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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

"The Real Thing" sampler pack (so to speak)

Thank you "ThreeDimen" off my favorite outside site, "Bona Fide Bice". Here is a little piece of nice writing(again):
(from ThreeDimen) "Now, you all know I love to snark on one Mr. Bo Bice.

But when I say I snark because I love, I mean that quite literally.

I don’t love him in the typical squeeing fangirl kind of way, although he is a fine looking man. But believe me, Mr. ThreeDimen has nothing to worry about, and Caroline Bice even less so. If you’ll indulge me a little, I’d like to explain what this love looks like.
When I was in school, music was a huge part of my life. But since then, not so much. I had pretty much stopped listening without ever knowing why. But I still enjoyed American Idol, and when I saw Bo I really enjoyed it. I was wowed by Whipping Post, and finally drank the Kool-Aid when I heard Vehicle. I found Papillon online, and starting listening to it.
I listened to it a lot.
One day as I listened (yet again) to Papillon, suddenly Bo’s voice had led me into another place, and I was standing on the rocking deck of a ship at night, with stars overhead and salt in the air. There I watched Papillon in a place he didn’t want to be, and all around me was the sound and the stars and the music and the rocking deck and the voice.
And then something else happened. Listening to that song and that voice, I realized it had been years since I had felt that way about music. I sing a little, and I think I had spent the last decade listening to vocals — good or bad — and arrangements and instruments, but not to the Music. But there was the Music again, rushing back to me in Papillon. And I cried then, sad because of all those lost years, and joyous because music had found its way home to me.
So when I listened to this clip of Valley of Angels, that’s why I burst into tears. Because while I really like the rest of the songs off The Real Thing that I’ve heard, that’s the voice — that’s the sound — that gave music back to me. That’s the voice that accompanied me this fall on long drives up and down I-5 to visit my dying father, when grief was threatening to swallow me whole. And when that voice that’s brought me joy and comfort sings about being surrounded by God’s faith and glory, and finally finding peace there? He’s telling my story too.
And that’s why I can love a man I’ve never met and never will meet, because he gave something real and precious and wonderful back to me.
And that’s why I’m still crying.
Godspeed, Bo Bice."
("ThreeDimen" ends her piece.)

I believe I have found a Bo-soulmate.

Much Love.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cried when I read your post! Yes, it is all about THE VOICE! As a 60 year old lover of rock n roll, when I first hear Bo in Idol, I actually LISTENED for the first time in years. And now i cannot get enough of that VOICE. he's a young Joe Cocker! He's much more than that, too. I wish he'd re-do every good rock song from the 50s on - I know he can sign anything, and do it in a fresh, new way.

January 06, 2006  

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