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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Oxygen Concert Special; reported by Lulu on Bonafide Bice

"Bonafide Bice", in my ever so humble opinion, is emerging and will make its name eventually as one of the premier sites for accurate and up to date 'inside' information on Bo Bice. I will endeavor to assist in guiding Bo Bice fans to visit them whenever I discover special news to share...

Check out this latest little'jewel':

>>He’s about to tape a concert special that will air on the Oxygen network Dec. 11<< per lulu on Bonafide Bice.

I remember when I first found this site; I asked to link with them; at the time we were both 'new sites' they seemed to really have something to offer the fans of Bo Bice (and so then offer something great for The Biceman, which is all good). They have some interesting writers and even better reporters (sometimes both the same).

I thought "Wow how do they do this, how did they find that out...!". Hard work and 'know how' may be the answer. Bonafide Bice gets the information, and I mean accurate information, on anything Bo Bice. It is increasingly becoming my top place to visit to get the run-down on Bice and to share my thoughts with, on an outside site.

Kudos lulu and the gang, you ROCK!!!
Much love.>


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