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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Lack of Radio Airtime for Bo Bice

Exerpts from title article:
"Each one of the winner songs have been pretty much the same theme, the same production, the same sound," says Radio Monitor top 40 managing editor Chuck Taylor. " They were all overblown, and top 40 radio views itself as cooler than any of those songs.""Bo is a great guy, in terms of star presence," Taylor says. "But I cannot imagine where he goes from here in terms of radio."
Rock radio, so far, has turned a deaf ear to Bice.

Top 40 station WQEN-FM in Birmingham, Ala., near Bice's hometown of Helena, has played Underwood's Heaven and Bice's cover of Ides of March's Vehicle, the B-side of his Heaven single.
"I don't feel the big push on these at this point," says program director Thomas Ray. "I think the label is concentrating on getting them into the studio and cutting their own stuff, something that says, 'We're more than contestants on a TV show. We are true superstars.' "


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