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Friday, December 16, 2005

Bo Bice:day 3 after release...

"Next week, expect American Idol runner-up Bo Bice's rock debut, Real Thing, to crack the Top Ten. The Alabama native's first effort features collaborations with Nickelback's Chad Kroeger, Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora and hit songwriter John Shanks."
Rolling Stone Magazine

Currently Bo Bice's new CD is cruising at Number 26 in sales at

Barnes & Nobles has him listed at Number 23, in sales.

Under the "What's New" under B&N, Bice's CD pops up first ...under "Pop". Well better than nothing, but "Pop" I guess it'll have to be for now.

Bice needs radio time and I haven't been hearing it; requests to local stations have been falling on deaf ears but will try further...

I have e.mailed The Bone radio station; why can't we hear The Biceman on the radio anyplace here in Dallas (except for my CD player, that is)?

Anyone willing to contact The Bone to back me up click the link. You'll have to become "a bonehead" but hey, aren't we all sometime anyway? It is probably one of the biggest ROCK radio stations in Dallas. I don't see "Classic Rock" giving him airtime as all they seem to fixate on are the same 40 old tunes over and over again. Then there are some alternative stations, but they stick to their genre' and Bo doesn't meld into that category. Then there are the rap stations, and well, we don't even need to think about that; or maybe we do it could be a non-humerous kind of way.

It is unfortuneate to me that Dallas radio just "ain't what it used to be" but I'll save that topic for another day and another rant.

Come on The Bone! Humor me; tickle My funny Bone, play some of "The Real Thing".

Much Love>


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