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Monday, April 24, 2006

Bo Bice and Constantine first to re-direct Idol

In an article by MTV:

"Chris Daughtry and Taylor Hicks have been favorites for so long this "American Idol" season, it's easy to forget that for its first three years, the show was a pop and R&B competition."

"I told Bo that he is the reason that I auditioned," Daughtry said. "I always thought that it was a little cheesy and it was real pop-oriented and I didn't think that I would be able to be myself, but when I saw him, he came out here and did his rock thing and everybody accepted it and he got very far. I thought, 'You know what? There is nothing stopping me from doing it.' "

"Bo opened up a lot of doors for a lot of people," added Bucky Covington, an eliminated rocker finalist. "I think he did the show a lot of good by coming on. He did a heck of a job, and so far with his career he's doing a fine job ... and I thank him very much for it."

It's true that The Biceman provided the show with its first positive change in direction. The pop-tart phase would have gotten very old, shortening the ride of American Idol. He also gave encouragement to Daughtry, Covington and Taylor "The Soulman" Hicks to give it a shot - get the exposure these talented guys needed to move their careers in music to a better level. I think he has been also inspiring in the way he has handled himself since the show. I personally love his CD, "The Real Thing", and the video he has released is artistically pretty well-made.

I haven't put out my 2 cents here, I am certain the whole story is not told, but, in the heat of the discovery, I did go give BonaFide my personal lack of humor about the latest Bo Bice News the other night (the bar scrap incident).

I am/was pretty concerned about Bo, he is not a violent person by nature, normally, but I can bet there are quite a few folks 'out there' who may be have had 'one too many' and thought they were "10 feet tall and Bullet Proof". SO...keeping that in mind... (The Biceman is Not a Saint anymore than he is Superman. He is a man though, and well I know how real men can be...)

Anyway what I have recently been informed that there is More to this story...Now, Bo if you're attacked by someone else, you have every right to defend yourself, but just a reminder dear Bo you weren't wearing your Superman shirt that night, either...I was worried you could get hurt. Man, maybe you need to start packing some 'muscle' to watch your back baby.

Will report back for the posterity of the Bo Bice Story Blog other news as develpos on this rockin' sockin' topic.

Much Love!

Monday, April 17, 2006

MAD about MAD TV

My daughter, Daphne, my 7 year old was mighty upset this past Saturday night. She had seen advertised that Bo Bice was going to be on Mad TV. I tried to tell her that he wasn't but - well what do I know? Normally I don't let her watch this show, too much of the content too risque' for her age group, but to prove a point, she got to see at least parts of this show.

In the opening segment viewers immediately were entertained by being brought into the parody/spoof on Bo Bice. Of course, Daphne had to exclaim, "Momma, that guy so wants to be Bo Bice and he just can't sing!" She added, "Bo will pop out in just a minute and be all laughing about this other guy trying to be like him. Bo Is so funny, he is probably in the back laughing too hard to come out!" I sat quietly working on an article. The skit was over and no real Bo appeared.

She struggled so hard to stay awake it was cute yet sad; her head would do that sort of jerk you do when you're falling a sleep sitting up. Finally I got her lay down on the sofa, and predictably she went out like a light. Taking her to bed later, she sleepily asked me, "What happened to Bo and why wouldn't those people on the show let him come out?" You see, I still know nothing about anything.

Waiting to see the video of the skit. It was very funny and man, Bice, what a great compliment, bubba!

It was a busy night, though, as the next American Idol, Taylor Hicks was being spoofed on Saturday Night Live. I do have the video of that on my Hicks site, but hey, it's all over the net now any- Wooo.

Much Love.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Bo Bice Beats Grey's Anatomy, McDreamy

Skateboarder Lasek Wins LB Pro/Celebrity Race
Written by: Cassio Cortes
Long Beach, Calif. – 4/8/2006
Pro skateboarder and occasional shifter karter Bucky Lasek backed up his dominant pole position conquered on Friday to comfortably win the 2006 edition of the Toyota Pro/Celebrity race at Long Beach.
The 10-lap event ended under yellow after a heavy Turn 1 crash by Toyota dealer Tom Rudnai, who ran over the tire barriers after overshooting the corner and ended up being hit by actor Antonio Sabato Jr., then running second to Lasek.
Former NFL star John Elway and tennis legend Martina Navratilova completed the podium.
"I always like to drive fast on the street and always thought I could drive, and today sort of proved it," said the 18-time Grand Slam winner, who has attended two racing schools as a hobby - "but that was 20 years ago," she outlined.
"It's really exciting to have girls like Katherine Legge here," she added. "Today I held my own - definitely there's space for women in this sport."
NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series regular Todd Bodine finished fourth overall, winning the battle among the Pro driver, which are pegged with a 30-second deficit at the start. Actor and Grand-Am Cup racer Patrick Dempsey, who competed as a pro, was second among the professional drivers and sixth overall, behind singer Bo Bice.

Serious Go! Bo! What is going on in this race? Dempsy/McDreamy has been racing in the pro division loses out to Bo Bice, a never before racing car contestant? Well, my 'brother' we have discovered yet another talent that you possess!

(I know the Biceman was on top of the world getting to play Race car driver, he is an avid fan of Nascar. Fantastic fun for him, and well, he only wrecked maybe 2 cars in the process!

There is no end to this man's abilities...
Much Love.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Bo Bice signs with Buddy Lee Productions

The Biceman has new and improved representation!!!

(19E(vil), been kicked to the curb?)

RCA Recording Artist BO BICE has signed with prestigious national booking agency Buddy Lee Attractions, Inc. for exclusive representation.
The platinum-selling artist is currently on tour in support of his debut album and the hit single, “The Real Thing” which is currently in the top 5 on MTV’s TRL and screaming up the charts at radio!

“We are thrilled to announce the addition of such a talented young man,” says Responsible Agent Joey Lee. “Millions have seen first hand his incredibly dynamic performance through American Idol, and we hope to continue that task by putting Bo in front of many, many more.”

(You go "Bubba", great things are in store.)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bo Bice Appearances- may be in a venue near you!!!

Steamboat, Colorado event winds down today, Bo Bice performed an acoustic show met with great fan reviews. Here is the song listing:

Changing for the Better - Bo's*Sundown
Pink Houses
Cinnamon and Novocain - Bo's
Valley of Angels - cowritten by Bo
A song I did not recognize - maybe one of our readers can fill us in
American Woman - always a favorite
Whole Lotta Love - who would have thought that could sound so good done acoustically? Even on a cellcert, Bo sounded amazing on that! Wow! I would not have picked that as a choice for Bo to do acoustically, but I will pick it from now on!
Sinner in a Sin - Bo's
a song, not familian with; dedicated to his friend "Jim"
Whiskey, Women and Time - Bo's
(* indicate songs written by him.)

From the RCA site: Bo Goes to New York
03.31.06 - Attention New York Area Bo Bice fans!!!
- Bo Bice will be performing this Tuesday April 4, 2006 on MTV's TRL !!! The show begins at 3:30pm EST.
- Bo will also be stopping by the "Daily Download" show on Fuse for an interview from 5-6pm EST.
We want you, the fans, to come out and show your support outside of both MTV's TRL studios and the FUSE studio! MTV's address is 1515 Broadway between 44th and 45th Street in Manhattan. You should arrive by 3pm. The Fuse studio is 11 Penn Plaza in Manhattan, across the street from Penn Station / Madison Square Garden.
Exciting contest news !! Bo will be peeking outside from both studio windows and picking his favorite signs.....a few lucky winners will get a chance to meet Bo after each show.

also download news:03.29.06 - Exclusive Bo Bice songs on Now!
Beginning today March 28, 2006, you can purchase Bo's current hit single "The Real Thing" for 88 cents and receive a free un-released Bo Bice download.Ý Here's the fun part!Ý Every two weeks, a brand new un-released Bo track will be posted for free download with purchase of "The Real Thing." Each track was written by Bo, performed by his band Sugar Money, and was produced by Bo & Cinderella frontman Tom Keifer.
April 20-23
May 5
May 20th
May 28th
June 13 - 18

(Bo, finalize those details for Bessemer - I'll be in Tuscaloosa then.)

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