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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Bo Bice Interview

Bo Bice interview: St Paul Pioneer.
Q: You just got married and then left on the "AL" tour. Does that bum your wife out?
A: I'm sure she's happy to get away from me. (laughs) No,I know she misses me and I miss her, but we talk about a dozen times a day.
Q: As a longtime musician were you worried about losing your artistic integrity by going on "American Idol" where things are very controlled?
A: I'm not really worried about that. I quit worring when it came down to the top 12 contestants. When I hit the top six,I thought, "this is cool." And when I had to sing "Corner of the sky" (from the musical "Pippin"),I realized it couldn't get any worse than that.
Q: With all that has been going on this year how do you keep focused on the music?
A: I stay true to me and stay true to my heart. When I stop loving music, I'll just quit. I'm not here to change the world; I'm just here to play music.
Q: Who among your "Al" mates have you learn the most from?
A: I learned something from everyone. I believe if you ever stop learning from people, that's when you are lost.
Q: Do you have a ipod?
A : I am going to go ahead and buy an ipod. I'm not a technology-driven person;I leave that to my wife. (laughs) Just give me a guitar.
(This little piece care of a Bobice Hideaway posting, 8/2/05.)>


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