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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Steamboat Days, lack of Steam

One of the best songs on Bo Bice's album, "The Real Thing", UMMB goes up for radio this week.

BonafideBice forum member 'monicalovesbo' has created a complete list of all the radio stations that played TRT and you can find the entire list on their forum. (Go check them out - best Bo Bice forum on the net and the ladies are completely devoted to BO.

I'm posting this list right off their blog page as they so graciously invite one and all to do. Included in a link to their devoted Bo Bice site.
Meantime, here are the stations that have already played UMMB at least twice according to Mediabase. Contact them and tell them that you loved it and want to hear more.

WQEN-FM Birmingham
Local Request Line: 205.741.1037
Online Request: (put ONLINE REQUEST as subject)

WKSS-FM Hartford
Request online:

WKRZ-FM Wilkes-Barre
Request Line: 1-800-222-0985
to write and request to a DJ go here and scroll down:

WAEB-FM Allentown
Request Line: 610-720-1041 / Request Fax: 610-434-3808
Click on On Air and email the Djs:

Thank you BonaFide Bice.

Bo needs all the assistance he can get as his numbers are in the downswing somewhat and reviews mixed on his appearances. Bice's last gig was at Steamboat Days. In this article in The Hawk Newspaper

The first omen was the nearly empty motorcycle parking area outside the Steamboat Days waterfront.
The next was the half–full general admission seating.
And the VIP section looked like the bird flu had hit it hard.
The huge crowd anticipated for Bo Bice never showed up.

In this article by Mr. Saar, he says that Bice is no Gregg Allman, and "Whipping Post," Bice's breakthrough cover on "American Idol," (sadly) did not stir the meager crowd. Mr. Saar writes what I had written about before on Bo,

One unfortunate facet of the fleeting fame that television has granted Bice is that he has no recognizable material of his own, and his set was filled with cover songs.
If you want to stay on top in rock, you have to have your own signature songs. Bice has none. It takes radio exposure, not television, to build up that kind of identity.

Now Bo does have some of his own songs, but for some reason just doesn't highlight them in his act. I would think too, that perhaps he and the guys in S$ would have been working on some new material since the Idol days. Well I know too well how a busy life can interrupt creative endeavors. I deal with that everyday. The guys are certainly busy with playing gigs almost back to back. Bo has a gruelling schedule. I have to hand it to his wife, Caroline for hanging in there, baby Aiden in tow, rolling from town to town in that tour bus. Check out the calendar posted in BonaFide Bice.

Bonafide Bice's coverage angled the low turn out to the fact that maybe the crowd were expecting country acts, but with the inclusion of STYX and POISON, I don't think low turn out for Bice can be attributed to that supposition.

Of course, you can't win them all...Mr. Saar does add that he thought it unfortunate Bice's turnout was so low, and expresses himself in a way that identify him as a fan. Apparently the low turn out did not affect Bice's delivering a strong performance, the show went on.

Much Love.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

West Coast Reviews; Bice Draws 1,500 to 5,000?

Bo Bice's appearance in San Joaquin Valley Fair drew in crowds in the neighborhood of 5,000, according to the title link; but importantly he also made one little girl's 8th birthday one she won't forget. It' s good to have peeps in influential places (radio station). Click the link to read Ms.Winkelman's article.

Bo Bice winning fans one little gal at a time. ;)

In this piece by Michael Sudhalter, with, crowd was more like 1,500. Was it determinate on the angle one sat at to view the crowd? Beer? Both?

Anyway both reviewers give Bice kudos, with Mr. Sudhalter saying,
"While he's still developing as an artist with regards to new material, few performers in their 30s can deliver the essence of Southern rock as well as Bice.

That was especially evident when he tackled a pair of Lynyrd Skynyrd classics to close the show. Bice sang "Sweet Home Alabama" and offered an extended, guitar-solo version of "Free Bird" as the audience sang, clapped and danced along."

Mr. Sudhalter also mentioned the new single Bo (I picked this one out loooong ago) is releasing although he misspelled it. It's "U Make Me Better", although I too would have preferred "You Make Me Better". More real less kitshce. Wasn't Bo's choice though, no - Mr.Clive trying to hip jive. (U crazy ol' music promoting wundermeister.)

Bice gave a tip to his blushing bride Caroline when introducing this song. It was their first year anniversary recently. Bo, ever the romantic.

Much Love.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bo Bice going Coastal

From Syracuse, New York, to Stockton, CA, Bo Bice shows 'have guitar, will travel'.

The Biceman is garnering praise and faves from the attendees of his recent concerts and is proving once and for all he is the real deal when it comes to that great ol' Southern rock sound.

One of his next and most well-known venues to perform at, the Trump Towers' Taj Mahal. Mr. Trump saw to it that Bice was booked for this show right after season 4's American Idol, and now, at last, what originally seemed so far in the future, will come to fruition. Bice's Southern Rock Idols, Lynyrd Skynyrd will be with him, so should make for a night to remember for Bo as well as the fortunate attendees of this show.

Bo Bice has come a long way over the past year, overcoming and conquering numerous hurdles, trials and tribulations. The Biceman has demonstrated he has grit, and now the world is getting to witness his real talents.

Much Love.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bo Bice Donates to help Apple turn Black

Bo Bice recently was approached to aide a floundering charter school in Lakeside, Florida. His schedule doesn't permit him to donate his time but he has donated t-shirts and CD's to the school to aide them in emerging from $80K in the red to surfacing in the black on their financial records.

In an article I read today by Julia Crouse with The

(Published Sunday, June 11, 2006)

Parents Seek Star To Polish the Apple
Group trying to schedule lastminute concert to save charter school.

By Julia Crouse
The Ledger


>>>"LAKELAND (Florida, near Tampa)-- Parents are pinning their hopes on a benefit rock concert to save the Apple School from closing.
So far, no big-name acts have been booked, the venue isn't secured and tickets haven't been printed. But the concert is set for June 25. The charter school's charter ends five days later on June 30.
Apple's supporters are buoyed by hope and a profound desire to keep the school open.
If the parents can come up with $80,000, there's a chance the charter school won't have to close, said Lea Williams, whose eighth-grade son attends the school.<<<

"Until the (closure) is a done deal, we've still got hope," she said.

The school has been open for a decade and was the first charter school in the county - it is a school dedicated to helping kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder.

Whether the board decides to actually close the school may not depend just on possibly obtaining the $80K, it may take more persuasion. These parents wanting to maintain the school, though, have high hopes. The school has done much to improve their children's educational needs in meeting certain criteria necessary for kiddoes who struggle with ADD and ADHD. Being someone who can personally identify with this issue, I know how challenging it can be functioning in the world with this condition. When I was a kid in school (in the dark ages) these disorders were not yet identified - there were not specialized educational programs to assist anyone afflicted with them. Many kids fell through the cracks of the educational system because of their frustrations in learning challenges. I just thought I was stupid. ;)

more from Ms. Crouse:

"Williams said she's confident that, if successful, the fundraising efforts will convince the board to have an emergency meeting before June 30 and keep the school open."
"Williams and a group of parents are working with William J. "Bull" Robinson, of County Line Road Records in Lakeland, to put on the concert.
Robinson said he's worked on fundraisers before but never of this magnitude or with such short deadlines.
He decided to put together the concert after Bay News 9, a partner of The Ledger, ran a story about the school's closure. Robinson said it brought tears to his eyes.
"I don't think it took more than a minute to decide that . . . we had to help them out," he said."

Musicians who have been contacted to date; Garth Brooks, Keith Anderson and the Bellamy Brothers. Bo Bice, of American Idol fame, can't attend but is donating CDs and T-shirts to sell. Local bands are set to perform.
Robinson has narrowed the venue choices to Cypress Gardens, the Lakeland Center or Tiger Town. Ticket prices are said to be around $20 per person, depending on who performs. She hopes to attract at least 2,000 people. Robinson said he hopes to make the fundraiser an annual event.

"If the school closes, it can't be from lack of trying," Williams said.

Reminds me of the story of "The Little Engine That Could". At least Bice has donated products for the school to sell with all proceeds going to the school. No word if any other invitees have responded. I am proud of Bo for his generosity. He is in concert June 24th in W. Virginia and then in Tampa the 27th. Travel time, etc.. there is no way he could make this date.

Julia Crouse can be reached at or 863-802-7536

I"ve put out word on-line to any Soul Patrollers about this as well on my other blog. Would be for such a great cause if Taylor Hicks had time to show up for a few songs.

I'll be rooting for this school's success.

Anyone thinking about travelling to see Bice in Tampa - take time to check out the world famous Salvadore Dali Museum in beautiful St. Petersburg (sister city to Tampa). It is amazing and located on the docks; great little cafe for lunch. St. Petersburg is scenic and fabulous for shopping.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bo's back; I'm back, Mary's back. Back in Alabama.

Not only am I returning to write about Bo Bice, but MARY COLURSO is also back writing about him. He's touring in ALabama right now with a gig at Alabama Adventure Park in Bessemer, AL.
In the article, Ms. Colurso writes, "Now the sparkle is back in his eyes; a tinge of pink has returned to his cheeks. His ripped jeans actually fit well, instead of hanging loosely.
Bice seems like a content man as he bounces Aidan on his knee, with Caroline close by his side. Fact is, Bice says, holding his blue-eyed son keeps him from worrying about his career path - or how much he can control it."

I noticed when I saw him on the latest late night teevee show that he is looking much better, his face has lost that skeltor pallor he had for quite some time. I'm very happy for him and his family that he is doing so much better.

He has been speaking more of beginning a new CD within the next year, but has not been able to focus on anything substantial due to his very booked and hectic touring schedule. If you stop by Bonafide the Still-One-True-and-Updated-Bo-Bice-Site (and it's free) you can see his listing of tour dates. The man is Very Busy. He has been talking about the next CD having more of the sound of his own three tracks cut on the Dual Disc, "Cinnamon & Novacaine", "Sinner In A Sin", and "Whiskey, Women & Time", a rocking country-influenced sound. You know, like what he really is thing Bice adds to Ms. Colurso in a statement, "I hope he'll (Mr. Davis) allow me to season the album with more of me."

I would imagine with lessons learned this season on American Idol, and the criticisms hammered upon Bo's first CD, "The Real Thing", by all the rock and roll type music critics, that Mr. Davis will not pop-rock out Bo again and go with what the man does best.

Bo Bice, being healthier now than during the time frame the first CD was waxed should have more fighting strength to leverage his own sound and music over Clive's over-production tendencies. When the time comes down, Biceman, let me know if you need that Superman shirt back... you, know in the event you need to SuperBice the Cliveman.

Much Love.

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