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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bo Bice and Sugar Money rock Bayfest!!!

Bo Bice rocked the crowd this weekend at Bayfest!!! He sang roughly 16 songs and the new guitarist for S$, Kris Bell had the crowd rocking! This mixing of songs included originals and classic S$. Would have given about anything to have been there personally; but had family matters to attend...

There is a new Sugar Money Forum and it is up and running, here is the link:
Sugar Money Forum. Now this is not the off of the Sugar Money site; but have seen it, read it, checked it out and these gals/guys are doing a fine job with their forum... If anyone has comments give me an e.mail...log into my profile and it will hook you up to my e.mail address...looking forward to know what your take on the new S$ forum is...the Original S$ forum was my virginal entry into forums and fan sites so would like to find out how it compares to the the other Bicesquad forums out there. Let's talk!

I don't carry one (forum) here - thought about it, but being a little selfish with my Bo Bice; didn't want to share my site with forum type format.

Thank you though to everyone who sends me e.mails with info and videos and sound-bytes; sooo cool and I appreciate all of ya'll!

I haven't been posting as much lately as have had other issues to deal with, but you guys keep sending the news and stuff and will from here on out make sure it gets on this site.

Bo is on his way and he will be doing it all his way in the future; will keep watching it happen for him and his band.

Much Love>


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