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Friday, August 19, 2005

Ben Wener, what a Weiner...Whiner...

A little taste of the "Whining Weiner Man" and his assessment of the A.I. Live! tour at Staples Center in sunny California. This article sounds like the poor "Weiner", no wait, I mean "Whiner" is such the 'jaded' journalist; I mean he apparently just knows his talents are being completely wasted having to write about American Idol and the tour.

"'Live,' it's no 'American Idol' (Isn't he the clever little wordsmith)
Review: Nadia and Vonzell outshine Carrie and Bo at Staples Center, but frankly, the event just wasn't worth reviewing."

The Orange County Register

"Sitting through yet another "American Idols Live" presentation, like the one that brought winner Carrie Underwood and nine other finalists from the fourth season of the mega-popular game show to Staples Center on Wednesday night, is a lot like suffering through a three-hour series finale without any payoff." (Maybe they HATE you at your publication and this is the torture inflicted upon you knowing how very much above it all you think you are...indeed!)

Click on the link to the article: BONUS! at the bottom is a PHONE number and e.mail address for everyone and anyone to voice their opinion. You can bet I'll voice mine. Read and weep, then give ol' Wener the heads-up.(Weiner, sound it out! ha! ha! - yes I know that is very grade school, couldn't help it!).

Much Love.


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