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Thursday, January 12, 2006

BO PEEPS by (Cheryl Eddy)

Here are exerpts from Cheryl Eddy's article in the San Francisco Bay Guardian:

""Disappointingly, The Real Thing doesn't really rock all that much. That's not to say it sucks. It's just slicker and more studio-ified than expected. There are big names involved, of course: Clive Davis, Nickelback's Chad Kroeger (shudder), ex-Evanescence member Ben Moody, Richie Sambora, and Max Martin (the pop knob-twiddler who helped facilitate the rise of the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, and Britney Spears). The whole album has a climate-controlled, expensive-sounding feel – no organic ingredients here, just a bunch of lushly produced, written-by-committee songs with lyrics like, "When push comes to shove, it's never enough."

But even in safe mode, Bice is in fine voice throughout. He's a genuinely strong singer (I'd take Bice over Kroeger, or that clown from Creed, any day of the week) who's not afraid to let a Jesus Christ Superstar moment happen. Too bad The Real Thing is lacking the elements that made him so much fun to watch on Idol – no funk, no Black Crowes-ish blues, no Southern-fried anything, and just a smidge of gospel in "Valley of Angels" (one of two songs cowritten by Bice). A live album, or at least a track or two recorded with a real band, would have left more of an impression than the sum total of The Real Thing's mushy parts. Still, it's a decent enough effort from Idol's second-favorite runner-up. Honestly, no shame here. And chances are it won't make your ears bleed like that Clay Aiken album did."" (Cheryl Eddy)

One thing is for certain, "The Real Thing" is getting it's FAIR SHARE of coverage for Bo Bice. It has been reviewed by everyone who cares to voice an opinion about it and by almost every magazine and paper in the nation with an entertainment section. Reviews have ranged from "it so sux" type declarations to this type of piece. Another interesting part to this is that the CD was released a month ago and still we are reading more and new reviews.

An encouraging thought for Bo Bice and his fans to ponder; TRL seemingly has received more hype and comments than almost any other recent release currently on the music market. This states the obvious; Biceman, you have the attention of the public, you have the hearts of your fans, and the critics, right or wrong, realize you are a 'hot topic' to write about. TRL is catching The Real Buzz.

'Jesus may be taking the Wheel' (Carrie Underwood) but "The Real Thing" is taking it to the "streets".

Much Love.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I watched the american idol show 2005 today. i know, a bit behind, but i'm in cornwall, england - just a bit behind!!!!!

just wanted to say how amazing i thought bo was. a genuine performer, no airs or graces, a guy who didn't compromise his style vocally or visually. hopefully we'll get to hear about him in england. it'll make a change from the same old same old!! good luck bo!!!!!!!

love 'n stuff


January 15, 2006  

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