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In Touch: Bo's Beginnings Article

This site is created to promote Bo Bice and his dedicated fans. Many of the photos, banners, gifs and videos have been created by adoring fans. I have chosen my favorites to feature and share. Creators of any gifs or banners on this site are being honored for their artistic abilities and devotion to Bo Bice. Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy your time here.

Click here to listen to "Inside Your Heaven" and an interview with Bo

Bo Bice "See The Light"


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bo Bice, Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla!!!

Jimmy Kimmel Live
EVENT DATE: Tuesday, December 20, 2005
LOCATION: El Capitan Entertaiment Center
6840 Hollywood Blvd
(across from the Hollywood & Highland Complex)

Guess who is going to go to:

"Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on December 20th?!?

A big Texas Thank You (!!!) goin' out to Roger Widynowski with RCA!!!

If you are interested in also joining Bo Bice fans, click on the link to access tickets. It is by invitation only and seating is limited:

BO! BO! BO! Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Much Love.

Bo Bice Official Site

Monday, November 28, 2005

Bo Bice CD through Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart does it again; they have the best price available out there right now to pre-order Bo Bice's "The Real Thing" CDs. Best news yet is that the Dual Disc and the regular CD are running the same price! This is the only place I have seen this!

Click the link to go right to the order site. Pre-Order! Support our Bo!

Much Love.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Bo Bice; our Heartland Hero!

Bo Bice was named 'Heartland Hero of the Week' on a recent episode of John Kasich's show, "Heartland" which airs on the Fox News Channel.

Bo Bice won this prestigious recognition for giving up his house to a family displaced by Hurricane Katrina and for also using his music to raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Xera and Perry Booth, who were the lucky recipients of Bo’s generosity, also talk to John via satellite. In regards to the Bo allowing them to use his house, Xera tells John, “Its meant a tremendous amount. Made me feel like I had a place to hold my family all together.”

During the interview, Kasich quizzes Bo Bice over a statement he once made about how he was praying not to win on the American Idol finale. While Bo is answering the question, Fox News flashes across the screen that "Bice lost to Carrie Underwood by only 134 votes."

This is the first news I have seen of the margin of victory between Carrie Underwood and The Biceman. Not that anything needs be altered in the voting or title as both contestants are very happy and doing very well with the outcome as it stands. I don't think Bo Bice would even want to think about a re-count or re-hashing of the end decision. (Was I surprised at the small divergence in the margin to win; absolutely not!!!)

John ends the interview with Bo Bice by telling him, "When people become rich and famous often times they forget their roots and they forget about giving back. They get arrogant, and you know what, I think you’re a great example to people. You were nothing, now you’re a big time star. You’ve helped out the Booths and that’s why you’re our hero, and on Thanksgiving we wanted to put you at the top of the show."

Thank you John Kasich!
and a big 'ol 'Amen brother')

Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Holiday Custom Concert featuring Bo Bice on Oxygen Network

Bo Bice is giving his loyal fans the chance to customize different aspects of the concert.

CAST YOUR B'OTE MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28TH UNTIL MONDAY, DECEMBER 5TH @ midnight! (Wait until Monday the 28th to log on to B'Ote as the December 11th concert information is not posted yet. According to my source at the Oxygen Network, on Monday the details and B'Oting availability will be loaded onto the site.)
Go to Oxygen to B'Ote on the set list- choose a holiday classic for Bo Bice to perform, vote on which duet you’d like Bo and Joan Osborne to perform and submit an outrageous holiday question.

The concert will be filmed in New York City on Wednesday, December 7th and will air exclusively on Oxygen on Sunday, December 11th at 7pm/6C.

Oxygen, the cable TV network that puts a fresh spin on television for women, is pleased to announce The Holiday Custom Concert featuring Bo Bice and more. The performance will air exclusively on Oxygen on Sunday, December 11th at 7pm/6C.

Thanks in advance for your support.

The Oxygen Team
"Are You Getting It?"
To find out what channel Oxygen is on, go to:
local Oxygen station listings

Much Love.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bo Bice and the Jim Croce Venue

These are the tunes Bo Bice sang during the concert at the Jim Croce Restaurant venue:

Changing for the Better
Cinnamon & Novacaine
Papillion (sic - actually "Papion" you're hearing it now and my personal fav)
I Have to Say I Love You, In a Song (Croce)-Dedicated to Nancy

Bo singing with Eve Selis & her band:
Operator (Croce)
Time in a Bottle (Croce)
Don’t Mess Around With Jim
The Weight (The Band)
All Along the Watchtower
Leroy Brown (Croce)
Sweet Home Alabama

Bo Bice IS an ORIGINAL!!! "Brenda" from The

This was in response to a posting toThe Bicesquad and a comment by "Brenda". I love it!!! Thank You!!!!

She says:

"Perfect - couldn't have said it better myself! Bo IS destined for greatness - and he will do it Bo-style -- like he does everything else! That's what will make Bo a true legend one day -- he IS an ORIGINAL -- not a copy of anything!!!! Bo is NOT pure rock, pure soul, or pure anything else -- other than pure BO! Many will eventually try to imitate his style -- but the copy is never as good as the original. I can't wait until a couple of years go by and everyone is able to watch Bo go places no one has ever gone. I predict that many will try and put Bo in a box, label him, categorize him, etc., but each time he will come up with something a little different and unique to break the mold. Let's just start the whole thing out with our own "section" to put Bo's cds in: "southern-style bluesey, soulful, head bangin', downhome, kick-as_, rock 'till you can't stop music". That MIGHT come kind of close - but who knows! The only word that really makes me cringe when I hear it in the same sentence as Bo is ... pop ... the only sentence that that word belongs in is "Bo is a great pop to Aiden!"

Friday, November 18, 2005

No, this one not about The Biceman: Glen Holland; Artist

click this photo to access his series of photographs from the park.

I went to school with Glen for over a year, and studied art with him, we were drawing partners. He was a lovely man with very long blonde hair, kind, gentle. We took in a few film festivals, and visited the area art galleries. I have wanted to find out what is going on in his world since, and now I have and will share it with my site. To promote his exhibit in New York: click on the link to go to the gallery: Fischbach Gallery. Click on 'artists', then 'Glen Holland' to see what they will be showing.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Oxygen Concert Special; reported by Lulu on Bonafide Bice

"Bonafide Bice", in my ever so humble opinion, is emerging and will make its name eventually as one of the premier sites for accurate and up to date 'inside' information on Bo Bice. I will endeavor to assist in guiding Bo Bice fans to visit them whenever I discover special news to share...

Check out this latest little'jewel':

>>He’s about to tape a concert special that will air on the Oxygen network Dec. 11<< per lulu on Bonafide Bice.

I remember when I first found this site; I asked to link with them; at the time we were both 'new sites' they seemed to really have something to offer the fans of Bo Bice (and so then offer something great for The Biceman, which is all good). They have some interesting writers and even better reporters (sometimes both the same).

I thought "Wow how do they do this, how did they find that out...!". Hard work and 'know how' may be the answer. Bonafide Bice gets the information, and I mean accurate information, on anything Bo Bice. It is increasingly becoming my top place to visit to get the run-down on Bice and to share my thoughts with, on an outside site.

Kudos lulu and the gang, you ROCK!!!
Much love.

Bo Bice, Caroline and Aiden!!!

The family of Bice! This is what I've been waiting for, and I know everyone else who loves Bo has too! Even Gracie got to be in the pics!Aiden is so beautiful! But coming from these two, that is to be expected! They look like they are meant to be together don't they? God love you both for sharing Aiden and yourselves with us!

These pics courtesy of TMARA REYNOLDS. Click the link in the title for the People article.
Much Love.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Biceman: Speculation and Anticipation

Bice, who has not released a single yet from his upcoming CD "The Real Thing", remains something of an unknown commodity in the world of music. He has been embraced by several performers from the rock community: Former Phish frontman Trey Anastasio pulled him onstage in June at the Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee; Carlos Santana invited him to guest on his new album, "All That I Am," and Lynyrd Skynyrd performed on the Alabaman's "Idol" finale. (Let us not forget Richie Sambora playing on "Vehicle"!)

In anticipation of The Biceman's upcoming CD release much speculation is being levied toward his commercial base and appeal...Being a straight-ahead rocker could limit his commercial success, so say some, but afterall, that is what Bice is and what he does; straight-ahead rock. Of course, the rock music critics that have, from the beginning, 'nay-sayed' Bice as an 'authentic' rocker because of his stint on A. I. talk to the other side of this issue and try to snub their 'oh-so-rock-elitist' noses at The Biceman saying he is Not a straight-ahead rocker. What's a guy to do? I think he should ignore the whole lot of them and just do what he loves to do and does best. Let the proof be in the CD and in the music, let "The Real Thing" show the speculators what Real is...

"If I were RCA, I might anticipate flak from rock radio for trying to portray Bo as a pure rock artist," Geoff Mayfield said. "He was discovered on a show that has a mass audience. Why would you want to cut that down?"

Aaron Borns, vice president of marketing for RCA, said Bice's album is still a work in progress. "It's a mainstream mass appeal rock-pop record with a little bit of a Southern twinge," he said. "Most 'Idol' records are pop records but they fall into their own niche of rock."

An RCA publicist said J Records founder Clive Davis personally chose every song on the long-haired Bice's "Real Deal" — something he has done for every "Idol" contestant's debut release. But the appearance of creativity by committee hasn't endeared Bice to rock snobs who have questioned his legitimacy on Internet blogs.

>>Rolling Stone magazine critic David Fricke feels Bice's television pedigree doesn't preclude the possibility for greatness.<<

"I don't think there's necessarily a stigma attached," said Fricke, who has not heard Bice's album. "People made fun of the Monkees and now those songs are kind of hip artifacts of song construction and artistry. History will judge [Bice's] artistic legacy."

Well Fricke, since The Biceman's CD is not even out yet; let's give it a chance when it comes out and then we'll see what is "The Real Thing!" And by the way, there is no precluding only concluding; The Biceman IS destined for Greatness.

The Biceman Cometh; December 13, 2005.
Much Love.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Bo Bice receives another Award; the Jim Croce...

During the American Idol competition Bo Bice performed Jim Croce's "Time in a Bottle", his version was so well received and admired by the family of Mr. Croce that even those many months ago, when his rendition was initially heard, rumors had him achieving this award. The Biceman will receive the Jim Croce 20th Annual Music Award. Bo will be performing a live acoustic set on Thursday, November 17, 2005 at Croce’s restaurant (how very COOL is that?!?!)! The performance is reported to contain songs from Bo’s debut CD as well as Jim Croce songs. also notes that Croce’s and Martin Guitar will supposedly be surprising The Biceman with a special custom made guitar; seeing as how this 'surprise' is being blasted on all sorts of sites (including this one) it may not be such a surprise! Of course as busy as The Biceman is these days, juggling the new CD coming out, loving his new son Aiden and of course, wife and partner, Caroline, he may not have had any time to read any of these 'gossipy little websites'!

I am excited for Bo and just wish I could be there to see the event. Jim Croce was one of my absolute favorite singers and performers when I was a teenager. I wore out his records (yep, vinyl, I am an old gal) and cried for weeks about him after he died. What an honor for Bo Bice, a very cool honor. I am just so proud for you Biceman!

If you want to hear Jim's version of "Time in a Bottle", scroll down and shut off the "Papion" jukebox and then click the link.

Click here to play music

Much Love.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Bo Bice "Changing for the Better"

I fell in love with this tune on "The Today Show". My blog though was dedicated basically in regard to this theme before I knew the song existed. Here are lyrics for you to read, as a tribute to The Biceman's writing abilities.

"Changing for the Better"

Feel the wind out on the street,
Blows my hair and moves my feet
Takes me to a different place in time
People laughing everywhere
Wander 'round without a care
Happiness, it makes the heart go blind
I see saints
I see sinners
There's losers and there's winners
I ain't no beginner to the pain
'Cause I've done right and I've done wrong
And it's hard to carry on
But it's easier just knowing who's to blame

So, I'm changing for the better this time
I guess I'm gonna need to cross the line
Things I had to leave, I left behind
'Cause I've been changing for the better, changing for the better
Changing for the better this time

Start to see the second sight
Move from darkness into light
Just forget these things I thought I'd known
Many things I can't believe
Second chances, third degrees
Tried my best to find my own way home
I've had good times and bad times
Ate my words, drank my wine
Many friends I've had to leave behind
It gets worse, it gets better
Yea, I read it in that letter
She'd sit beside to see that things were fine

I've been changing for the better this time,
I guess I'm gonna need to cross the line
Things I had to leave, I left behind
'Cause I've been changing for the better, changing for the better
Changing for the better this time

Repeat chorus

--Music & lyrics by Bo Bice

Something we should all aspire to - as stated by Gandi:
"We must become the change we wish to see." — mahatma gandhi
Much Love

Bo Bice - The Real Thing

When cometh The Biceman?

Where is The Biceman?

Granted our man has just become a new father and what an incredible time this is for he and Caroline, welcoming beautiful Aiden into the world, but...

Bo Bice's upcoming CD, is reportedly scheduled for release on December 13th. What I am really completely surprised about is the seeming lack of visibility and promotion by RCA! All I have been able to find about this CD are scattered postings on the web with sketchy details. (Nothing really informative on The Biceman's "official RCA site outside of the forum postings by fans.) As is well-known in the advertising world, "hype" is the driver for successful sales! Where is the "hype"? I've read a few lines about some of the musicians associated with the the album, but with the release date really only weeks away I'd think we'd be seeing interviews cropping up now, via TV, radio. What about utilizing 'teaser' soundbites on the RCA site?

Speaking of the RCA site, how disappointing is that? I'd think RCA would be utilizing this site to promote Bo and his CD, but it is rarely updated and carries no real information, relying on fans to post whatever they can find. Bo serves better. Two lousy lines appear with dates of TV appearances. That's about it. Here they are in the event you don't have them yet:

12.05.05 The Late Show w/ Jay Leno (NBC)
12.19.05 Radio Music Awards (NBC)

"If it weren't for his friends, family and bandmates we would have no clue what was going on!" one of the remarks found in the forum section posted by Orriel, sums the feeling of most of the posters on that site.

Secrecy can work for some things, it can get the curiousity level up, etc... but in the case of promoting a new CD by a relatively new artist that is not the way to go... Bo Bice needs exposure and that exposure should be happening NOW. Fan-sites are good but he needs to be seen and heard NOW in general public venues.

The title of the upcoming CD is reportedly "Bo Bice - The Real Thing". That is not even listed on his RCA site with the exception of a posting in the forum section. I'd think RCA would have it flashing across the page... What do I know...

I did check with (at least as of this a.m.) no title for the CD is listed on their site offering advance purchase.

Let's hope that publicity-wise the promotions pick up some pace and gain Bo Bice some momentum.

I want to see him ragingly successful with this CD as he very much deserves to be, I hope RCA begins to step it up (and do something with that sad little web page, Bo Bice RCA site)

Much love

Bo Bice, on the Garage Band site

Bo Bice has some of his old tunes listed on Garage Band. You can visit this site, hear some of the tunes from the early Bo Bice and Sugar Money days and rate them. This is a great site too for listening to bands you don't get to hear in the mainstream music world. Also if you are an aspiring musical artist, you can get your own sounds published.

I listened to a few of the tunes posted by "Purge", The Biceman's early band.

Love this pic of The Biceman!!! (The other guys look great too - early Sugar Money)
Much love.

Bo Bice, a live 'Remedy'

This link allows you to hear Bo Bice's live rendition of The Black Crows tune "Remedy". Prior to listening so you won't have a conflict of 'tuneage', scroll down to the "Papion" jukebox and click the button to shut it off. Download takes about 20 seconds.

Click here to play music

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bo playing guitar; just a little snippet...

Bo Kneeling

Just a little fun link picked up off The Bicesquad Site. They keep it going on; if you haven't visited with Dianelev, Gypsee and the other ladies, go see them; they have some new stuff going on to support Bo and lots of downloads!!! (This is just a tiny sample of what they have on the 'site to see'.)

Much Love

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Birthday Bo!

Bo Bice turned 30 this November 1st! What a fabulous year, let's hope this next one is even greater for the Biceman!

Reality TV Mag

Much Love

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