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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Constantine Maroulis Blog; writer now a "BimBo"

Bo Bice has made a new friend:
This is from a 'fellow blogger' who keeps a decent Constantine Maroulis blog. You can even download a zip CD of your very own, made to promote the Conn-Man.
Quoting a paragraph from this blog:

"Bo – oh man, I could never have imagined I’d hop on the Bo wagon, but I fell in love with him. Totally. Call me a BimBo, at least for a few days. He started out with Desperado, which probably helped seal the deal for me. He sounded great! Bo Bice does not work the camera. Period. He works the crowd. And they called Constantine the poseur. Bo knows exactly how to milk the love. Obviously, the crowd noise was off the hook for him, more than for the Queen of the Prom. Hell, I was off the hook for him. Since he was basically immobile (and I could tell it really bothered him that he couldn’t get jiggy), I was able to get some outstanding photos of him, which I will post in his thread. Like I said, until the Bojo wears off in a couple of days, I’m down with this dude. I loved his Voodoo Chile. SHA is SHA, but the crowd adored it."

I love hearing the Bo Bice praise from other fan-blogs! Click on the link for the blogsite, although it should be rated 'R' in a few spots! (Just a word of warning to anyone sensitive to blunt language.)


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