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Thursday, October 13, 2005

BonaFide Bice scores in Big Review from Mischa

Bo Bice and Sugar money as reviewed by Mischa; kudos gal! You have communicated sights and sounds of the Bayfest Bo and Sugar Money performance better than anyone else I've read; some of my favorite parts of Mischa's story:

"I shook his hand and he acknowledged my Much Love T-shirt, giving it a verbal thumbs up. Wish I could remember what he said, but heck if I know. I always wonder how people can have a conversation with him and not remember the details, but it happened to me. Whatever he said, it made me happy." ...

"Even though we were less than 15 feet from the stage, I was watching through binoculars half the time. I was focused in on Bo's face (although it was brought to my attention later that I missed out on other body parts, but I just couldn't think of everything in the moment) and his eyes specifically, after he took off the glasses. His eyes are amazing. I felt like I could read his thoughts. No one can convince me now that he's simply overcome and lost in the music and doesn't know what's happening when the Golden Rock Sex God emerges. I felt I could see it rising in an intentional way from his thoughts through his soul through his eyes and out to the rest of his body. It was powerful. His connection with the audience is innate. He's warm and appreciative." ...

"It was interesting that he left the stage before the encore with "Ladies and gentleman, we are SugarMoney!" and ended the night by saying, "If y'all see Bo Bice and SugarMoney traveling around, come by and check us [not me] out." " ...

"My thought when the concert ended was that SugarMoney was damned good. I was on a definite SugarMoney high. The next day, I tried to assess what I really felt. Though they weren't spot on on every song, I still think they're really very good and that they're good for Bo. They have great chemistry together; he's joyful and free performing with them. I don't know what he'd be like with another backing band, but I don't think S$ brings him down or holds him back. I think Bo probably raises his game with them. I don't think the fact that he's comfortable with them makes him complacent in any way. I think it makes him feel safer to take risks. As I mentioned before, I'm not equipped to judge musicianship, I just know what I like. I thought Kris was excellent on guitar, and it helped to have the keyboardist sitting in. Bo works well the band. He knows how to share the spotlight, but it doesn't take away from him as the center. He doesn't just become part of the band; he still stands out." ...

I have to add this part section in her review featuring Coop, who really is a sweet, kind man;

"On Sunday, Lyn and I saw Coop in the hotel restaurant during lunch. We told him how much we'd enjoyed the show. He said he'd spoken to Bo that morning and that Bo was really pumped and happy with the crowd response. John told us that they'd been unsure how some of the slower songs, like "Sinner in a Sin," would go over and that they were also worried about playing "Freebird." He said that when they play gigs together, they usually play 3 or 4 hours and that at the benefit next week they would be playing just as many songs (I wasn't clear if they'd be the same ones) plus 4 more. He said there would be 3 originals on the new CD (I'm assuming SugarMoney--not just Bo--originals, though he didn't expressly state that) and that the choice of which ones would make it is up to Clive. During our conversation, John was really kind to us, sweet and friendly." ...

Thank you so much Mischa for sharing your review with all the Bo Bice fans. It brings to the forefront qualities Bo Bice just seems to jolt out of you when you see him perform. He is so very special and we are lucky to have found him.


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