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Friday, December 16, 2005

The Early Show

The Biceman shared with us this morning that not only can he belt out some sexed up Christmas tunes, he also loves to cook. I'll bet his breakfast in bed achieves a 5-Star rating. Waffles ala Bice with HOT syrup and melted butter... And yeah, while we're talking about it, how about some of that Lasagne-a-la-Bice?

Caroline, sweetheart, you're killing me.

Bo Bice ROCKED "Merry Christmas Baby" this mornin'! He started out with the tune "Valley of Angels" then merged into "Merry Christmas Baby". I was put in mind of The King, how he rocked Yule Tide tunes (yes, another Elvis comparison); well The Biceman need never be shy about "rocking him some" Christmas tunes...

I'm gonna be "Merry Christmas"-baby-ing, allll day looonnnngg.

(WHEEW, Bubba!)

Much Love,
AND Merry Christmas Baby>


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