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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Dallas Morning News June19th People section

This article was scanned as it appeared this morning out of the Dallas Morning News! Bo is pictured next to article on Cold Play's Chris Martin, only Bo is in a larger more prominent article! Bo talks about why it is that he really did not want to win the A.I. title. Basically if he would have won he'd be required to play only the tunes set out byA.I. and not his choice of music, his music! I had the distinct impression that in the last week of the competition he was not performing 100%, he was holding back; it just did not fit in my impressions of Bo that he WANTED to be named American Idol as it does not 'jive' with his 'vibe'! Rumors also were out that Bo had food poisoning, but I did not think that is what created the 'holding back' feel to his performance; and I am not saying he deliberately threw the contest, but I do think he knew what route would be the best for him to go down! Love that Bo!
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