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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Bo Bice food poisoning...

Bo gets food poisoning, half-brother has wreck
By Ronnie Thomas
DAILY Staff Writer Decatur Daily News · 340-2438

"Food poisoning briefly sidelined (Bo Bice) during the American Idols Live! concert tour, and a traffic accident seriously injured his half-brother while driving home from a concert, according to family members.
"Granny Madge" Schofield of Somerville, Bice's grandmother, said the rock star became ill on stage during a show at Grand Prairie, Texas, on Aug. 13...
Schofield said Bice's half brother, John Cohran, and his wife, Colette, who is pregnant with their second child, attended the next show Wednesday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.
Cohran is a Marine stationed in California.
"On their return to the base, an animal ran in front of John's car," Schofield said. "He slammed on the brakes, the brakes locked and spun the car underneath a tractor-trailer."
Schofield said the hospital treated and released Cohran's wife but that he is hospitalized with serious head injuries."

The family requests prayers go out for John, Bo's brother; he had been celebrating his 21st birthday by attending the concert to cheer on his brother. thought and prayers go out to John, what a horrible tragedy. So glad to hear his with and unborn child are OK.


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