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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Chattanooga Review by an Attendee to Bo Bice and Sugar Money

Posted 03/29/2006

Hi - I did catch the show at Fathom last Friday night and Bo blew the roof off the place. His band, SugarMoney was great! Seeing him perform live is something you do not want to miss - he was a great performer on tv - but his live show is just off the hook! If you ever get a chance to go to one of his shows don't pass it up!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

In concert, Chatanooga, TN Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 24, 2006

So Nice; Bo Bice

Read 'lenslinger's' blog about meeting Bo Bice. He says basically the same thing that all the other folks do that have met Bice. Bo Bice lets the 'love' shine through.

I read through lenslinger's blogspot, check him out, he has some great articles. Too bad no interview on Taylor Hicks...yet.

Much Love.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Bo Bice Now, and the AI5 Appearance

Bo Bice recently performed the first single off of his CD, "The Real Thing", song of the same title. Bice was performing with a touch of a cold, which showed in the lowering of parts of the song a few octaves and a slight hoarseness. He was, though, great fun to watch as always. He looks good, regaining some of the weight he lost during his life-threatening illness and surgery experienced last year.

Some fans and critics of Bice have accused him of not staying with his brand of music; a true talent like Bo doesn't need to stay within one genre, he should be able to perform the type of songs of his choice. Now, granted the recent CD is a pop-rock CD, not Bo's normal Southern rock sound; it still is a nice CD, one that can be listened to over and over. His vocals are the best part, and Bo Bice has one of The Best Male singing voices to come out in such a long while. To the critics, fans and non-fans a like bemoaning that 19E ruined him, that the AI show has taken away his originality, I say what a bunch of crap. Prior to AI he struggled in small venues, no one had heard his music outside of Alabama and the SE. His fan base was realtively small (but they are fiercely loyal) and he was not getting the exposure he needed to break out. AI and his CD, "The Real Thing", is providing Bice the break out opportunity he needed. Forums in Bo Bice Underground, The Bicesquad, SugarMoney, "Let's Talk some Sugar", BonaFide Bice repeatedly have debates pop up with this issue.

One poster from '', said quite eloquently that he'd give up 'parts of his genatalia' (let's not talk further about which parts) to get a record deal with 19E and have Bo Bice's opportunities in the music world. He had added to his post, that Bice has done the right thing with his CD. He also added, "What good is it to be out there sweating in bars, performing your music, writing your own music, if no one else is going to hear it?"

Good point.

Bo Bice is making the most of what has been given him through American Idol. He has greatly expanded his fan base, and increased his personal fortune allowing him to give his loved ones a better life. So to those who think that he has sold-out, who criticize him for trying something different musically on his CD, I'll say sticking to rigid principals in life will give you rigid results. True success lies in being able to adapt, change and intelligently compromise.

I am proud of the strength and courage he continues to demonstrate in overcoming great obstacles. Personal issues such as breaking his foot on-stage suring an AI4 concert, and the illness that could have killed him and put him in the hospital twice. Putting that aside, he is learning to navigate the brutal music and entertainment industry. It's not just the making of the music, it's also in realizing how everything you say becomes Important, every song you sing becomes Important, everything you wear becomes Important. The very length of your hair becomes Important.

It is in those facets of his life that you see the true picture of who Bo Bice is; it's not whether he sings songs by Lynyrd Skynyrd or songs like "U Make Me Better" from his current CD. It's his perserverance and ability to do a great job and give his "all" to whatever type of music he performs. It's the ability he is demonstrating to adapt, change and intelligently compromise. In working to do the Right Thing he is becoming The Real Thing.

Much Love.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

U Make Me Better

The onslaught of germ warfare battling it out with my immune system provided me an excuse to spend time reviewing my Bo Bice files. IT built to a thundering crescendo to throw its worse at me yesterday. The Ugly-Bugly's LAST hurrah. I camped out, tissue box at my side, blanket around my knees, and settled at my computer.

I spent some time visiting his numerous fan-sites and forums, finding the Main Topic is typically how HAWT he is, how awesome his hair looks while he's swinging it, his beautiful blue eyes, (that are not only blue, but have gorgeous, long, two-toned eyelashes). The and Bicesquad, the Sugarmoney Fansites, Bo Bice Addicts, BonaFide Bice (although not so much; the folks running this site gravitate toward facts, sort of like the Bo Bice News Channel). I have to say again, I am pleased to see Bo's official site, stepping up to update the site and make changes.

Apparently I am experiencing a hat fixation, especially berets; adorable, fun, a favorite of mine. I once had an extensive collection of them...including one exactly like this one in the pic. Natasha Bedingfield looks good in them too.
While, of course The Biceman is a sexy man, his most attractive trait that increases His Sexiness is his sense of humor. He has a goofy side and loves a good joke, and he plays pranks on his friends. A goodlooking man without a sense of humor is a complete BORE in my opinion. Humor can make a plain man sexy, and a gorgeous man outrageously sexy.

A few of my funny and sexy favorite comedians, Steve Carroll, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert. Talented, funny, sexy.

Bo rolls it all up into a beautiful package.

Nice way to spend a 'sick day'. Biceman, "U (do) Make Me Better", **see sparkling glittery wellness-dust sprinkling my home office**)

I am Better.

Much Love.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Live the Dream Award; regional award

Bo Bice receives regional award recognizing his achievements in working towards his dreams as well as to honor his efforts to benefit others.

Much Love.

Huntsville, AL appearance, photos

Bo Bice's short stop in Huntsville back in October at a Hurricane Katrina benefit concert. In event you haven't seen these photos, take a peek.

Much Love.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

March 9th on American Idol 5

According to BonaFide Bice, (and 'Chief Elf') one of The Best sources of Bo Bice information, Bo Bice will perform "The Real Thing" (no big shock, since it is the first release from Bice's CD titled "The Real Thing"). Sigh.

Well it is a good tune, represents the CD and NEW VIDEO recently released.

I am looking forward to seeing and hearing Bo perform on AI 5. Only 4 more days.

Much Love.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

You're Everything; Bo Bice, yes you are...

I've read lots of opinions about the Regis/Kelly "Live" show today. Some folks think that Bice and S$ playing a pop tune like "You're Everything" is "sucking the life out of them". Hello... Clueless Ladies, (is that harsh?) if that were the case he wouldn't have played this tune. It's a catchy clever, fun, sexy tune, albeit pop. He could have performed "Valley of Angels" instead. No one made Bo play that song, he chose it for a reason (Thank you my Gorgeous "Bubba" *waving back*). ;)

I thought Bice sounded and looked amazing, the band was off. I did find it distracting that as a band they (again) weren't showing ANY emotion while playing. Some folks have opined that perhaps the guys were 'tired'...or stage/camera shy (remember on Jimmy Kimmel, same thing, the wooden band look)...some folks think they have been told to lay low, RCA wants them this way. BUNK! I say wake up Coop (by the way, darlin' you're looking GOOD these days!) and Shane, Chris, et al, Represent in the Way you know you should.

You get one go round, man take it while it's Hot and make it yours.

I love these guys, and want the best; especially for my Bice.

Much Love.

AI 5 Look Out Here Comes Bice!!!

Well, well, well, to what do my wandering eyes spy??? stepped up and added some current information, click here for the Updated Information tour information

This bit of news no surprise; besides had heard he would make an appearance and perform, but the dates on the performance were not set yet... but now they are;

3/9/06 Fox American Idol
Bo Bice will perform "The Real Thing" on the American Idol Top 12 show.

Special request coming down from Bonafide Bice, The Bicesquad, and Wear the BLACK LEATHER PANTS BABY!!!

Saw The Biceman cheering on The Soulman last night, made me just happy all over.... ;)

Much Love to the staff at, Bo has got to be well cared for...and especially,
Much love to my "brother".

To my newest pal,

Groove on Soulman.

He Did It!!! The Song I have been Requesting he sing!!!

Bo Bice looked great and sounded GREAT!!!!... on "Live! with Regis and Kelly" this a.m., of course I have it on tape...

OK, what's up Sugarmoney. Jangly drums Shane, dude, tone them down. Background vocals erratic. Get it down what and who is gonna sing and stick to it; sounded like improvisation to me. Needs more work in that area. We can blame it on the Regis and Kelly sound crew I guess... OK enough of my ever not so humble opinions.

I'm so pleased "Bubba"!!! So happy that you performed my favorite song! (Next fav song got cut off at the end of the show.) Regis was being a blathering idiot, so I don't blame my man for not chatting him up more. Someone needs to write ol' Regis better lines. The tiny talk show hero did wave that CD, "The Real Thing" around like the American flag at a Fourth of July Festival...Job Done, my brother.

Lyrics to my favorite song: You're Everything
Click title link for a little sample of this fun song.

Much Love.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Well, Where in The World Is Bo Bice; answered Tonight!

My "Brother" was at the AI 5 show tonight. For about 2 secs. What's up with that??? Pop up and Pop Down. BICEMAN your're really getting to me. Call Sunny up. We may not be blood, but HEY!

Much Love.

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