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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sugar Money to be on Kimmel with BO???

One of my favorite lady writers from BONAFIDE, lulu, in a recent post says with information gained from AI forum:

""The infamous cer (poster on the AI forums who knows the Sugarmoney drummer, Shane Sexton) claims that Sugarmoney will be Bo’s backing band tomorrow night on the Jimmy Kimmell show. The rumor seems to be backed up by the fact that guitarist Kris Bell lists a Jimmy Kimmell appearance on his MySpace page.
Color me shocked, confused and a little concerned. The ‘boys’ have not impressed RCA to date, so why the sudden change of heart? Were the Hired Hotties busy? Are RCA cutting back on expenses? Is it just because only 3 people and a dog watch the Jimmy Kimmell show?
Who knows, but I’ll be watching with interest (and a bottle of Jack Daniels close at hand).""

I know I'll definitely be watching, but, lulu, my dear, I will leave "my friend" Jack Daniels in the bar cupboard. You know, it's safer for me that way. ;)

Stay tuned.

What a day! J. Kimmel, (I am one of the 3 people, and my dog, Cody, perhaps he's the dog, he hangs with me while we watch Jimmy), and Bo and possibly S$ together... AND the start of the American Idol Season! Paint me giddy.

I'm just a simple gal with simple pleasures.
Much Love.>


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have watched the Kimmel performance a couple times. I tried to give Bo's Sugarmoney brother's fair consideration, but I honestly did not think they sounded as good as the studio band members did on all the other appearances to date. It was not so much the music, but the back up singing that was lacking. The Sugarmoney members sounded like they were mumbling in the background, where as the studio performers had good singing voices that complimented Bo's voice. Lets all face it, Bo's voice is what we all love. It doesn't matter if he sings his own songs or someone else's songs. It's that wonderful, strong, beautifully masculine voice that has it's hold on evey one of his fans. Bo worrys about staying genuine and true to himself and his Sugarmoney roots, but we fans just want to hear him sing. So as far as I'm concerned, HE is the real thing, and the music is just the vehicle to hear that wonderful voice! It's been a long while since anyone with a voice that compelling has come along. I just want him to sing and sing and I don't really care what he sings. I bought his Sugarmoney CD, his Vehicle single and his Real Thing dual disc. I'll buy anything he puts out there ... because I love his voice. His musical talent is icing on the cake, but that voice is definately the cherry on the top of any song he puts out there!

January 24, 2006  

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