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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Bo Bice: A Very Special "Moment"

In the CMT "In The Moment with Bo Bice", special that started last night and will continue for several more airings (check CMT link on this site for more information), fans and interested parties are able to witness intimate moments in the life and times of Bo, Caroline, Bo's bandmates and 'brothers' of SugarMoney. The CMT camera followed Bo and Caroline through hospital and doctor visits, some involving Caroline's sonograms, others tracking Bo's health issues concerning his internal life-threatening illness.

I was mesmerized by Bo's ability to handle the camera crew and all the turmoil with ease and grace. He is a 'cat' comfortable in his own skin. Caroline provides viewers with the reasons he has chosen her as his wife and life-mate; she is gracious and strong and wise; shouldering the family day-to-day affairs including a move across states, while being very pregnant and having a very sick husband, I have much respect for her.

It seemed too short a visit with them, "In The Moment" with Bo Bice was moving, real, and provides a family home video feel.

Bo Bice is as I always have known Bo to be; considerate, kind, gentle, funny and passionate about all and everyone important to him. Now I have added insight into the relationship between Bo and his band, SugarMoney, which until this "Moment" I did not realize the depth between these guys.

I know Bice's CD "The Real Thing" has garnered its share of criticisms, but I for one, like it. I know Bo is proud of it. (which is one reason I like it) The fact the execs at RCA allowed a dual disc speaks out volumes regarding their regard for Bo and his talent.

During the "Moment" special, at one point one of the recording guys in the studio (I'm not naming names here) asked for the cameras to go away; Bo was asking for his 'honest opinion' about a song that Bo was requesting to be "tweaked" and included on the CD and he obviously did not want to be honest in front of the cameras (out of respect for Bo and his feelings, I am sure). Guessing from the response from Bo and bandmates following the conversation, the honesty imparted was not what the guys wanted to hear. Bo was depressed and disappointed.

Time will tell what will happen in the story of Bo Bice and SugarMoney, but at this "Moment", I know their story has just begun.

Much Love.>


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