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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Birmingham News; Mary Colurso's article

Ms. Colurso's latest article on Bo Bice featured comments posted to her e.mail following the previous article where she said, "Our advice to consumers: Shelve "The Real Thing" and cross your fingers for the second Bo Bice recording."

It was kind, and a fair gesture to print the comments from fans rallying behind Bice and his new CD. I can appreciate how she and other critics may have experienced some disappointment over "The Real Thing", but give it another listen or two, Ms. Colurso and you may change your tune.

Granted I was also skeptical; the title for one threw me a little as there as so many other CD's that have been put out with similar names and titles that as well as the unfortuneate Coca Cola references available. But further listening to the CD, I realize his naming the CD "The Real Thing" has to do with how his love for music is 'the real thing' for him, the love of his wife and family, is 'the real thing' for him. He is not proclaiming himself as "The Real Thing" at all. It is not about him but about what matters most to him. Subtle difference in interpretation.

My comments to Mary Colurso:
I think it brave of you to post some of the comments regarding Bo Bice's new
CD "The Real Thing". I agree with those who protest that it appeared many
critics had expectations that Bice was anticipated to bring "a second coming
of '70's rock"....

The sound on this CD is not "Whipping Post" type material, but many of the
songs are radio ready and potential hit material. Considering the majority
of the material on the stations today, they hold up much better than most of
the songs heard being touted as top tunes.

Bo's voice and sound sails through all of the tracks, even while riding the
undercurrents on the overproduced numbers.

It was condemning of you to recommend folks to not buy the CD, it is Bice's
first 'vehicle' into the commercial industry and really a much better
offering than it is being given credit. Granted if Bice had full run of the
CD it may have turned out differently.

I am not one of the fanatical fans that would "squee" (new word I have
discovered on his fan-sites) over anything he would put out, and I have been
called out by Bicesquadders and Bo Peeps on several articles I have written
about Bo when I have not glossed over everything about him. But I am a big
fan just the same.

I always enjoy your articles.

I recommend the CD, The Real Thing, especially the DUAL DISC.


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