It’s a good formula, it really works. They make a good team. You don’t want to say it’s an act because trust me, if you see that many people a day you can’t act like you don’t like people, it’s genuine. No, he’s really a cool guy. I guess it’s just a matter of what day you catch him on. He then related how Simon caught Shane leaning against his Bentley one night smoking and said it was not good.

Do you have any regrets about any of this and how long do you hope to continue a singing career?

Bo did a piece of My Way. Oh regrets, I have a few, but I did it sideways. Thank you, thank you, I wrote that myself. I need some royalty money.

Um, I don’t have many regrets. In everything I’ve done in life many times I’ve made mistakes and messed up royally. I just truly believe in forgiveness and the strength of love, you know, so no regrets. On the other (unintelligible) the same reason I have a love for this music and being able to come out and do this with you guys. I’ll keep doing this until you guys stop coming. There will be like one here and one there and me with a really bad weave or a combover.

DJ comment: (Laughing) You could do this full time.

What is your favorite song to perform?

Um, I think, it’s hard to choose, there’s so many good ones, but I really love Valley of Angels. It’s one of those songs I look forward to playing every night. Probably because it was such a settling time in my life when I wrote it, and then to see it evolve into what Clif made it into in production. It was very special. I can vividly remember hearing it for the first time when he brought it back to me. Before, it was just an acoustic song, me sitting with a guitar and playing it for him and then him taking it to a whole ‘nother coast and bringing it back with a vocal part and a guitar part. It was just awesome, because I think being a songwriter and wanting to create, I think one of my faults and something that I’ve tried to accept, you tend to be a little more closed-minded to what you write. So opening up to being a little more vulnerable and allow someone to come in and help me produce instead of being the guy who has to have his fingers pressing all the buttons. It was magnificent, it was truly great. I was a big part of the song, yet I felt like such a minute portion of it when I got it all put together. It’s just a well composed and beautiful song. I look forward to playing it every night.

DJ comment: Well Bo, you talk about looking forward to that every night, will you do us a favor? When you get ready to play on your next tour will you keep us in mind? Because we definitely want to see you! Bring the band back, bring SugarMoney back, because we definitely want to see you! Give it up for Bo Bice!<<

I was just thinking about sdstns today, and our little misunderstanding, you know when she referred to me as ..."oh her, yeah she's a big fan of this site. (referring to BFB) I sorta took it like , "yeah, her, well, whatever...she's around and well we put up with her" 'cuz I know how wimmen can be. Which is a dominant reason I hang with predominantly guy pals... We're Ok now I guess, good interview tapes on her part and cool she's into sharing... Rock on.

Sunny Skies and Much Love.

Bo Bice: Schedule your Oprah appearance Now!!!

Man, check it out:
"Oprah" is known more for goosing book sales, but an appearance by Neil Diamond on her show last week sent the singer's "12 Songs" CD from No. 119 to No. 22, with sales of 27,000 copies, nearly quadrupling its prior week figure.

I'm saying BOOK OPRAH NOW!!!
Sunny Skies, Much Love.
Book Oprah.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

CMT Message Board

I will be adding this link to the blog for future watching and reference. New Bice message boards seem to pop up daily.

Blog on.

SUnny Skies and Much Love.

LaToya West's article in "Reality TV"

...."Look at what's happened for Kelly. The bar has been set high already, so you really need to bring it.", said Constantine Maroulis in the article.
Click the link for the whole article.

Nothing really new in that story. Pretty cut and dried. A little boring.

Slow news day I guess.

Access Hollywood Interview from January 25th

What's Different About Bo?
Almost 35 million viewers kept their appointment with "American Idol" and once again, the wannabes did not disappoint.
One person who knows the pressures of "Idol" firsthand is former contestant, Bo Bice.

"I lost about 30 to 35 pounds but then, I've gained about 10 pounds back, luckily," Bo told us.
Now fully recovered, and back at work on the music video for "The Real Thing," Bo is exercising more and eating better.
"I'm going to be healthy for my family, and I want to be healthy, so, I can go out and tour and be with the fans and stuff," Bo told Access.

Previous Stories:
December 19, 2005: Bo Bice Rushed To Hospital
September 26, 2005: Bo Bice Becomes A Daddy
August 23, 2005: Bo Bice Undergoes Emergency Surgery
August 2, 2005: Bo Bice Breaks Foot Onstage
July 1, 2005: Bo's Wedding Amnesia?
June 30, 2005: Bo Bice Gets Hitched
June 1, 2005: Bo Out-Selling Carrie Post-'Idol'

Tuesday, January 24, 2006 Fan Club finds its Name...

Bo's Peeps Fan Club Attire Posted by Picasa
Click here to play music

The search for their fanclub name search has come to a conclusion. Perhaps this may be what they have in mind for the 'official fan attire', and to heck with the standard t-shirts. Whaddaya think Biceman???

Contestant, Gail Couch, (not pictured) was chosen the winner of the contest with her pick, "Bo's Peeps". Really, it is sort of a clever play on words. When (and if) you think about it, other than just The Bo Bice Fan Club, (since The Bicesquad name has already been claimed), there is not a lot of material out there to choose from with Bice's name in the heading. I certainly did not have any Great Ideas when it came to coming up with a creative and catchy name.

Admit it though, there is a lot of room here to have a little fun. And, I LOVE to Play Dress Up!!!

Much Love. Baaaaaa!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Cell phone shots

JK Show Posted by Picasa

JK Show close-up

JK Show closeup Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 20, 2006

VIP tickets ---Anyone to see Bo Bice VIP???

Check it out if ya love him, want to see him up close and personal check out this link and you may get there. Just be nice, he's my 'Bubba', an' he's special! (hubba, hubba, special)

Much Love.

Bo Bice & Sugar Money - together or separate best?

lulu (again) at BonaFide Bice got the ball rolling with some very emotional comments and 'discussion' on the BonaFide Bice site about the Jimmy Kimmel appearance. I fortunately have it recorded, so will re-review it before I decide if they are worthy of playing with Bo, per discussions reviewed. Click the link to read the blog and comments.

I'll stay tuned. Love it when I'm not the only one that the Bicesquadders, Bo's Peeps (new title, check out for that new fan name, get all riled up about.

Much Love.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Bo Bice Jimmy Kimmel pics to be posted later today

I will have some pics from the Jimmy Kimmel Show to post on this spot later today.

Much Love.

Give me $ome $ugar!!!

It was worth our wait, Cody and I had our 'jammies-vigil to watch Jimmy Kimmel last night! (We must keep up the stats, '3 people and the dog that watch Kimmel', per lulu.) I had to keep poking him in the ribs to keep him up, he'd had a busy dog-day and really was more in the mood for an early bedtime. Bribing with warm popcorn did the trick! He has become a big Bo Bice fan. It's like we have our own personal 'Bicesquad'; he 'speaks' when I show him Bo Bice's CD and I ask him 'who's our favorite singer?'; his basset/beagle bark sounds like "BO, BO, BO"! Yeah, OK, on the trite side, but true...

Seriously, the real Bicesquadders did Bo proud last night; I saw many faces I recognized from the forums. They were singing and screaming and jumping non-stop. I know it made Bo feel right at home. Speaking of feeling right at home, who did I immediately see over his shoulder as he began singing "The Real Thing"??? Shane Sexton on drums. This confirmed the 'insider information' Bona Fide Bice announced. You just can't go wrong following their information and leads. I was a little surprised when Kimmel announced Bo was appearing that Sugar Money was not mentioned, nor did Kimmel say anything about them the rest of the program. Sort of like Bo snuck 'em in the back door, "SHHHH, come on in guys, just don't wake the parents," feel to it. Image hosted by

Sugar Money sounded good, and it was great to see them with Bo! Bo looked really good, like he has regained some of the weight he has lost throughout his ordeal. Having his 'brothers' with him can only help.

It seems they had a 'pit stop' on the way to Kimmel:
""Penelope on BFB
Bo did in fact play with Constantine and Betty tonight at the Roxy. He only came on for one song, but it was long and sorta took a jam bandish kinda turn. Or three. And stopped at the bar for a few Jack and Cokes.They did Sunshine of Your Love, by Cream. Constantine and Bo traded verses, and then sang the chorus together. Bo played geetar. There will be video and audio.
She added
It wasn't the greatest performance by either guy, but you could tell they were just having a ball together
."" Busy night for Bo and the guys; and what fun that would have been to go to; the Con-man and the Bice-man together! Hopefully someone got pics to put up later. This blog-site is one place we may find them: Constantine Maroulis.

Much Love.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sugar Money to be on Kimmel with BO???

One of my favorite lady writers from BONAFIDE, lulu, in a recent post says with information gained from AI forum:

""The infamous cer (poster on the AI forums who knows the Sugarmoney drummer, Shane Sexton) claims that Sugarmoney will be Bo’s backing band tomorrow night on the Jimmy Kimmell show. The rumor seems to be backed up by the fact that guitarist Kris Bell lists a Jimmy Kimmell appearance on his MySpace page.
Color me shocked, confused and a little concerned. The ‘boys’ have not impressed RCA to date, so why the sudden change of heart? Were the Hired Hotties busy? Are RCA cutting back on expenses? Is it just because only 3 people and a dog watch the Jimmy Kimmell show?
Who knows, but I’ll be watching with interest (and a bottle of Jack Daniels close at hand).""

I know I'll definitely be watching, but, lulu, my dear, I will leave "my friend" Jack Daniels in the bar cupboard. You know, it's safer for me that way. ;)

Stay tuned.

What a day! J. Kimmel, (I am one of the 3 people, and my dog, Cody, perhaps he's the dog, he hangs with me while we watch Jimmy), and Bo and possibly S$ together... AND the start of the American Idol Season! Paint me giddy.

I'm just a simple gal with simple pleasures.
Much Love.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Bo Bice in studio, recording Posted by Picasa

True Bo Bice

Here is an exerpt from this link to an article by Craig Shelburne. .

""His sudden fame has led to good fortune so far. His new album, The Real Thing, has already sold 500,000 copies. Every TV talk show wants him, and every show biz magazine has written about him. So it's somewhat of a surprise that he arrives at the office totally alone. No manager, no publicist, no personal assistant. Definitely no entourage -- and that's by design.""

Quote from Bo, "It's nice to have people that are there to help you and stuff, but also I don't want to become too detached from the normal sea of life," he says. "For me, it seems like some cat with his hair pulled back stuffed up under a bun walking down the street is a lot more discreet than seeing people walking in a group clustered around this cat. I like that anonymity."

True Bo.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Bo Bice recording in Nashville Posted by Picasa

Jimmy Kimmel Live! Bo's On!

Roger Widynowski, with RCA e.mailed me that Bo is still on Kimmel, just moved to the 17th, Tuesday. Meant to post this yesterday but the 'life and times' of my household got in the way. the event you haven't seen it elsewhere, you've seen it here.

Much Love.

Bo Bice: A Very Special "Moment"

In the CMT "In The Moment with Bo Bice", special that started last night and will continue for several more airings (check CMT link on this site for more information), fans and interested parties are able to witness intimate moments in the life and times of Bo, Caroline, Bo's bandmates and 'brothers' of SugarMoney. The CMT camera followed Bo and Caroline through hospital and doctor visits, some involving Caroline's sonograms, others tracking Bo's health issues concerning his internal life-threatening illness.

I was mesmerized by Bo's ability to handle the camera crew and all the turmoil with ease and grace. He is a 'cat' comfortable in his own skin. Caroline provides viewers with the reasons he has chosen her as his wife and life-mate; she is gracious and strong and wise; shouldering the family day-to-day affairs including a move across states, while being very pregnant and having a very sick husband, I have much respect for her.

It seemed too short a visit with them, "In The Moment" with Bo Bice was moving, real, and provides a family home video feel.

Bo Bice is as I always have known Bo to be; considerate, kind, gentle, funny and passionate about all and everyone important to him. Now I have added insight into the relationship between Bo and his band, SugarMoney, which until this "Moment" I did not realize the depth between these guys.

I know Bice's CD "The Real Thing" has garnered its share of criticisms, but I for one, like it. I know Bo is proud of it. (which is one reason I like it) The fact the execs at RCA allowed a dual disc speaks out volumes regarding their regard for Bo and his talent.

During the "Moment" special, at one point one of the recording guys in the studio (I'm not naming names here) asked for the cameras to go away; Bo was asking for his 'honest opinion' about a song that Bo was requesting to be "tweaked" and included on the CD and he obviously did not want to be honest in front of the cameras (out of respect for Bo and his feelings, I am sure). Guessing from the response from Bo and bandmates following the conversation, the honesty imparted was not what the guys wanted to hear. Bo was depressed and disappointed.

Time will tell what will happen in the story of Bo Bice and SugarMoney, but at this "Moment", I know their story has just begun.

Much Love.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Ronnie Thomas' book featuring Bo Bice

Ronnie Thomas, of "The Decatur Daily News" has a book out with features on Bo Bice. He held a Book signing party at the "world famous Mama's Country Diner", folks were lined up for 3 hours!

I read a description of this book off of one of my favorite Bo Bice fan-sites, BONAFIDE

"It's a big book - 8-1/2 x 11 and almost an inch thick. the first 78 or so pages are about BO, with many of the news articles that Mr. Thomas wrote about BO, with lots of pictures.
In addition to BO, there's also articles about Hank Williams Jr, Loretta Lynn, Bill Anderson, Clint Black, Porter Wagner, Gene Watson, and much more. Many of these people were personally interviewed by Ronnie Thomas.

Price is $27.95 plus $5 s/h. If you order more than 1 book the s/h cost for 2nd book will be $2.50. Check or money order should be mailed to
Belle Mina Press
P/O Box 66
Belle Mina, AL 35615

Make to Belle Mina Press

If you have any questions you can email Mr. Thomas directly at:

Very cool, thanks, Mr. Thomas and Bonafide Bice for this information about the book.
Much Love.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bo Bice Posted by Picasa

BO PEEPS by (Cheryl Eddy)

Here are exerpts from Cheryl Eddy's article in the San Francisco Bay Guardian:

""Disappointingly, The Real Thing doesn't really rock all that much. That's not to say it sucks. It's just slicker and more studio-ified than expected. There are big names involved, of course: Clive Davis, Nickelback's Chad Kroeger (shudder), ex-Evanescence member Ben Moody, Richie Sambora, and Max Martin (the pop knob-twiddler who helped facilitate the rise of the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, and Britney Spears). The whole album has a climate-controlled, expensive-sounding feel – no organic ingredients here, just a bunch of lushly produced, written-by-committee songs with lyrics like, "When push comes to shove, it's never enough."

But even in safe mode, Bice is in fine voice throughout. He's a genuinely strong singer (I'd take Bice over Kroeger, or that clown from Creed, any day of the week) who's not afraid to let a Jesus Christ Superstar moment happen. Too bad The Real Thing is lacking the elements that made him so much fun to watch on Idol – no funk, no Black Crowes-ish blues, no Southern-fried anything, and just a smidge of gospel in "Valley of Angels" (one of two songs cowritten by Bice). A live album, or at least a track or two recorded with a real band, would have left more of an impression than the sum total of The Real Thing's mushy parts. Still, it's a decent enough effort from Idol's second-favorite runner-up. Honestly, no shame here. And chances are it won't make your ears bleed like that Clay Aiken album did."" (Cheryl Eddy)

One thing is for certain, "The Real Thing" is getting it's FAIR SHARE of coverage for Bo Bice. It has been reviewed by everyone who cares to voice an opinion about it and by almost every magazine and paper in the nation with an entertainment section. Reviews have ranged from "it so sux" type declarations to this type of piece. Another interesting part to this is that the CD was released a month ago and still we are reading more and new reviews.

An encouraging thought for Bo Bice and his fans to ponder; TRL seemingly has received more hype and comments than almost any other recent release currently on the music market. This states the obvious; Biceman, you have the attention of the public, you have the hearts of your fans, and the critics, right or wrong, realize you are a 'hot topic' to write about. TRL is catching The Real Buzz.

'Jesus may be taking the Wheel' (Carrie Underwood) but "The Real Thing" is taking it to the "streets".

Much Love.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Bo Bice's CD hits "Real Gold"

Bo Bice's much talked about CD "The Real Thing" hits GOLD!
Bo Bice Proves He's The Real Thing on "CMT In The Moment".
Much Love.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Birmingham News

Mr. Colurso responded back to my e.mail to her and clarifies her stand and statement about the Bo Bice CD, "The Real Thing". She doesn't mean for folks not to buy the CD, she simply thinks his next endeavor will be superior to this one.

Jewels, glad to hear you aren't a "squee" type. (I love that expression, which is new to me.) I think it's interesting that some of Bo's fans have taken me to task for recommending that people shelve the CD and wait for the next one. They're angry (in part) because they're not looking closely at the verb I used. How can you "shelve" something you don't own? Hmmmm.


Mary Colurso
The Birmingham News

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Birmingham News; Mary Colurso's article

Ms. Colurso's latest article on Bo Bice featured comments posted to her e.mail following the previous article where she said, "Our advice to consumers: Shelve "The Real Thing" and cross your fingers for the second Bo Bice recording."

It was kind, and a fair gesture to print the comments from fans rallying behind Bice and his new CD. I can appreciate how she and other critics may have experienced some disappointment over "The Real Thing", but give it another listen or two, Ms. Colurso and you may change your tune.

Granted I was also skeptical; the title for one threw me a little as there as so many other CD's that have been put out with similar names and titles that as well as the unfortuneate Coca Cola references available. But further listening to the CD, I realize his naming the CD "The Real Thing" has to do with how his love for music is 'the real thing' for him, the love of his wife and family, is 'the real thing' for him. He is not proclaiming himself as "The Real Thing" at all. It is not about him but about what matters most to him. Subtle difference in interpretation.

My comments to Mary Colurso:
I think it brave of you to post some of the comments regarding Bo Bice's new
CD "The Real Thing". I agree with those who protest that it appeared many
critics had expectations that Bice was anticipated to bring "a second coming
of '70's rock"....

The sound on this CD is not "Whipping Post" type material, but many of the
songs are radio ready and potential hit material. Considering the majority
of the material on the stations today, they hold up much better than most of
the songs heard being touted as top tunes.

Bo's voice and sound sails through all of the tracks, even while riding the
undercurrents on the overproduced numbers.

It was condemning of you to recommend folks to not buy the CD, it is Bice's
first 'vehicle' into the commercial industry and really a much better
offering than it is being given credit. Granted if Bice had full run of the
CD it may have turned out differently.

I am not one of the fanatical fans that would "squee" (new word I have
discovered on his fan-sites) over anything he would put out, and I have been
called out by Bicesquadders and Bo Peeps on several articles I have written
about Bo when I have not glossed over everything about him. But I am a big
fan just the same.

I always enjoy your articles.

I recommend the CD, The Real Thing, especially the DUAL DISC.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Jimmy Kimmel Re-Scheduled

January 16.Book Tickets

Too late for me to think about it again. After making arrangements for Bo's first appearance that had to be cancelled due to his illness, I can't commit to another attempt to see him LIVE.

For those who have the $$ and the TIME, happy trails. I will just wallow in my sadness at not being able to see him on the Kimmel set. Being a Mom and all, it is difficult to make the arrangements to go...just glad that you're feeling better Biceman and able to reschedule!

I'll just have to be content to sit in my 'jammies and watch on TV.

How I love and adore Jimmy Kimmel (from the Man Show) and...

How I'd love to be there 'bubba' just to hug your neck.

Much Love.

TV Guide

This is from the January 9-15 issue of TV Guide.
Bo's Rocky Road

EXCLUSIVE! The stress of post-idol success triggers Bo Bice's health crisis.
In the pivotal moment of his budding career, American Idol's Bo Bice has been forced to put his career on ice. The reality-show runner-up should be celebrating the release of his debut CD, The Real Thing (with impressive first-week sales of 227,000, it placed fourth in Billboard's Top 200), and the premiere of a CMT special about his first taste of stardom, In the Moment: Bo Bice.But the Alabama native is back in his new hometown of Nashville after a sudden illness last month in Las Vegas forced him cancel appearances on The 2005 Radio Music Awards and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Bice is undergoing tests to discover why he's still suffering stomach problems despite surgery last August to repair what he describes as "a kink" in his intestines.
"He was having trouble eating," says In the Moment exec producer George Moll, whose crew followed Bice from the time Idol's tour began last summer until early December. "When we looked at the daily rushes, you could see that he was really struggling. And very, very thin."
According to his rep, RCA's Roger Widynowski, Bice is taking at least three weeks off before shooting a new video (a new tour to promote his album is also in the works). But the people around the 30-year-old are worried. "As a musician, you've got to strike it when it's hot," says pastor Donny Acton, a close friend and leader of Birmingham's New Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church. "But he's not superhuman. He's got to get some rest." In the best of circumstances, Idol's rocket launch to stardom requires extraordinary stamina. And Bice has needed to deal with other significant events. He married his longtime sweetheart, Caroline Fisher, on June 15, shortly after the show's finale. He broke his foot on stage in New Hampshire on July 31, then had major intestinal surgery on August 18. He and his wife welcomed their first child, Aidan, on September 24.
Moll, a veteran record industry observer who created VH1's Behind the Music, believes the stress that triggered Bice's current health crisis didn't start until the singer realized he could no longer control his career. The job requires him to be constantly on the road, separated from his family and his longtime band, and recording songs that (with a few exceptions) are not his own.
From all accounts, Bice has taken the hardships in stride. But even he admitted in an interview in October that he's had trouble rolling with all the changes. "If I've learned anything in the past year, it's to let go of a lot of things," he said. "I'm kind of a control freak when it comes to my business. But you can't control everything all the time."

This is very true, Bo, you cannot control everything all the time, and learning to let go is a great lesson for all of us to learn. Success brings sacrifice and change, but success is something you are meant to achieve. The best advice I could provide is to let it happen; focus on what you love doing and let the rest go. You are not Superman, in the sense of being of supernatural power or strength, but in the sense of having something incredible to share that is unique, powerful and needed in the music world now.

Hang in there,
Much love.; Bo's next appearance, CMT January 13

A 'date' with Bo scheduled on CMT, January the 13th. This show won't be cancelled due to any last minute problems that could be encountered as it has been taped previously.

This link takes you to the site. You are encouraged to join the fan club (a fee to join is involved) which will give you 'perks' such as new photos of Bo and videos only for the members of the fan club. Many of the gals and guys you know from the other forums are regulars.

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