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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bo Bice IS an ORIGINAL!!! "Brenda" from The

This was in response to a posting toThe Bicesquad and a comment by "Brenda". I love it!!! Thank You!!!!

She says:

"Perfect - couldn't have said it better myself! Bo IS destined for greatness - and he will do it Bo-style -- like he does everything else! That's what will make Bo a true legend one day -- he IS an ORIGINAL -- not a copy of anything!!!! Bo is NOT pure rock, pure soul, or pure anything else -- other than pure BO! Many will eventually try to imitate his style -- but the copy is never as good as the original. I can't wait until a couple of years go by and everyone is able to watch Bo go places no one has ever gone. I predict that many will try and put Bo in a box, label him, categorize him, etc., but each time he will come up with something a little different and unique to break the mold. Let's just start the whole thing out with our own "section" to put Bo's cds in: "southern-style bluesey, soulful, head bangin', downhome, kick-as_, rock 'till you can't stop music". That MIGHT come kind of close - but who knows! The only word that really makes me cringe when I hear it in the same sentence as Bo is ... pop ... the only sentence that that word belongs in is "Bo is a great pop to Aiden!">


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