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Monday, October 17, 2005

Bo Bice & Sugar Money at the Birmingham Concert

"Imagine that your favorite bar band has rented a 10,650-seat amphitheater. You'd be glad to see them, but you wouldn't expect a sell-out crowd, a fancy stage set or the other things that go along with a big-league tour date.

Imagine, too, that said bar band is trying to raise money for a worthy cause. With a charity donation at stake - and such fine intentions behind the show - it would be unwise to nitpick about the professional polish that might be missing...

It was a grassroots deal, organized by Alabama Alive! magazine and Bice's church, New Hope Cumberland Presbyterian in Shelby County. His new label, RCA, wasn't involved. Nor was the "Idol" franchise.

For about 90 minutes, Bice and SugarMoney played to a modestly sized audience of Bo cheerleaders - maybe 3,000 people, at most - that included kids, seniors and a cadre of women down front who appeared so thrilled, they must have been devoted members of his Internet fan base."

I can only imagine as many as possible fans from the Bicesquad sites were in attendance cheering on their bo-loved Bo. I was surprised at a turn out of 3,000, although as I thought a bigger crowd would show; but considering how widespread is Bo's fan base, not everyone who wanted to to attend could, myself in particular.

Such a great endeavor to help others in need; I was also very glad to hear that Bo Bice's wife Caroline accompanied him and appeared with him (and their dogs)! His loyalty to his long-time band Sugar Money is also admirable, but it is loyalty well-placed; the guys in the band are very talented and they all fit well together. That's important when it comes to performing and creating together.

So sad I missed seeing you Bo, and Sugar Money, would have been sweet!

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Much Love.


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