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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Biceman: Speculation and Anticipation

Bice, who has not released a single yet from his upcoming CD "The Real Thing", remains something of an unknown commodity in the world of music. He has been embraced by several performers from the rock community: Former Phish frontman Trey Anastasio pulled him onstage in June at the Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee; Carlos Santana invited him to guest on his new album, "All That I Am," and Lynyrd Skynyrd performed on the Alabaman's "Idol" finale. (Let us not forget Richie Sambora playing on "Vehicle"!)

In anticipation of The Biceman's upcoming CD release much speculation is being levied toward his commercial base and appeal...Being a straight-ahead rocker could limit his commercial success, so say some, but afterall, that is what Bice is and what he does; straight-ahead rock. Of course, the rock music critics that have, from the beginning, 'nay-sayed' Bice as an 'authentic' rocker because of his stint on A. I. talk to the other side of this issue and try to snub their 'oh-so-rock-elitist' noses at The Biceman saying he is Not a straight-ahead rocker. What's a guy to do? I think he should ignore the whole lot of them and just do what he loves to do and does best. Let the proof be in the CD and in the music, let "The Real Thing" show the speculators what Real is...

"If I were RCA, I might anticipate flak from rock radio for trying to portray Bo as a pure rock artist," Geoff Mayfield said. "He was discovered on a show that has a mass audience. Why would you want to cut that down?"

Aaron Borns, vice president of marketing for RCA, said Bice's album is still a work in progress. "It's a mainstream mass appeal rock-pop record with a little bit of a Southern twinge," he said. "Most 'Idol' records are pop records but they fall into their own niche of rock."

An RCA publicist said J Records founder Clive Davis personally chose every song on the long-haired Bice's "Real Deal" — something he has done for every "Idol" contestant's debut release. But the appearance of creativity by committee hasn't endeared Bice to rock snobs who have questioned his legitimacy on Internet blogs.

>>Rolling Stone magazine critic David Fricke feels Bice's television pedigree doesn't preclude the possibility for greatness.<<

"I don't think there's necessarily a stigma attached," said Fricke, who has not heard Bice's album. "People made fun of the Monkees and now those songs are kind of hip artifacts of song construction and artistry. History will judge [Bice's] artistic legacy."

Well Fricke, since The Biceman's CD is not even out yet; let's give it a chance when it comes out and then we'll see what is "The Real Thing!" And by the way, there is no precluding only concluding; The Biceman IS destined for Greatness.

The Biceman Cometh; December 13, 2005.
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