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Friday, August 05, 2005

Coop Talks About Bo in A.I. Concert

Greetings from NashVegas!!
FINALLY............A chance to sit down a drop a few lines to all of you guys. The past month has been a complete whirlwind.
We had a chance to go and hang out with Bo in Birmingham before the AI show. He had a huge barbecue at this house and all of the contestants, production crew and band were there. We had an absolute blast. The morning of the show, we all went to eat and had a chance to sit down and just chill. You guys have no idea how important that little time spent meant to all of us. That afternoon, me and Kris got the opportunity to go back stage and see how everything is set up. The craziest thing was walking out on to that stage with Bo and looking at 18,000 empty seats, knowing that
they would all be filled within 2 hours.
While we were at the show, I was overwhelmed at the number of Bo Bice & SugarMoney shirts I saw. We had a chance to meet a bunch of you guys. We took pictures and signed some autographs;
it was really cool to meet everyone in person.
As I'm sure you've heard, the AI concert is the "Bo Show". Of course you'll say I have a biased opinion, and I do, but he blew the roof off of that place.
Nobody can hold a candle to that dude.
The day after the show, me, Shane and Kris went and did a photo shoot for the upcoming issue of the magazine Alabama Alive. We shot the pictures at Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham and they really turned out good.
Make sure to go and get your copy when it comes out.
I still talk with Bo almost daily. He is having a blast on tour but of course he's exhausted. He has been going nonstop since January, but he'll get some time to rest when the tour is over in early September. He is really looking forward to getting home and jammin' with his brothers.
And I'll tell ya what, I can't wait either.
Bo is in a lot of pain right now from his broken foot. But he still laughs it off like its no big deal and refuses to allow it to keep him from performing. It shouldn't effect his singing at all, but the wah pedal may be a little tricky :).
He appreciates your concern but says not to worry.
Bo will be jumping and spinning around the stage again before you know it.
As far as the band is concerned, we are still plugging along. We practice every day, working on some new songs that were written and recorded when Bo was in town recently. When and if we get the chance to audition to be Bo's band, we'll be ready. The most important thing right now is making sure Bo's album does well, regardless of who his touring band is. However, if the audition day comes, rest assured that we will bust in there guns a blazin'.
We have really tightened it up.
I have received countless emails concerning the web site and the forum. As it stands right now, the forum will be down until Bo comes off of the AI tour. I know it sucks and I apologize, but there are many decision makers in that process. After Bo gets off tour, the web site will be completely rebuilt. The new site will feature the official Bo Bice Fan Club, a new message board / forum, updated pictures, etc. Please be patient as we move along through this transition. When you see the new site, I'm confident you will be blown away.
We are still working with the new merchandise. On the new web site, Bo will have his own store. If you can put a logo on it, we will. Beanies anyone? However, that does not mean that the new shirts won't be out soon.
We hope to have those on sale before he gets off tour.
That's about it for now. I will be posting messages
every few weeks to keep everyone updated.
Much Love,


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